Wednesday, 15 April 2015

House overgrown by trees on Sri Phraya

House overgrown by trees on Sri Phraya

Walking along Sri Phraya road, I spotted a derelict house overgrown by trees. View from  Sri Phraya (about 100 m north of elevated tollway crossing):

Enter the premises (At the begin of April, I already have my monthly dose of urban decay and trespassing!):

Upper floors stairway of adjacent building give better view:

Cut branches indicate that there was much more growth before. Adjacent buildings (still inhabited) are threatened:

About 100 m south of elevated tollway crossing, another building with a tree growing next to / on it:


(Roof garden of Fab sauna - former Bangkok Ten / Bangkok 10 - gives aerial view.)

There are temples overgrown by trees in Thailand (will post separately) and Cambodia (Angkor Thom) and Anping tree house in Taiwan that are tourist attractions, but I guess the buildings in the first part of this post will be demolished. 

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  1. Angkor Wat for the poor, even handy chair provided for the tired visitors


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