Saturday, 28 March 2015

Special Cinema (4) Phahon Theater in Saphan Khwai

Special Cinema (4) Phahon Theater in Saphan Khwai

Phahon Theater พหลเธีอเตอร์
1511/70 ถ.พหลโยธิน พญาไท กทม. โทร. 0-2278-1126

Opposite Paolo Memorial Hospital and Big C Saphan Khwai.

Open Mon-Fri 11:40 - 21:20, Sat-Sun 10:20 - 21:20. 
Entry 60 Baht. 

Sunday 15.02.2015 18:21-54

Estimated 100 customers, some ladyboy prostitutes, some younger customers. 

I have been before at least once (Mai 2013), quote from

Next to the sauna [39 underground] is a sex cinema. I went there a few weeks ago [Mai 2013] (and then continued to Saranrom, where I got assaulted []). Entry is 60 Baht. They play normal movies. I was there about 8pm and stayed half an hour. They close at 9pm (from internet, didn’t confirm). There were about 40 customers, all Asian males, age 30-50 I would guess. The cinema is huge and was 95% empty. I witnessed several blowjobs and several other customers contacted me. It was too dark, and the little I could see was not attractive to me.

Read here for timmberty's experience:

View from across Phahonyothin road (two entrances with different names, first picture พหลเธีอเตอร์ Pahon Theater some letters missing taken standing opposite, second พหลโยธินราม Pahonyothin Rama taken from a bus driving past):

The theater building (39 underground sauna is at the end of the soi on the right side):

Entrance area. The ticket counter is nice Art Deco, but someone who was lingering around didn't want me to take a picture of it, will try again next time:

Update: picture of ticket counter

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  1. DONT waste your time here, i went 3 times, you find someone nice, you agree to fun, then they take you to a quiet seat & just before you start action they ask for money, full of annoying money boys!!

  2. Not always as timmbery says.
    timmberty has also reported Bangkobois to the American authorities for posting pictures of a 3 year old boy holding cock.
    That s one sick man. Please read his post dated 24/3/15 and report him also.

    1. Links? (Other than the boy holding cock, I saw it and found it funny.)

    2. funny? Don't you have a fear of God?

      I found it disgusting and bordering on criminal offence

    3. I grew up in Eastern Germany, the impious-est, god-less-est place on earth.

    4. that distinction would go to Albania and North Korea, not DDR, look at who is in charge of Germany now-former East German pastor as president and daughter of another East German pastor as chancellor

  3. Sorry that is a 2 or 3 year old boy holding a mans cock. Far from being funny it is sick. Would you find it funny if the cock was in the boys mouth ? which im sure it was shortly after ?
    Bangkokbois is 100 % against child sex and he is the only person on the boards who has posted a child sex picture. Ever heard the expression about complaining to much ? I thing we can safely assume Bangkokbois per his posts is a peado.
    And why would you want a link To see more child porn.?

  4. Can you send Locations Information of the cinema, thanks


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