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Gay activities February 2015

Gay activities February 2015

With updates about 39 underground sauna, Lao boy B, headache boy, Ramkhamhaeng gay discos.

S Sauna out of business, Cruising sauna closed (only on that day, not permanently), massage in The Nine Pradipat (happy ending 1000 Baht)

Sangkhlaburi (details separate post)
Thu 05.02.2015
Cute straight Burmese boy in my hotel room in Sangkhlaburi
Fri 06.02.2015
Visit cute gay Thai boy from hornet in his room
Sat 07.02.2015
Chat with obviously gay staff at hotel in Sangkhlaburi

Back in Bangkok message boys on Line: one boy still in Pattaya, other boy doesn’t reply.

Sun 08.02.2015
Babylon sauna 150 Baht, parts of sauna closed, details here:
some border cases in the sauna;

Chat on Line with boy I recently met in Saranrom: communication problem, doesn’t come to my room. Go to Saranrom: 21 boys, turnover about 10 per hour, take a boy to hotel, so-so

Mon 09.02.2015
Headache boy calls in the afternoon, wants to come 21:30; didn’t come, didn’t answer messages, fell asleep

Tue 10.02.0215
Leave room 23:00, Fake Club empty, walk to Gstar Pavilion, after closing chat with boys outside, exchange Line, back 04:40 (total 5:40 h and 28+150+40+120=338 Baht spent; details separate post)

Wed 11.02.2015
I have known a Lao boy B who works in a nearby restaurant for about 10 months. We exchanged phone number and facebook months ago. We often talk when I eat there and he showed interest in studying English. He officially works 10 am to 10 pm and has Monday off (but two attempts to meet on Monday failed). Today I try to take things further and catch him after work. Arrive 23:00, still customers there.

Furthermore, it takes about an hour to clean and disassemble everything (street food restaurant). Finally 00:15 he is free, but wants to take shower and change clothes before coming with me (despite my offer of hot running water in my shower). Finally 00:45 we are on the way. That’s 1:45 hours I waited for him, playing on my mobile and getting bitten by mosquitoes several times, didn’t expect it to take so long, but finally we are both in my room. Spend about 1 am to 2 am playing on computer and reading books (English for Thais). We sleep together, but B stays fully clothed. B gets up 5:50 the following morning, to buy fresh food at Klong Toey market.

I did not expect the working conditions to be that poor, officially 12 hours per day, but in practice 18 hours per day (confirmed by subsequent visits at his work place). We live in different worlds: I can spend my whole day looking for sex, he is so busy that he has no time or energy for sex.

Update: Twice more I stopped at his workplace near to closing time, he said he wants to come to my room after work, but didn’t come. At least I don’t have to wait there at night, he knows where my room is, I stay up until 1 am and then go to bed.

Thu 12.02.2015
Headache boy messages me at 11, wants to come at 14, finally arrives 17:25, plays internet, fucks me, asks for money for taxi, I give him 100 and reject further requests by telling him that he stole 600 last time (he immediately admits, no excuse or explanation, but still asks for 100 more). Everyone I tell about headache boy tells me to get rid of him, but I can't! I wonder if he will still come, now that there is no more money to steal and I'm less generous?

Fri 13.02.2015
Classic boy bar, leave alone (details in separate post).

Sat 14.02.2015
Arrange online in the morning for nr 83 from Classic to come to my place at 6 pm for a short time, he agrees, but doesn’t show up or message me; 7 pm I write to him I can't wait any longer, immediate answer "ok". 

Sit on the bus about 1:30 hours (traffic jam) to go to Seed internet Ramkhamhaeng nude day not enforced and only partially observed, sauna cold, gym gone, maintenance problems. Group activity in dark room, can feel a slim muscular hairless body and wank with him, later elsewhere with light I see he is cute and interested in me, exchange Line for future meeting.

Premises unsuitable to find a sexual partner (most areas too dark) and to perform sexual activity, but they have my type (if I can see him in the darkness)

Sun 15.02.2015
Meet boy from hornet at MRT Huai Khwang, not so much my type (too pale).

Continue to 39 underground sauna. Stay there 16:43-18:06. When I enter hot water in shower, when I leave only lukewarm. The place is brimming, locker room crammed, queue for shower. Estimate 100 customers in public area and another 30 in private room. Nude day enforced, and with sun still shinning outside you can clearly see others in many areas of the sauna, that’s actually a first for me, I have never seen that many nude gay men before in daylight! Smoking on rooftop. More about 39 underground here:

Continue to nearby Phahon Theater (estimated 100 customers, some ladyboy prostitutes, some younger customers);

At night App Arena with Burmese Woman (separate post).

Tue 17.02.2015
Finally get nr 83 from Classic. First contact on Line 10:38 am, finally arrives 12:49. We agreed on 1000 for short time and 300 for taxi (I suggested he take the bus, he declined: he has no time for bus!. I wonder if he took the bus nonetheless.) Everything fine, I fuck him, will see him again some day.

