Wednesday, 25 March 2015

GG sauna (Grey Gym Fitness Center)

GG sauna (Grey Gym Fitness Center)

(Full name: Grey Gym Fitness Center)
จีจี 1155/1 Soi Ronnachai 2, 1155/1 ซอยรณชัย 2, 
Tel. 02-279-3807

13°46'39.6"N 100°31'48.9"E 13.777663, 100.530242
about 200 m by air south of Sam Saen สามแสน railway station (east of the railway tracks).
The only sauna I know that can best be accessed by train, I paid 2 or 20 Baht for ticket to/from Hua Lampong (15 minutes travel time), depending on train. My cheapest trip by public transport, 2 Baht! Several bus lines pass nearby.

Entry 170 Baht, Thursday 99 Baht. Every Friday free food.

Large locker, two big towels of good quality. All customers wrapped in towel. One cute staff.

Ground floor reception, locker room, group shower (cold water, shower gel), library, area with a transparent plastic roof (allows daylight to come in; this area is used for smoking despite not being open to atmosphere), sauna, steam room (both large and hot), restaurant/karaoke, free soft drinks, lounge decorated with antique furniture and porcelain, two large flat screens (in different rooms) with TV program, porn room.

Upstairs private rooms.

Overall, it’s labyrinthine and there are different floor levels.

The library has gay magazines dating back to mid 1990s, pre-internet and pre-mobile phone time, with gays looking for penpals (there were posts by 15 and 17 year old boys looking for a penpal, specifying sexual position!). Unless there is a year on the cover or in the editorial, it’s difficult to guess when the magazine was published.

First visit Friday 06.03.2015
Enter 16:55. Number of customers between 20 and 30 estimated. Leave 18:25.

Second visit Sunday 08.03.2015
Enter 16:50. Estimated over 50 customers. Two cute boys fully dressed around (in addition to one cute staff, same as last time). Tame cat at reception. Leave 18:05.

I was the only Farang on both visits. Staff and customers welcoming, unfortunately the customer base is not what I’m looking for, all too old and/or too fat.

Wrongly reported closed on travelgayasia. (Is there a scaremonger around?)

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC


  1. I wrote to travel Asia and told them that gg was open. Usually find a guy or 2 or 3 to have fun with. Friendly crowd. I don't mind if they are older. If lucky, we all will be faster than you think.

  2. Hello ChristianPFC! Thank you so much for writing this blog. It's given me a lot of useful information about the saunas. I'm travelling to Thai Land this coming April, and have drafted a plan. Would you be so kind as to give me some advice on that? There is some information I cannot understand on the Internet, much as I try, as they are in Thai. I wanna go to 2 saunas a day this visit. I know it will not be crowded after 22pm, but still wanna see.
    - Sat 11th, arrive at 18.45 so might wanna go to 39 Underground around 21pm. It is the underwear night, isn't it? After 22pm, I might wanna go to Dejavu as it opens till 2am.
    Price: Underground 80 baht (for under-24-year-olds?) and Dejavu 122 baht?
    - Sun, Chakran until 22pm and after that Mania - it is the naked night and opens overnight as I read on its website.
    Chakran 150 baht, Mania 100 baht for under-24-year-olds?
    - Mon, Babylon Foam Party (as I read on its website). After 22pm, might wanna go either R3 or Man Factory. I read on Man Factory, they say they have naked and orgy every night, don't they?
    Babylon 350 baht, Man Factory 170 baht, R3?
    Would really appreciate to hear from you.

  3. Read my report about men factory, you might want to go to sauna mania instead. More next week, traveling now.

  4. I don't know opening times, prices and theme days by heart, check their websites.

    Chakran combines well with deja vu, you can take bus 8 or 44.

    Skip Men Factory, go to Mania or R3 instead.

  5. You should be nominated as Thailand’s “National Treasure” as far as this blog’s readers, especially those of us long term expats - but still glued-as-dried-cum to the spirit of “uncultured sex tourists” nevertheless (wink wink) - are concerned. How many times your report of another hitherto-unknownst Bangkok location has sent frisson ala “Babe: Pig in the City” up my groins and challenged my own pessimistic assumption that I’m too old, too tired, with balls hanging too low and whatnot, to do anything that the intrepid Christian in his frivolously eclectic – or shall I say, eclectically frivolous – way has again set his heart to achieve (except true love, sorry to say, though one doesn’t necessarily come here for that - but that’s another matter.)
    I love them a bit older and much larger-sized than the ubiquitous massage parlor twinks so GG (which according to another report has “European-size” steam rooms… and “stunning” 300+ chubs!) sounds more heavenly (than Heaven) to me. This weekend I will do a recon trip there and I’ll one up by going there by bus. I owe that to myself and to you Christian. Life’s too short, precisely so in this fabulous city, for me to stay in my room. That’s what you keep telling me …


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