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Dating Thai boys (25) Face spa boy

Dating Thai boys (25) Face spa boy
It took almost 3 months until I got into contact with the boy I hooked up with in MRT Chatuchak again. Then it took another month to find a place and time that suits both of us.

Then on 12.10.2014 we had a date in Ramkhamhaeng soi 24, but while I was there (50 minutes late, the traffic!), he was busy in The Nine (Rama 9 road) and couldn’t come! For details read below, it could be constructed as a misunderstanding. As usually, I had an exchange plan. On 24.10.2014 another failed meeting.

I realize that because he works as face spa delivery, the best way to get hold of him is to book a face spa with him. Then finally, on 04.12.2014 we meet again for face spa in my room. Over 6 months after our first encounter.

He is approximately on time and applies various creams to my face (I had to schedule this meeting directly after my bi-monthly shaving). Finally my face is covered in white cream, my eyes closed, and suddenly I have his dick in my mouth, then he proceeds to fuck me (my face still covered in cream, at least no sheep placenta First encounter was good, but this time only so-so.

But after face spa and fucking it’s not over yet! He wants to sell me a spa package (something like 5 face spa for 2000 Baht plus 2 for free) and a water purifier (by UV and inverse osmosis) and nutritional supplements. I don’t find the right way to tell him that I’m not interested (can you see the irony of a Thai boy telling me – a doctor of chemistry – about water treatment and protein in food?). Finally I get him out of my room with 500 Baht. It was not easy to get to this price, he wanted to sell me all kinds of promotions that would involve further visits. He will go to visit his mother in Saphan Khwai hospital.

But it’s still not over yet! He forgot one part of the water purifier. I have an appointment with a Farang friend in Malaysia hotel, I take the part with me for him to pick up there (closer to MRT than my room). After prolonged calling and messaging (Can I come to Saphan Khwai to give him the part? No. Can I come to Lumpini MRT to give him the part? No. Can I go down to Malayisa hotel reception to give him the part? No.), we finally meet at the door of my friend’s room in Malaysia. Both of us try to entice the boy in, but he stays in the hallway. I don’t know if he is that shy (or shocked at the sight of a geriatric in hospital gown sitting on the bed and ChristianPFC walking around in underwear – that’s another story) or really is in a hurry to get back to his mother in hospital.

That was exhausting. There will be no repeat.

Here our conversation on Line, comments in brackets.

[LINE] Chat with Facespaboy

Saved time:2015/02/01 12:02


9:51        christianpfc         Hello

12:01     Facespaboy        [Sticker]


19:00     christianpfc         Hello

19:03     christianpfc         วันนี้จะทำอะไรครับ (what to do you do today?)


1:00        Facespaboy        Hi

1:01        christianpfc         Hello

1:01        Facespaboy        hru

1:02        Facespaboy        where r u for now

1:02        christianpfc         I am fine. And you? I am in phuket now. Where are you?

1:04        Facespaboy        i'm have a bit sick

1:04        christianpfc         Get well soon.

1:04        Facespaboy        my room in bkk

1:05        Facespaboy        thx! Hope to see u again

1:05        christianpfc         Did you have problem with phone? I tried to call you or message in line, No connection.


22:53     Facespaboy        hello cristhen, where r u now

22:53     christianpfc         In my room in สาทร (sathorn)

22:54     christianpfc         And you?

22:54     Facespaboy        u fine

22:54     Facespaboy        my room ramkumheang

22:54     christianpfc         Yes, I'm fine.

22:56     christianpfc         When can we meet again?

22:57     Facespaboy        when u free day

22:58     Facespaboy        I'm a bit busy but don't know for free day of week

22:59     christianpfc         Free every day, but tomorrow night I take train to อุบลฯ.(Ubon Ratchathani) and will be away for 5 days.

22:59     Facespaboy        but have free some day

22:59     Facespaboy        Oh, ok

22:59     christianpfc         Free when I come back.

23:00     Facespaboy        Arrive alonely?

