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Thoughts on nudity

Thoughts on nudity

Some gay saunas have nude days. The surprising and weird thing is that most Asian customers cover their genitals with one or even both hands during these nude days, which defies their purpose. Attitude of Farang varies, one friend said he would especially on nude day, another one would avoid nude day.

How fucked up do you have to be to go to a gay sauna, but cover your genitals? That lead me to reminisce about my own development.

As a small child (about 1-4 years) I used to run around naked in the garden and at the beach in summer (as reported by family members, some pictorial evidence).

At age about 5-7 I used to play “Abguckräuber” with friends (trying to catch a look at the other’s genitals during changing to swimwear, we had the belief that the other’s genitals will shrink when you look at them (and your own will grow? I don’t remember).

When I was about 7 years old, we had physical education with a mixed gender changing room. Another boy completely undressed and started running around. A girl reprimanded him that we are not supposed to completely undress, whereupon he quickly redressed.

My thoughts at that time, in today’s words “Shut your fucking mouth, you stupid bitch!”. My interest was merely to see something I haven’t seen before, not sexual.

From my mid teens I ogled other boys in the changing room (no nudity, only underwear) with sexual interest. There were showers, but I never felt the need to shower after physical education, so I don’t even know if there was nudity in the shower. A friend from the USA told me that during his school days, showering after PE was compulsory.

In my mid teens, I didn’t even want my parents to see me naked. I showered when they were out of the bathroom, if possible.

Then when I entered army came the shock. From walking along the corridor I could spot that others were showering naked in the group shower. I wondered if I can do one week without showering (and shower when I am back home at the weekend) or alternatively wait until all others are done and I have the shower room to myself, or shower in underwear (while the others shower naked). None of it seemed feasible.

Then I walked in and suddenly I realized there is no way out, I have to drop all my clothes and shower naked with the others.

From there on, I didn’t care if someone sees me naked. In gay sauna changing rooms, I make no attempt to cover (others do!). (Other stories pass the border of depravity and obscenity, I will share when all others involved have died.)

In the West, there are nudist beaches and nudist associations, but in South-East Asia public nudity is against the law (except for children, up to age about 5 they are often naked). Recent cases in the news:

British man who rode motorbike naked through Cambodia due to be deported for 'violating country's beautiful customs and culture' 11 January 2015

Em-bare-assed: Fashion show apologizes for pants-dropping model By Coconuts Bangkok March 25, 2015

Summer Fashion show in year 2015 @ Central World Bangkok Thailand

The incident is about 2:20-3:00.

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  1. I'm happy to be nude anywhere where it's socially acceptable to do so.

    Going back one step, most of us are happy to wear swimming trunks on a beach, but would feel very uncomfortable wearing them when going shopping or at work.
    I'm perfectly happy to be nude in a sauna or a nudist camp.

    As for nude days at sauna, I find the sight of a perfect bottom is much more attractive than a flacid penis, so nude days work for me.

  2. I agree that covering genitals during naked nights is weird but it must be cultural thing.

    I recall massage by BBB Inn boy , refused to shower together before, fine with me , than 2 hours massage and afters naked and no problems whatsoever, after it was over again refused to shower together and emerged from shower wrapped in towel and put his underwear on while still wrapped even if I had just plenty possibilities to survey whatever he was trying to hide


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