Wednesday, 4 February 2015

S sauna is closed

S sauna closed

This sauna was originally (around 2012) called Gaya sauna กายา ซาวน่า , then renamed to Hijack (around 2013 or 2014), and then became S sauna. The last change of name was after a police raid in Oct 2014:, discussed here:

Despite re-opening after the raid with a new name, this was probably the death knell. I read the news in English and in Thai (with some help of a friend to translate difficult words), it says the same in both languages, however it leaves out why entry was 1000 Baht per person on that particular private (?) party night.

Sunday, 01.02.2014
Walk past the venue, closed and sign “for rent”. Their big banner with their name on second floor (difficult to see from sidewalk, best viewed from traffic overpass) is covered by a banner (something about place for rent and phone number, different phone number than for S sauna).

A Thai friend with connections told me that the place closed around new year and the operator sold all equipment, landlord is now looking for a new tenant.

Near Pahonyothin soi 37, Sena center, about 500 m north of Elephant building (but on western side of Pahonyothin road).

Draft from previous visit: (02.02.2015: still online)
Mon-thu underwear, fri-sun mask and naked.

Layout (from memory, excuse inaccuracies):
Toilets, showers and bathroom (mirror, table, comb, hair gel) on floor 1, 2 and 3,
1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker room, karaoke; self-service bar with ice, water, coke (3.1 Liter bottle), cookies,
2nd floor private rooms, darkroom, labyrinth,
3rd floor video room (porn), gym (large and well equipped and maintained) and library (various Thai gay magazines, some 5 to 10 years old)
4th floor rooftop garden and smoking area, steam room, sauna

Staff speaks some English. One of the staff is cute. I enquired about busy days and time: Friday and Saturday 6 pm.

I went when it was called Gaya, nothing except the name has changed as far as I remember.

Tuesday, 19.08.2014
Hijack sauna entry 140 Baht, from 01.09.2014 150 Baht. Two small towels, customers in underwear. No condom or lube provided. 18:25-19:15 about 30 customers, you can sit down somewhere or walk around and it can be minutes until you see another customer.

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PS Troy sauna Ladprao Soi 5 is closed and gone (checked Jan 2015).


  1. You hit me this time-I passed by in free bus 34 on 1/2 and saw about the same, but as it was from a bus, not confirmed.
    Just across the road is Cruising sauna with weekly orgy/party nights.

  2. Hey, can u send me adress the SEED sauna? How much is entry and what time is open?

  3. your blog is very interesting a lot, I travelling a lot around world, and i like gay blog

  4. on an aside: FAKE is reopened in ratchda, soi 14-ad in Attitude mag.
    Also new along Ratchda is Aventyyr- soi 4

  5. Saw this comment on another site. Wonder if this is the beginning of a "cleanliness" drive?

    "Many sauna will be close soon, police catch massage place and sauna, EDOK, Bangkok 10, Out sauna, S sauna, now Mind too"


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