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repost: Religious places near Fashion Island Ramintra 02.06.2013

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Religious places near Fashion Island Ramintra 02.06.2013

For a change, a post with some pictures of interesting buildings, embedded in another tale of meetings with Thai boys that did not go so well.

I had chats on the phone with the boy (hairdresser in Lamlukka) I hooked up with in Singapore disco (former ICK now Wave Club) on 05.05.2013, but he is difficult to understand in person and on the phone it’s almost impossible to communicate. One phrase that he often repeats is “maa nee” (มานี้ – come here) OR “money”, I don’t understand the rest and can’t figure which it is (“come here” in Thai or “money”) I tried to get him to meet me at Future Rangsit, but I finally give in and take a taxi to his shop. The taxi drives past Thai National Memorial, I manage to take a picture out of the driving taxi from an elevated road:

Image ... orial--101

When I left his place last time, it was by taxi so I don’t remember the way and have to call him to talk to the driver. That’s why I prefer to go by foot as often as possible: I can remember the way better. This problem will be solved by purchase of a modern mobile phone with GPS. I arrive at this shop, and while still sitting in the taxi he asks for 40 Baht (no explanation why), which I give him. He and a female get in the taxi and we continue our trip to near his place. There we have lunch and later go to Wat Thanyaphol (วัดธัญญะผล):


We take a taxi to another hairdresser’s shop. If I understand him correctly, he pays rent for his shop and wants me to buy him a shop similar to that one we went to. I was due to a haircut anyway, so I accept his suggestion that both of us get a haircut there. After that, I ask what he plans to do next. He has business in Minburi and suggests I go back to Lak Si. “What kind of business do you have in Minburi?” “Not necessary for you to know” (มีธุรกิจอะไรครับ ไม่ต้องกานรู้). I hint that I would like to go to his place or my place for some fun. Cannot. I say goodbye and walk towards the main road to get a taxi. No point both of us waiting for taxis to different directions at a little frequented side-road. And get away from him quickly before he can ask for money for his taxi to Minburi. Minutes later, I see him drive past on a motorbike. I wonder what he thought this meeting was about? Discussing details of the purchase of a hairdresser’s or beauty shop for him? I even brought some underwear I like, in case we go to his place and he hasn’t any I like. Over 3 hours (about 1 hour on taxi and 2 hours with him) and about 500 Baht spent on taxi alone (for return trip). That’s what I meant when I wrote earlier (3 month report) that it would be easier and cheaper to meet someone new.

I take a taxi back home, but to make something useful of the day I change destination to Fashion Island Ramintra (which is on the way anyway). I drove past several times and I noticed interesting buildings in the vicinity when I was in a taxi on outer ringroad.

There is a building with a spire and a large standing smiling Buddha on the roof, holding a globe in his hand. All gates and doors are open, so I just enter.



Ground floor:


Top floor:


A boy is sitting in the main hall, I ask if it’s ok to enter, he follows me all the way around. On the top floor, there are people praying and soon a lady joins me on my tour (of course I say hello to her and ask if I can walk around). Another lady joins us and invites me to sit down for a chat. It’s more a monologue, she talks to me in English about peace and happiness, with an occasional nod or “yes” from me. I guess that could have gone on for hours, so I excuse myself that I have no more time as I want to use the daylight for sightseeing. The place is called “เทียนเอินกรุงเทพ”, they have no official English name yet, but it could be “Bangkok Tian Ern Holy House”, she says. The whole idea is from China, there are inscriptions in Chinese and literature in Chinese. She invites me to come back, they have free vegetarian meals for visitors. She is very happy that I came to them. ... sz=18&z=18

At the front gate, I take a motorcycle to another place (a few km away), Wat Phrayasuren (abbreviated Wat Suren, วัด(บึง?)พระยาสุเรนทร์). I saw it when I drove past in a taxi on outer ringroad, and I saw it from a tall building 10 km away. It sticks out because it has this large white round building.








Unfortunately, I couldn’t get on top, only to second floor (where you can walk around outside), as the door was locked and the person with the key was away.

View from outer ringroad:

Image ... =prev&z=16 ... o-42439669

On the way to the Wat, we drove past another interesting wat, Samma-Chanyawas (วัดสัมมาชัญญาวาส, I had to use Google streetview to get the name from the main gate!), which stuck out to me because it was entirely in brown, the video below (Thai with English subtitles) says it’s ceramic. Two places of interest identified and visited, one more added to my long list! Been there, see following post

Picture from internet:

Image ... o-80002360 ... &k=NQvzLHb

I take a motorcycle back to Fashion Island and spend the rest of the evening there, until they close at 9pm.

