Monday, 9 March 2015

Blogging fatigue, take a break

Blogging fatigue, take a break

As my dear readers might have noticed, I recently split posts in two or even three to stretch them out, in addition standard has fallen.

On average, in one day I experience enough to write for two days. But lately I found myself rather going out, watching a movie, reading a book, than blogging.

My right elbow aches slightly from unergonomical mouse and work desk (not from wanking!).

That's not all. Several crises come together:

Boy-wise, my last trip to Pattaya was a disappointment. One boy can make or break your day, in my case it is over a week. Here in Bangkok boys too far away and/or busy and/or contact problems:

First theorem of online dating:
If both you and a boy have a mobile phone it doesn't mean that you can call the boy whenever you want, it means the boy can call you whenever he wants.

I have tried all ways of gay dating (online, real life, saunas, discos, bar), they all require an awful amount of time and money with unsatisfactory results. I have such a boy-crisis once or twice per year.

I am waiting for a better exchange rate to transfer money from Germany to Thailand, only to find the Euro has fallen even more every time I check. Since I first came to Thailand in 2009, the exchange rate hasn't been that poor.

And most importantly, I am still unemployed and there are little prospects of finding work. I envy a friend who just flew back to Europe and is now working again. I might become trapped in Thailand until money runs out (remaining life expectancy > remaining money) or they don't let me in any more.

All that makes me ponder what the sense of my life is, if any.

In short: there will no new posts for a while.

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  1. You deserve a break (and a nice boy). We will be here waiting for your glorious return.
    PS one small dating advice: dress up a bit, wearing slippers and shorts won't enhance your dating results.

  2. I find it a pity! Subliminally your crisis but also emulate with money and is not only a pure sense Crisis! I had the best exchange rate in May 2008, 1€ = 54THB! I think before the end of 2016, the exchange rate is not significantly change!

  3. I will be heading home after 18 months in Thailand. It has become stale.
    Going back to Europe to work again.
    2 more months of doing nothing here then I cant start my life again.

  4. enjoy your break, I will miss your posts. Thank you for efforts so far.
    Thanks to you I know more about Thailand and it's charms outside of BKK.

  5. After the EZB floats the market with billions of Euros now, the Euro will be down more and more. Its written in the newspapers today. I expect it to be at 30 baht soon.

    1. You are sure to be missed. I have always been astonished of the places you find and go to, and read with interest your comments. In truth Christian, I was guilty of focusing on the fact that you came across as a little strange, but your blog has caused me me to gain a great respect for you. You are a true traveler, making me and others seem like dilettantes. You take in the main sites but then you go out and explore all of the nicks and crannys of a country. Do come back soon, I do enjoy your blog.

  6. I have totally enjoyed your posts since I discovered your blog last year in July on a visit to BKK and Khon Kaen. Thank you SO much for all of your help. I especially feel like my visits to Thailand are quite similar to yours-- saunas, grinder, bars, etc. You're the best blogger I've seen on Thailand, with none of the sniping that I've seen at other boards. Thanks again! I'll check back, hope you get your mojo back :D

  7. Christian, thanks for all your intereting posts. I will miss you too... come back soon!

  8. All the best Christian, you've deserved a break and I'll miss your posts!

    Yep, at this stage it's a good time to ponder that fundamental question, what do you want to do with your life? Hopefully you can find a way that will make you happy and (I will add selfishly) keep your readers entertained. ;)

  9. Good luck Christian. I hope it goes well for you.

    Ultimately, the kind of lifestyle & boys you crave requires money. As you age, this becomes more important. Unless you are very lucky or entrepreneurial, Thailand is not the place to earn that money.

    The way to do it is to earn money in a high salary country and take holidays in a low cost country. Also, keep your living costs low, save over 50% of your net earnings and carefully invest the money in stocks. See Moneymoustache blog.

    Europe is probably the place to earn the money -that's where you get good salaries and decent holiday allowances.

  10. What happened in gg sauna?

  11. You put in words many of the thoughts that i have had over my 23 years here. Would have loved to pick your brain over dinner sometime. How to get in touch with you?

  12. there has been some comment about Babylon (lights up, no condoms or gel. Is this happening elsewhere? Crackdown or not?

  13. Thanks so much for your efforts, this is the best gay Thailand blog on the net. Enjoy your rest and hope you resume your blogging at a later date, I never miss one of your interesting posts !

  14. Christian – It deserves to be said out loud, that amongst the many of us who count ourselves as your regular readers, you’ve been the object of great envy for your unabashed, unapologetic pursuit of pleasure.

    But it does sound as if, apart from the need to attend to finances, you may be feeling a bit of a desire to build more purpose into your life at this juncture.

    I recently came across a new book that puts this in perhaps an enlightening frame: Human beings are only happy when they strike a successful balance between pursuing the twin goals of purpose and pleasure in their lives – We have to have fun, and we also need to feel like we’re accomplishing something worthwhile along the way.

    Your many readers will back me up in saying that you’ve been accomplishing one important purpose all along, with your blog here – by giving us all lots of enjoyable reading, and lots of opportunities to live our fantasies vicariously through you.

    All best wishes and good luck in working out your next chapter


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