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Pattaya Feb 2015

Pattaya Feb 2015

Thursday 26.02.2015
Usually I travel by van from Victory Monument to South Pattaya (Wat Chai market), details elsewhere in this blog. But this time, a friend goes by taxi and I can join him:

Mr. T taxi, 1100 Baht including toll. Leave Sathorn 9:57, arrive in Boyztown 12:36. Slow traffic on expressway in Bangkok. Stopped for petrol on both ways (to Pattaya and to Bangkok), I find this outrageous! Could have saved 15 minutes (my estimation) if he had gone on the expressway at river end of Sathorn road instead of Rama 4.

That is 2 h 39 min and 1100 Baht by taxi, compared to about 4 h and 109 Baht by bus+van, door to door.

The underwear shop in Tuk-Com is on ground floor, half way between Se-ed books and Boot’s. Prices from 150 to 300 Baht per piece.

Can’t reach the boy Nus/Nat I had last time (see previous Pattaya report) on Line, gayromeo, hornet. But another boy F spots me on gayromeo. I invite him to my room, we spend some hours dozing. I’m not horny, or rather I have my mind set on Nus.

Go for dinner with a German friend B and F. Then we go to B’s room, and after a lot of talking he manages to get F nude (it didn’t take much talking to get me nude, I have long lost any inhibitions, more about that in a separate post). I would have long given up! B then watches F fuck me.

Introducing F to B was part of my strategy to show F that I’m not the one he is looking for as a boyfriend. It seems to have worked, number of messages he sends me drastically reduced! F really seems to like me, and I like him too, but he is a bit too fat and too pale.

Sunny boys 21:03-53 with B. Pineapple juice 100 Baht. 15 boys in shorts and socks. More boys coming. 3 bordercase cute boys: 15 blue shorts (there is another 15 around), 16, boy without number. Bar full when we leave.

Nice boys 22:00-40 with B. Water 150 Baht. 15 boys in white Diesel trunks and shoes. Smoking allowed in the bar, several boys smoke. Nr 2, 17, 44 cute, but can’t make eye contact.

Eros 22:51-23:30 with B. Orange juice 115 Baht. Bar is full with boys and customers, some good old sleaze! Spot nr 18 (name We 24/48/170 from Nahkon Sawan) when I enter. He seems interested, but I miss the chance to call him over when he is in front of us (rotation). B tells me either to get up and get the boy (now at the other end of the room), or he will ask the boy to sit with me. B doesn’t take “no” for an answer and gets his fat ass up, waddles over and asks the boy to sit with me. How embarrassing!

Everything fine, boy drink 130 Baht, off fee 300. He has been working for 1.5 months in Eros, my last visit to Eros was before he started work.

Back in my room, I notice skin problems all over his body: slightly wet pimples. He says it’s from swimming in dirty water and subsequent scratching. Could as well be insect bites?

Furthermore, he has a bump in his butt crack. I run my finger down from back to balls: bump! I run my finger up from balls to back: bump! It feels like riding as passenger on a mocy over a speed bump, and the suspension/spring strikes through! (Or how would you say when there is overload and it bumps hard?)

In addition, his breath has a strange smell. It’s not from sniffing glue (I asked), so it must be alcohol? Whatever it is, I lost interest, have a lackluster wank and tip him 1000 Baht.

Have a walk to Boyztown, Beach Road, Walking Street and back. Go to bed 1:45 am. A poor start, and I didn’t know yet that it won’t get any better!

Friday 27.02.2015
Take Songtheo to Jomtien complex and spend afternoon at the beach with B. Construction work:

On way back from beach to road, I spot a cute boy at the parking. As soon as I make a few steps in his direction (to walk past and check him out from close), he says hello. We exchange phone numbers and gayromeo profile (so_sweet, I recognize his profile). But I wanted to go to a second hand book shop, and am still waiting for answer from Nus, so I don’t take him with me on the spot.

I should have done so! As I said before: meeting a new boys is often easier than arranging a meeting with a boy I already know. Still no reply from Nus, but when I walk to main road to get songtheo, I spot a boy on a mocy (as passenger) who looks like Nus. I even run a few meter to get a closer look, but the mocy is faster. Finally call Nus (as a last resort, I’m not a friend of talking on phone, I prefer written communication), he answers and is free to meet. Finally everything will turn alright!

Nus arrives 15:15 and takes shower in my room. He is tired and wants to sleep, which is fine for me as his skin is cold and wet after shower.

Read in my room while he is sleeping, then go out for dinner (alone). Come back, his skin temperature perfect, but still tired and wants to sleep. Go out for second dinner with B and his boyfriend. Come back, Nus still tired and not in the mood for sex, and wants to stay over night and promises me good sex. Some hugging and cuddling (during which he gets hard). I let him sleep and go out alone (knowing I can’t take a boy back to my room).

Power Boy boys in individual briefs. Don’t enter, ask staff outside for a boy I had two years ago, they don’t know where he is.

