Thursday, 16 April 2015

City Walk Karaoke near Royal Palace

City Walk Karaoke near Royal Palace
Lesser known gay venues (2)

13°44'53.4"N 100°29'48.0"E 13.748158, 100.496660
Atsadang Road ถนนอัษฎางค์ corner to Soi Phraya Sri ซอยพระยาศรี. Across Khlong Lot คลองหลอfrom Saranrom Park สวนสราณรมย์

No website that I know of, but some pictures on google if you search in Thai: ซิตี้ วอล์ค คาราโอเกะ

Daytime view:

Nighttime view:

They advertised a few times in gay magazines. I ate/drank there several times on way to/from Saranrom. Staff is all male, some cute, high turnover. There was one cute Thai boy in 2013 who seemed interested, gone before I could take further steps. One cute Vietnamese boy in 2014, gone before I could take further steps.

I vaguely remember several issues with food (slow, one dish with chicken with bone splinters and tendons, another dish with chicken - fried chicken wings? - mainly bones with little meat), but I had vegetable tempura (120 Baht) several times and was happy. Sprite 25 Baht.

Music (karaoke) is loud, and other customers (mainly male, gay as far as I can tell) will sing.

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  1. Where are you, Christian? I am missing your posts. Hope everything is OK with you.

  2. I'm fine, was traveling in Germany and busy meeting family and friends. Some posts scheduled for the following days. Coincidentally, Bangkokbois is on a break as well, last post Apr 12:

    There is no connection, I am not ..., we do not ..., you know what I mean.


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