23:00     christianpfc         Travel alone.

23:01     Facespaboy        ok! enjoy your trip. see you before u back

23:01     Facespaboy        takecare

23:01     christianpfc         Thank you.


18:57     christianpfc         [Photo]

18:57     christianpfc         วัดหนองบัว (Wat Nong Bua)

19:20     Facespaboy        such a beautiful. hope u enjoy your day in Ubonratchatani.


19:23     christianpfc         I am back in Bangkok.

19:37     Facespaboy        where are u now

19:37     christianpfc         In Sathorn. Free on Friday.

19:54     Facespaboy        friday not free

19:54     christianpfc         Saturday?

19:55     Facespaboy        this week not free, sorry

19:55     christianpfc         Ok


13:38     christianpfc         Hello, when are you free this week?

15:51     Facespaboy        Maybe later in the week.

15:52     Facespaboy        where r u now

15:52     christianpfc         สาทร (Sathorn)


18:25     Facespaboy        I'm free next week about Saturday or sunday

21:46     christianpfc         Ok, write again on the weekend.


14:18     Facespaboy        ok

14:19     Facespaboy        if i know my time i line to u again


22:45     christianpfc         Back in Bangkok now, will travel to Singapore on Friday.

22:49     Facespaboy        if u free time, i can meet u on wen

22:50     christianpfc         Wednesday I meet friend from 19-22

22:52     Facespaboy        wed this week

22:53     christianpfc         Yes

22:54     Facespaboy        this week wednesday at 1 October

22:55     christianpfc         Meet friend from 19-22. I'm free on Thursday.

22:56     Facespaboy        Lol! Ok i know

22:56     Facespaboy        but thursday not free


23:09     Facespaboy        when u back from singapore after u go on friday


10:28     christianpfc         Back on Tuesday.


22:40     christianpfc         [Photo]

22:40     christianpfc         [Photo]

22:40     christianpfc         Hello from Singapore

22:40     christianpfc         [Photo]

22:44     Facespaboy        look so fun

22:45     Facespaboy        enjoy yr trip

22:45     christianpfc         Thank you, see you next week.


17:26     christianpfc         In Bangkok now.

17:43     Facespaboy        welcome

17:44     christianpfc         When are you free this week?

17:45     Facespaboy        friday not sure for time


20:46     Facespaboy        where are u tonight

20:47     christianpfc         Dinner with friend in silom


23:19     christianpfc         I am free on Friday.

23:24     Facespaboy        tmr. i told u again

23:25     christianpfc         OK, please write when you are free.


10:33     christianpfc         Good morning

10:34     Facespaboy        morning

10:34     christianpfc         How are you?

10:37     Facespaboy        good, n u

10:38     christianpfc         I'm fine.

18:40     christianpfc         I'm free tonight. Do you want to meet?

21:40     Facespaboy        can't leave tonight. bcoz my parents come to my room. me won't to support 

21:40     Facespaboy        sorry.

21:41     christianpfc         No problem. Meet another day.


23:05     christianpfc         I'm free tomorrow and next week.


15:19     Facespaboy        where r u for now. i stay room have free this time.

15:23     christianpfc         I am in Sathorn now. Get haircut. Free tonight.

15:45     christianpfc         Where do you want to meet?

15:52     Facespaboy        i have free time for now to 5/5pm and then i have dinner wit family 6pm-8pm. and free again after 8pm

15:54     christianpfc         Ok, meet 8 pm in ramkhamhaeng soi 24.

18:58     christianpfc         I take bus, see you soon.

20:05     Facespaboy        wru

20:07     christianpfc         Still on bus

20:12     christianpfc         About 30 minutes

20:48     christianpfc         สนามกีฬา (stadium, I am 50 minutes late)

20:56     Facespaboy        do u know the nine shopping mall

20:58     christianpfc         Don't know.

20:59     christianpfc         I'm at the restaurant now.

20:59     Facespaboy        where restaurant

20:59     christianpfc         Where I had fish last time.

21:01     christianpfc         Where are you?

