Friday, 27 March 2015

Wat Samma Chanyawat วัดสัมมาชัญญาวาส

Wat Samma Chanyawat วัดสัมมาชัญญาวาส
in Khet Khlong Sam Wa (north of Minburi)
13°51'16.2"N 100°41'37.9"E 13.854510, 100.693850

Red songtheo line 1120 Minburi - Phraya Suren (มินบุรี ศบ. บางชัน 109 พระยาสุเรนทร์) drives past. Nearby are Safari World, Siam Park and Fashion Island (Ramintra Soi 101)

View from across Phraya Suren Road:

There was a tent in front of the ubosot which blocked the view, for front view without tent see here:
This website has pictures of interior as well. I asked when the ubosot is open: Buddhist holidays and Songkran.

The Ubosot is surrounded by four smaller buildings:

Details, most of it is brown tiles, some parts are painted:

Almost two years from learning of this place (driving past, see following post; in the mean time I found it mentioned in one guidebook) until visiting.

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  1. Cocks 'n' Wats.... ChristianPFC's life in Thailand.

  2. Your blog is much more then cocks and wats. Thanks for the pictures and giving me another place to want to see.


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