At Gurke guesthouse / Ting Tong Blue bar learn of the demise of Karsten, the (well, what exactly?) of the premises. In the end, there were two managers (for bar and guesthouse) and Karsten spent all his time eating, sleeping, drinking and fucking contemplating life. He died some days before in his room on the premises. If there was an autopsy, I’m sure they would find life-threatening organ damage by alcohol abuse everywhere. Rest in peace!

New Queens Bar, water 50 Baht. Chat with a farang friend who will soon be leaving Thailand for good. After coming here for decades and living for many years, he found it changed to the negative.

Krazy Dragon 23:44-00:40. 8 Boys in individual trunks, shoes or barefoot. Music a bit too loud, light and aircon ok. Smoking allowed. I went there to check it out after re-opening, and to meet a boy Kit (from Cambodia, before Wild West Boys, then Sun Bar Jomtien) who is supposed to be in the show. However there is no show during my sojourn. There is one cute boy, number 8, but he leaves; so I read on my mobile phone. Realizing that there is no show at midnight, and no show at 00:30, I ask staff and get contradictory answers: no show or show at 1 am. Being already bored, I won’t stay until 1 am to find out if there is a show. Kit will have to wait until another day. (I later learned from him that he isn’t in the show any more.)

Saturday 28.02.2015
Wake Nus up around 10 am. He has been sleeping in my room for about 18 hours (interrupted by me waking him up to see if he is ready for sex). While he was sleeping, I could shove my middle finger (two segments) up his ass, but once awake he refuses to bottom or to suck me. I have an unmotivated wank and we leave for breakfast in Tuk-Com. Nus plays on his phone most of the time. I pay him 1000 Baht (clearly overpaid, should have given only 500, even that would be generous) and he goes home to sleep!

After a great first encounter now such a disappointment. Shared in similar form here:

Go to Ripley’s Believe it or not. At the travel fair in Queen Sirikit Center, they had a promotion: 3 out of 8 attractions for 390 Baht. However at the counter at Ripley’s I learn that this has to be bought and paid for at the fair (I asked at three counters, same answer). I ponder going for the regular price, but discover they have double pricing (e.g. Thai 390, Farang 590 Baht). I postpone visit to Ripley’s indefinitely.

To Dolphin Roundabout, second hand bookshop J&K is still there (at the SW corner, behind the restaurant), but closed.

Walk back along Beach Road. A year after reconstruction work, starts to disassemble:

Walk past Teddy bear museum (another attraction in Pattaya which I will probably never visit). However, Pattayadays has been there and I couldn't say it any better.

Have one hour foot massage near Tuk-Com (not in the mood for oil massage with possible happy ending, but foot massage allows to check out all boys working there).

In the evening dinner invitation at a Francois' place with several of his Farang friends. I brought the last (from originally 5) remaining metal miniature Eiffel tower key ring as a gift for F. He has been obsessed with this on the forums for years. He was visibly touched and barely could keep his composure.

Sunday 01.03.2015
My mobile phone’s internal storage is full. The apps on my phone and programs on my computer are all crap, slow and waste a lot of storage and processor power. I delete data for some apps, among them Line. This leads to log-out from Line. When I log in again (I haven’t logged out since I installed it, lucky that I remember the password after such a along time), there is a message that by logging in on a new device all chat history will be deleted. This is not a new device, none the less chat history and contacts are all gone! What an awful crap they distribute! They should be hung, on their balls!

Taxi to Bangkok with a friend from Germany. He has arranged for a regular taxi driver he met in Bangkok to come to pick him up in Pattaya. Depart 12:12 Sunee, arrive 14:09 in Sathorn. 1200 Baht + 110 + 10 tolls.

Heavy losses on all fronts, everything that can go wrong went wrong. The only thing I got right was the Eiffel tower key ring for Francois. Now my dear readers know why I'm depressed. Can't even blame the boy Nus, I should have known better and thrown him out!

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  1. Can I come and sleep in your room. You can pay me 100 baht too.

  2. You should not be depressed. You are having the wrong performance criteria.
    In other words, you try to optimize the wrong thing. It looks like the only value you see is in having sex with another boy. On the bright side, you have a good social life with many friends. It should be high on your list of priorities. You also need to think about adequate funding of your life...You are an honest decent person and that is what should really count...

  3. Anonymous is wrong, you should be depressed. Your day sounds like a giant cluster fuck to me. However, you need to look at the bright side, you are still alive, healthy,and unlike many of Pattaya's old folks you can still get it up.
    Hell, I wish I had discovered Pattaya when I was your age. As button could tell you, hairless boys under 18 were common then, you would have been in seventh heaven.

  4. If a working boy comes to your room and only wants to sleep, the correct approach is to throw him out & find another one.
    The last thing you want to do is pay him 1000 baht for keeping your bed blocked for 18 hours.

    Anyhow thans for keeping reports.

  5. 18 hours and you went out 3 times instead of spending that time molesting him,

    what a waste of resources.
    I'd pay him 1000 like you but made sure to cling to him all that time to get my money worth


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