21:02     Facespaboy        the nine

21:02     christianpfc         พระราม9.หรื (Rama 9 road?)

21:03     Facespaboy        Yes

21:03     christianpfc         จะไปรามฯ24หรื (Will you come to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24?)

21:05     Facespaboy        the nine still ram24

21:06     christianpfc         I am in ramkhamhaeng

21:08     christianpfc         Do you come here?

21:14     Facespaboy        I was showing the surplus food to its customers.

21:14     Facespaboy        in the nine

21:14     christianpfc         Are you free now? (Message read immediately but no answer. That means “no”. Proceed with my exchange plan.)

21:41     christianpfc         I'm free next week on Tuesday.

21:45     Facespaboy        ok. srry ,I'm busy right now. don't know why for leave


19:27     christianpfc         I'm free tomorrow. Busy Wednesday. Go to chiang mai on Thursday.

19:36     Facespaboy        back when.

19:36     christianpfc         Five days in Chiang Mai.

19:36     Facespaboy        I'm not sure. may be tmr busy


19:03     Facespaboy        for good health

19:04     Facespaboy        [Photo] (food supplements)

19:05     christianpfc         Not free today

19:06     Facespaboy        ok. see u when u back


8:45        Facespaboy        [Photo]

8:45        Facespaboy        [Photo]

16:02     christianpfc         Hello, I am back in Bangkok

16:02     christianpfc         Free tonight

16:14     Facespaboy        I'm at rungsit for meet family now. but friday for free

16:14     christianpfc         Ok


10:34     christianpfc         Hello

12:03     Facespaboy        where are u

12:03     christianpfc         In my room สาทร (Sathorn)

12:04     christianpfc         Where are you?

12:05     Facespaboy        I'm meet my friend at สาทร (Sathorn) in 4pm and now me meet to u before leave

12:05     christianpfc         OK, I'm free now.

12:05     Facespaboy        where u room

12:06     christianpfc         (details)

12:06     Facespaboy        near

12:06     christianpfc         Do you come by mrt or bus or taxi?

12:07     Facespaboy        bus

12:07     Facespaboy        from ราม (Ramkhamhaeng)

12:07     christianpfc         (my place details)

12:08     christianpfc         (my place details)

13:02     christianpfc         Where are you now?

13:34     Facespaboy        sorry, i go to cotumer first.

13:34     christianpfc         When are you free?

17:34     christianpfc         I am free now, meet friend at 7.

18:13     Facespaboy        sorry. not free

18:23     christianpfc         OK, try next week


19:07     christianpfc         When are you free?

19:19     Facespaboy        not sure


22:00     christianpfc         [Photo]

22:00     christianpfc         [Photo]

22:01     christianpfc         In Kanchanaburi, back next week

22:13     Facespaboy        ok. hope u have fun


9:32        Facespaboy        how about you? back already?

9:36        christianpfc         Back in Bangkok

21:44     christianpfc         When are you free?


18:10     Facespaboy        u free time today

18:34     christianpfc         Not free today

18:50     Facespaboy        ok. next time


15:35     Facespaboy        do you want to faced spa

15:35     Facespaboy        [Photo]

15:37     christianpfc         I come back to Bangkok on Thursday.

15:45     Facespaboy        ok. tell me when you back


18:45     Facespaboy        how abt u?

18:46     christianpfc         Hello, I'm back in Bangkok


16:43     christianpfc         Free tonight?

16:44     Facespaboy        Do you need to face spa

16:44     christianpfc         Where and how much!

16:50     Facespaboy        300 bath. Service to u room or where you needed

16:50     christianpfc         Do you work in face spa?

16:51     Facespaboy        yes. and saleing nutritional supplements, too


12:11     Facespaboy        do not need to face spa

12:11     Facespaboy        ?

12:12     christianpfc         Not now. I go sightseeing now.


14:22     christianpfc         Hello, I'm back in Bangkok. What do you do tomorrow?