Buy 2, get 1, an offer that is hard to resists (In Thai it says: Buy two, get one free.)!


Van back to my place. Nothing interesting on gayromeo, so I decide to go to DJ-station. Taxi 00:23-00:42am, 140 Baht, cheapest and fastest so far. Why do they only have Heineken and Singha beer? I wanted to try Chang, but so it’s water for me. Where do they get their music from? They are playing always the same horrible stuff. There is better music around, e.g. on the radio that my colleagues have at work. I walk through DJ-station, the first few rounds did not show anyone interesting, but then it gets better.

Sidenote: on second floor they had a problem with condensation of water in the aircon. The aircon outlet next to the stairwell to third floor gives off a mist of fine droplets. After a few beer, you probably wouldn’t notice the fine droplets of water in the air any more. I noticed this when I stood near the bar. So I investigated where they come from and found a puddle of water under the outlet, almost slipped (flip-flops on wet tiles)!

On ground floor, there is a guy dancing shirtless on the stage, and he is smiling at me. Great body, I can live with that tattoo, face is ok. He then comes down to chat with me. Good English. He opens my zipper and puts his hand into my trousers, finally in my underwear. I don’t get hard under these circumstances (loud music, public place). I tell him that we can go to his place for more. He lives in Sathorn and has a room for himself. We leave about 2 am and take a taxi to his room. (On a previous visit, I had hooked up at 1am, but my new found friend wanted to dance, so I had to wait for him until 3am, and there was even the chance that he might get too drunk or change his mind about going with me.)

He pays the taxi fare (good start!). In his room, he finally divulges that he works in a bar, in Soi Twilight, and that he is a moneyboy and asks how much I can pay him. From my previous posts you know that my standards (morals, ethics) are pretty low, but here I have to draw a line: that’s way too late to ask for money, I will not pay tonight, and we part as just friends. He used to work in Classic Boys and remembers me from there (must have been April), but now he works somewhere else (he didn’t say where: “expensive, top secret!”).

An easy choice for me: nobody is perfect, I didn’t like that little moustache, his skin was partially too cold (i.e. only about half of the area had the temperature I like), his trousers were a bit too low (thereby leaving a bulge of flesh above the belt), and I couldn’t see what kind of underwear he was wearing. With perfect skin temperature and underwear, I would have agreed to pay, but I’m jaded, I have to stop going with moneyboys. I forgot to ask for phone number and gayromeo account name. Now I wonder: If he hadn’t seen me whoring around in Soi Twilight, would he have gone with me for free? A legitimate question: How do you explain to a boy who goes with you for free that you pay prostitutes, but not him? The easiest way to solve this is to stop going with moneyboys.

That (the late disclosure that he is a moneyboy) reminds me of a joke I read recently (in German language, found the English version on the internet):

A young man and his date were parked on a back road some distance from town. They were about to have sex when the girl stopped.
"I really should have mentioned this earlier, but I'm actually a hooker and I charge $20 for sex." The man reluctantly paid her, and they did their thing.
After a cigarette, the man just sat in the driver's seat looking out the window. "Why aren't we going anywhere?" asked the girl.
"Well, I should have mentioned this before, but I'm actually a taxi driver, and the fare back to town is $25..."
On a previous visit to DJ-station, I took a moneyboy from second floor. After a few sentences, he mentioned that he is a moneyboy. Then I asked him if he is free and can come with me. He replied “I am thinking.” He almost lost me at that point. It was about 2:30 am, there were not many customers on a weekeday, so I was his last chance and I expected him to jump at this occasion, and not to hesitate. He then asked for 1000 Bath for long time which is a very reasonable offer, so we went to my place and had a good time.

On my way back to Lak Si, I notice available ladies east of Lumpini Park (I noticed them north and west before) around 2:35 am. Current trips: ladies around Lumpini park at night

I will give us (lamlukka hairdresser) one more chance. When I have a new phone, we can communicate by SMS in Thai. That hopefully reduces misunderstandings (or complete lack of understanding on my part). We didn't meet again, and with hindsight that was probably better.

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  1. 140 bt for taxi from Bon Khai to DJ?
    About DJ-have not been there for ages. But remember quite well (I think from ricequeendiary) that 1st floor is MB space. Anyone knows that (or should?!). The test from genuine new friends is to send you there and come back without anyone in tow, even better is for you to show no interest in it.
    So you fall from your belief: no alco, no late outing, no overloud music again?

    1. The story is two years old, at that time I lived in Lak Si. I read about money boys on 2nd floor (1st floor = ground floor) as well (I don't go on weekend, during week 3rd floor is empty, can't judge about there).


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