Friday, 6 March 2015

Words of praise: THAILAND 180º by George Edward Giunca

Words of praise: THAILAND 180º by George Edward Giunca

I spotted this book in a bookshop and had a look. 180º refers to all pictures being taken through a fish-eye lens, with a 180º viewing angle which gives interesting effects.

Picture from the author's website:

The book has a bit of everything: food, festivals, fruit, animals, nature, wats, way of life. My particular interest is in architecture, I found places I know because I have been to or I have plans to go, and places I didn't know but want to go now that I know them. Very inspiring!

In his blog, there are pictures from the book and articles (in English and Thai) that have more information than the descriptions in the book.

Similar books about Penang, Myanmar, India are available.

Price in bookshops 2950 Baht, on asiabooks online 10% discount and free delivery within Thailand: (This has been going on for a long time - free delivery and 10% discount when ordered online - but I wonder why asiabooks does this?) 

Verdict: A rare example of a work of love, combined with skill and perfect technical realization (book format and printing). Highly recommended! If my bookshelf wasn't full, I would buy one.

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  1. If your bookshelf is full you can always buy another one. Thank you for bringing this book up.


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