16:10     Facespaboy        I'm not sure! tell u again if i can

16:20     christianpfc         I'm free tomorrow. I want face spa.

16:34     Facespaboy        what time u can free

16:34     christianpfc         From 10 to 16

16:35     Facespaboy        face spa in you room or when?

16:36     christianpfc         In my room

16:36     Facespaboy        ok!  i telling u for time again

16:37     christianpfc         I am free between 10 an 16

18:35     Facespaboy        see u at 10am.

18:36     Facespaboy        pls sending you location.

18:37     christianpfc         [Location]

18:38     christianpfc         (my place details)

18:48     Facespaboy        i can buys bts?

18:49     christianpfc         (access details)

18:51     christianpfc         ทางออกการไฟฟ้า (MRT exit name)

18:52     Facespaboy        I'm going from สะพานควาย (Saphan Kwai)

18:52     christianpfc         Bus 74


9:55        Facespaboy        Otw

(face spa, details above)

13:51     christianpfc         [Photo]

13:51     christianpfc         You forgot this.

(phone call)

14:05     christianpfc         I meet friend now. Come here.

14:06     Facespaboy        where

14:09     christianpfc         [Location]

14:09     Facespaboy        Name

14:09     christianpfc         Mrt ลุมพินี ซอยงามดูพลี โรงแรมมาเลเซีย (Lumpini, Soi Ngam Duplee, Malaysia hotel)

14:12     Facespaboy        You watching movie where

14:12     christianpfc         Here, with my friend.

14:13     Facespaboy        room you friend

14:14     christianpfc         Yes, near my room

14:15     Facespaboy        name โรงหนัง (hotel)

14:15     Facespaboy        ห้างอะไร (which room)

14:16     christianpfc         (details)

14:53     Facespaboy        Otw mrt ลุมพินี (Lumpini)

14:53     christianpfc         Ok

14:59     Facespaboy        You can sending me to mrt ลุมพีนี (Lumpini)

14:59     Facespaboy        pick up for me in ลุมพินี (Lumpini)

14:59     Facespaboy        Pls

15:00     christianpfc         Cannot, I'm with my friend

15:00     christianpfc         Come here please

15:24     christianpfc         Are you coming?

15:24     Facespaboy        Yessss

15:28     christianpfc         (details), I'm with him now. Leave ID card at reception.

(Boy comes and picks up part of water purifier in hallway.)


24:04     Facespaboy        Wru

24:05     christianpfc         I'm fine

24:05     Facespaboy        where r u now

24:06     christianpfc         In my room


18:58     Facespaboy        Do you need to face spa again?

19:50     christianpfc         Busy this week.

19:51     Facespaboy        ok


22:27     Facespaboy        hello

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC


  1. thats a long one, dear. It can be much easier: made a new date with old friend, not seen since 10 month-he did not use his old @mail anymore, but with free SIM+15 bt credit from Swampy and just 3 SMS (yes, its all very old-fashioned) got a new date-he was thrilled I had not forgotten, I was thrilled to see him again, he does not want to sell anything and still does what he did before: able to apply some new and very siao treatment every time I see him again.
    Now I am just annoyed I did not use this method last time to also see him.
    PS-there are 2 ''the 9")Massagespa's: one in sukhumvit (31? or 39? =more upmarket) and one in Sapan kwai-Liberty HTL-definitely down market and cheap.

  2. thats a long one, dear. It can be much easier: made a new date with old friend, not seen since 10 month-he did not use his old @mail anymore, but with free SIM+15 bt credit from Swampy and just 3 SMS (yes, its all very old-fashioned) got a new date-he was thrilled I had not forgotten, I was thrilled to see him again, he does not want to sell anything and still does what he did before: able to apply some new and very siao treatment every time I see him again.
    Now I am just annoyed I did not use this method last time to also see him.
    PS-there are 2 ''the 9")Massagespa's: one in sukhumvit (31? or 39? =more upmarket) and one in Sapan kwai-Liberty HTL-definitely down market and cheap.

  3. Very depressing


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