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Mon bridge in Sangkhlaburi

Mon bridge in Sangkhlaburi

Official name Uttamanuson Bridge สะพานอุตตมานุสรณ์, alternative names Mon Bridge สะพานมอญ or Wooden Bridge สะพานไม้.

15°08'36.1"N 98°26'59.5"E 15.143371, 98.449846

Check length on google maps: 440 m by air (maximum length you walk on wood, from the end of the entry house). The bridge is not straight, you will walk 450 m. Took me 6 min 30 sec or 6 min 55 sec to cross the bridge. Some websites wrongly give 850 m length.

It's the longest wooden bridge in Thailand; U Bein bridge in Myanmar and Hōrai Bridge in Japan are longer.

Part of it collapsed during a flood in July 2013 http://www.nationmultimedia.com/national/Floods-damage-historic-Mon-bridge-30211448.html and was repaired in July 2014 http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/422861/a-year-after-collapse-fully-repaired-saphan-mon-remains-a-bridge-too-far
and http://www.thailandee.com/blog/en/index.php/1914-sangkhlaburi-mon-bridge-is-repaired.

The floating bridge (used while the main bridge was damaged) is still in place (with one passage for boats in the middle). Both bridged pedestrians only. Free use, donations accepted.

There is a viewpoint at the western end of the concrete bridge which would be good for afternoon (sun behind you), I haven't been there.

Update: Su Tong Pae Bridge สะพานซูตองเป้ in Mae Hong Son province must be the second longest wooden (or rather the longest bamboo?) bridge in Thailand at about 280 m (my measurement on google maps).

http://travelthailandhappy.blogspot.com ... ridge.html
http://www.thaizer.com/tourist-attracti ... -hong-son/
https://www.google.co.th/maps/@19.38825 ... a=!3m1!1e3

Saphan Mai Kae Dam in Maha Sarakham province:

more about bridges here:

Trips 360° for travelers has an issue July 2012 
"เที่วยชมสะพานสวยทั่วไทย beautiful bridge over Thailand" 

Wooden bridge in Chumpon at 

Koh Yao in Tak Bai in Narathiwat is 345 m long
เกาะยาว ตากใบ

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