Thursday, 19 February 2015

Abandoned temple วัดสมเด็จเก่า in Sangkhlaburi

Abandoned temple วัดสมเด็จเก่า in Sangkhlaburi

While the sunken temple is well known, I learnt of the abandoned temple only when I was there. The text says: trip to one temple (sunken or abandoned) 300 Baht, trip to both (about 1 h) 500 Baht.

Location (not sure):
15°07'05.0"N 98°28'21.0"E 15.118065, 98.472503
across the lake from Sunken temple


There is a wat in Bangkok, Wat Dusidaram Worawiharn วัดดุสิดารามวรวิหาร near Royal Barges museum which has some buildings that have been abandoned, e.g.
13°45'51.0"N 100°29'15.5"E 13.764168, 100.487628.

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