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Shanghai Free Trade shopping center

Shanghai Free Trade shopping center

I learnt of this place here:
A delightful mess of discoveries await in odd Prachautit shopping mall
seminal article in Thai:
ช่วยด้วยค่ะ ห้างแถวบ้านโดนซอมบี้บุก : unseen shopping in bkk

Open Wed-Sun 10:00-20:00, closed Mon Tue.

13°39'05.7"N 100°30'18.5"E 13.651589, 100.505140
Pracha Uthit (Ratburana ราษฎร์บูรณะ) Soi 33 (= Soi Wichian ซอยวิเชียร) Yaek 6 (actually between Yaek 6 and 8, over 100m from the road sign for soi 6, I had to ask for the way) ซอยประชาอุทิศ 33 แยก 6.

There are several Pracha Uthit in Bangkok, hence specifying the district (Ratburana ราษฎร์บูรณะ) is necessary. The shopping center is in neighboring Thung Khru district ทุ่งครุ.

Bus 195 from Rama 3 to Suksawat สุขสวัสดิ์, then bus 75 to Pracha Uthit Soi 33, from there walk (12:45-58) to Srithai Apartment ศรีไทยอพาร์ตเมนท์. Entrance arc:

I spotted two songtheo lines that run past:   
green line 33 (or 1405?) สาย33 บิ๊กซี (พระประแดง) ซ.ขวัญใจ=สุขสวัส64 ศรีไทยคอนโด ตลาด61 1405
red line 1550 ตลาด61 ซอย33 ศรีไทยคอนโด ซอยขวัญใจ=สุขสวัส64 บิ๊กซี (พระประแดง)    

7/11 branch 3891 (ศรีไทยคอนโด) is right to entrance arc. Walk through the arc, pass Tesco Lotus express (branch 204 ประชาอุทิศ33) and turn left at 7/11 branch 6821 (ประชาอุทิศ33แยก8). 

The round sign says: 
เซี่ยงไฮ้ ฟรีเทรด ถูกจนตลึง 
Shanghai Free Trade surprisingly cheap

I went with a Farang friend who knows prices from 7/11 and shopping malls, he says the stuff (bathroom and kitchen articles, beer and wine) is about 10% cheaper.

2nd floor is all books, 9 Baht each. I found some (17) guidebooks or maps that I bought.

Climbing up, it gets messier and fewer customers, from 3rd floor just me and friend:

6th floor is empty:

Verdict: spectacular! A messie's or hoarder's wet dream, feels like home, but on a bigger scale. 

There were some people packing and moving stuff, I don't know if the place will be around for longer.

Return walk to Sukswat (via Suksawat Soi 64, thereby crossing into Samut Prakarn province) 15:09-44, then take bus 195 to Klong Toey.

Similar unconventional shopping centers are Nightingale Olympic department store (I have been in 2013, no post; "Bangkok off the grid" page 123) and second hand goods at Wat Suan Kaew Nonthaburi http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/11/wat-suan-kaew-in-nonthaburi-province.html and "Bangkok off the grid" page 111.

Update Nov 2015: friend went, it's still open.

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  1. this kind of places often entice us to buy a lot of stuff we don't need just because is 17.5% cheaper than everywhere else. I used to love them , now with burden of years I just buy stuff I need for a price asked and still spent much less then before.

  2. is this maybe the place where all those ''all for 20 bt'' outlets buy their stuff?


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