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Bangkok bus price rise

Bangkok bus price rise

After price rise in BTS, MRT and taxi, now in buses as well.

Wed 11.02.2015 first time I paid 9 Baht. The tickets and buses still have the old prices displayed (6.5 or 8 Baht depending on bus, now 7.5 or 9).

Selection of bus tickets this year:

Some fare collectors cut the ticket, others don't. Here what I understand so far. Cuts at the ไป/กลับ (outbound/inbound) corner mean which direction you are traveling, cuts at the number mean time of the day? It might be possible to get off the bus and get onto another bus of the same line with the ticket from the first bus?

There is nobody I can ask: my hi-so friends don't take bus, my lo-so friends and fare collectors don't speak enough English to understand my question and I don't speak enough Thai to explain, my money boy friends don't use bus.

Note in bus: "Information for passenger. Please keep your ticket for inspection..." (It has happened a few times that someone came in to check tickets of all passengers.)

There is a box in the bus next to door where you can put your ticket in one of three slots when you leave: good service, ok, poor service.


In a shopping center (IT Square Laksi): 
1. Insert 1 Baht coin 
2. Type the four digits from your bus ticket 
3. Read the meaning.  
(Superstition or entertainment.)

Timeline for price rise on BTS, MRT, taxi and bus

BTS 01.06.2013 and

MRT 01.01.2015 (price rise postponed two times from July 2014 to October 2014 to January 2015) and

Taxi 13.12.2015 and 

The price rise is barely noticeable: 35 Baht for the first km remains, then 5.5 Baht / km (was 5.0 Baht / km).

Bus 10.02.2015 and and

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  1. The most significant part of the taxi price hike, for short journeys, is that the initial 35 baht is just for 1km, instead of 2km before.

    1. It was 35 Baht for the first kilometer before as well:
      and then 2 Baht every 400 m (which adds up to 5 Baht / km).

  2. The GOVMT bus-the real BMTA-has notr raised (yet), only for now the rot ruam=private concessions.
    What you describe about tix is only for BMTA-rot ruam do not bother. It used to be-at the start of the BMTA-some 37 years ago and for now only on AC-buses, that Stage-fares are charged, this is basically an english invention. Before DE got all those Verkehrsverbuende, some local buscomp also had it, I think the word is teilstreckentarif. Those nrs indicate (should) where you boarded-if tickets are checked by inspectors. No, they cannot be reused. There were a few years when they also did 1-daytickets for 10 bt for the red buses (normal fare then was 3,5), but anyone gave them on when they stopped using itself to others waiting. Now they only do 7day and monthly passes for BMTA only. Also some years ago the BMTA had different tix for IN and OUT-all for to prevent fraude by reselling used tickets by staff.
    BTW-the previous fare adaption was in fact LOWERing them-from 7 bt to 6,5 and from 9 to 8 for rot ruam.
    Rot ruam ticketsellers tipically buy those rolls at a discount before they start working-so they have the risk of loosing etc. Some are very ingenious in giving you only 90% of the ticket-so they can sell 11 for 10.

  3. I often learn something new from your comments, if I can decipher them. Cutting the tickets to get 11 tickets out of 10 is an idea, but as you see in the pictures my tickets are full tickets.

  4. Checked taxi meter: from 0.9 to 1.0 km price rises from 35 to 37
    Baht; from 1.3 to 1.4 km, from 37 to 39 Baht.

  5. Finally I understand the bus ticket prices: buses without fan 6.50 Baht, fan 9 Baht, aircon from 10 Baht. Thanks to a friend for telling me, I didn't pay attention to fan or no fan, and looked around to see if price is posted in the bus, or ask collector (the only place where I use 25 and 50 Satang coins, and if don't spend the coins here, they will gather in my wallet).

    The cuts in the ticket are the number of stop where the passenger boards the bus.

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  7. Next BTS price rise ahead (on Oct 1st 2017): 1 station from 15 to 16 THB, ..., 8 stations and more from 42 to 44 THB.


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