Wed 18.02.2015
Wank in hotel room in Khao Sok National Park

Fri 20.02.2015
Wank in hotel room in Surat Thani

Sat 21.02.2015
By chance cross path with a boy I first met on gayromeo Oct 2014, then moved conversation to Line. Not so much my type.

At night go to Klong Toey slum, meet people from my visit in December again, everyone except the cute boy wants to drink, chat, take picture, shake hands with me.

Sun 22.02.2015
Swimming pool at Ramkhamhaeng University, entry 50, locker 20, stay 17:08-18:05. You might wonder why swimming pool counts as gay activity. I wouldn’t go there if it was girls only (I wouldn’t be admitted in the first place, but you get the idea). About 17:50 water polo team enters. Promising.

Then to Cruising Sauna entry 129 Baht, stay 20:33-22:00. Details separate post.

Back to my room, then taxi (120 Baht) to Wave club Ramkhamhaeng 89/2. Arrive midnight (night from Sun to Mon). They advertised Mr. Chinese of Wave Club 2015 in gay magazines and on facebook for Feb 22. When I arrive, the place is closed and there is a note in Thai: open only on Fri and Sat night. There was no recent post on their timeline about this event (which already gave a clue that something is not right, but I didn’t follow this suspicion by a phone call to check), only picture from Jan14 under photos:

Same picture used in adverts in gay magazines. This is the lowest point of a long decline of 89/2. Years ago, there were up to 4 gay discos open at the same time: ICK (then Singapore, then Wave Club), SeeK Dance pub (then G-Star Paradise), Harlem (very short lived), Door Dum. I’m not sure if Door Dum (last year open only on weekends) is still alive, outside looks abandoned.

Taxi (80 Baht) to G-Star Pavilion. Water 40 Baht, stay 00:20-02:54. Details separate post.

Tue 24.02.2015
Message my favorite massage boy: messages are read, but no answer (which probably means he is not at work, confirmed by asking for him at his work place), A boy I had 4 years ago work at Paradise Day Spa (Paradise Spa & Massage) Silom Soi 2 and is sitting outside. Take 1 h oil massage (599 Baht, doesn’t look expensive from outside, but the place is spacious and classy) and happy ending 1000 Baht.

Pattaya (details soon)
Thu 26.02.2015
Message boy Nr.1 on my list (Nus/Nat, see last Pattaya report) on Line, gayromeo, hornet and even call: no answer. But boy Nr.2 sees me on gayrome and messages me, I invite him over. We play around, but I don’t get fully hard (my mind was set on Nus/Nat). Separate after dinner.

Go to Sunny boys, Nice boys, Eros with friend from Germany. Take a boy from Eros.

Fri 27.02.2015
Gay beach little activity. On way back spot a cute boy. Exchange phone number and gayromeo account (I recognize his profile). Should have taken the boys with me on the spot! Finally reach Nus/Nat. He comes to my room and stays over night. Visit Krazy Dragon while Nus/Nat sleeps in my room.

Sat 28.02.2015
Meet friends at night. Then Kit comes to my room, but can’t stay over night.

5 bar visits (Classic boys, Sunny boys, Nice boys, Eros, Krazy Dragon) and take one boy from bar
4 sauna visits (Babylon, Seed, 39 underground, Cruising) and sex once
4 disco visits (Fake, G-Star Pavilion twice, App Arena)
2 wanking alone
2 massage with happy ending (The Nine Pradipat and Paradise Day Spa)
1 sex cinema (Phahon theater)
1 boy from Saranrom
1 boy from hornet (contact on hornet first, then saw him in Classic)
1 boy I knew from before
Meet 1 boy from hornet who is my type, but we don’t do anything
Meet 1 boy from hornet, but not so much my type
Meet 1 boy from gayromeo by chance, not so much my type
Free sex with boy from Sunee beer bar

2 Free sex, 7 paid sex (1000+1000+1000+1000+500+1000+500+100=6100 unless you add the 2100 headache boys stole to the 100 I gave him; and that’s just the money I paid to the boys, if you add other expenses we get over 10,000).

An awful amount of time and money spent and not much to show for!

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  1. You call going to Krazy Dragon while cute boy sleeps in your room gay activity?
    I'd call it wasted opportunity

  2. Hello,
    First I very excited to read your review about gay life in Bangkok and sauna in Bangkok. I read it and like it so much thanks for hot informations you bring it to me. But I want to know more clearest about Swimming pool at Ramkhamhaeng University and Phahon Theater, for example: the way to get there, how can I entry.....Can you write a review about it, please.
    Thank you so much.
    Best regard,
    P/s: I wait for your reply.

  3. One word about the pool: dark swimmwear is recommended (light colors not directly banned, I got in in grey). Another word: pool is closed for cleaning one day of the week, if I remember correctly it is Monday. Rules and Regulations: "Sexual behavior is not acceptable..."

    Details about Phahon Theater some time.


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