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Some lesser known markets in Bangkok (2)

Some lesser known markets in Bangkok (2)
and DVD price comparison

Market in Chinatown Saturday and Sunday during daytime (5 pm half of the stalls disassembled). Borders are Thanon Chakkrawat road in the west, Thanon Luang in the North, Thanon Ratchawong and Sue Pa road in the east. Thanon Mahachak, Chao Khamrop road are pedestrians only.

Hot and sunny:

A wide range of merchandise, even refrigerators, washing machines and aircons:

Underwear (120 per piece, more expensive than in Silom!), tools and electrically heated hot water bottles (!):

Antiques (or stuff that looks antique) and second hand books:

Straight porn in abundance, starting from 20 Baht per disc on rummage table:

Elsewhere it is sorted and more expensive (3 for 100, or 1 for 40). Several stalls with gay porn, mostly Japanese (censored and uncensored) and Farang, little Thai gay porn. I spotted animal porn (woman and male horse or dog on the cover) and Nazi porn (women dressed in uniforms that looks like German WW2).  

Penang market ตลาดปีนัง on the fringes of Klong
Toey market ตลาดคลองเตย, more precisely around Rama 3 road soi 87. There is a hotel (Penang Palace hotel) in the middle of Penang market.

Probably only of interest to residents (food, clothes, local market):

Market at the housing area about 200 m walk (south-west) from Malaysia hotel. Every Saturday, starts around 3 pm. Mainly food and clothes.
13°43'12.3"N 100°32'41.1"E = 13.720086, 100.544743

North-west of the interesection of Nang Linchee road and Yen Agart road, about 1 km walk from Malaysia hotel. Every Mon, Wed, Fri from 4 or 5 pm to 8 pm. Mainly clothes.
13°42'41.9"N 100°32'33.0"E = 13.711626, 100.542513

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  1. Not 100% sure, but I think that Chinatown market is/was the Klong Tom market, moved out by the BMA since 1/3, under of course heavy protest. Should relocate at was once new, now old Sai Thai busterminal, Pinklao (still partly in use for buses and has a gay m2m massage- Pinklao.


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