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Ratchada gay discos update (1)

Ratchada gay discos update (1)

(My visits were deliberately on nights before working days, I don't like it when it's crowded on Fri and Sat night.)

Soi 8 Red Beat in Mansion 7 is gone. There is a place called "Perfect" in its location. Tue 10.02.2015 23:45 have a look: very loud music, few customers, leave immediately.

Fake club moved from Chatuchak/OToKo area to Ratchada. I learnt of this months ago through a friend's post on facebook and it's on the internet as well

13°46'59.4"N 100°34'32.7"E 13.783168, 100.575740
Dead end soi between Ratchadapisek Soi 14 and 16, 700 m walk from MRT Huai Khwang (take exit 1, turn 180 degree and walk north, past Mansion 7)

Take MRT, arrive at Fake Club Tue 10.02.2015 23:55. There are two other customers. Beer Singha 330 ml bottle 150 Baht. A band is playing, put earplugs in. No chairs, but an area with seating. Sit there and read on my phone, until one of the band comes over and invites me to the table of the two other customers. They leave before me; when I leave 00:35 there is no other customer left. 

View from median of Ratchadaphisek road:

Entrance hall:

Two customers and two fake spiral stairways (end at the ceiling):

Walk to G-Star Pavilion. My last visit was July 2014 Arrive Wed 11.02.2015 01:20.  


Soda water 40 Baht. Coyote boy and soda show in progress: 13 good looking coyote boys in nice underwear with big bulges. Coyotes wear numbers and later roam audience (fully dressed). I hope this is a regular event, I will be back soon! Show ends 01:38, then customers dance on stage.

There are about 150 customers, among them about 10 cute boys. The place can accommodate up to 500 customers, but I don't like it when it's crowded. Little interaction with other customers in the disco. Impressive laser light show.

Soft closing 3:05 (lights on, music volume down), disco slowly empties, I leave 3:15. Suddenly, people start to smoke inside (general observation for discos). Hang around outside. Many boys standing in group chatting, eating at food court opposite, waiting for taxi. 

Several boys approach me, I miss the first cute boy (friend of a boy who approached me, but leaves in taxi before I can take any action), but chat with the second cute boy P. He speaks little English, a friend imposes himself for translation (not necessary as I speak Thai, maybe he is just nosey or wants to control the situation?). P almost gets into the taxi with me, but the other boy says he starts studying 8 am and has go to go home to sleep. The boy who translated asks me for 100 Baht for taxi (?) I decline.

I exchanged Line with P, but once this occasion (being at the same place at the same time, boy slightly drunk) is missed, we will face the usual problems of online dating (find a time both of us are free, P lives in Rangsit with his parents, that would be about 2 hours travel by public transport, or about 200 Baht by taxi in each way). Basically I am back at square zero, it will be as much effort going to the disco again and finding someone else who will come with me as getting this boy into my room.

Elsewhere on the internet it says Thai boys don't want to be seen by their friends leaving disco with a Farang, better exchange Line or Facebook and meet another time.

Taxi back to Sathorn 120 Baht 4:15-40. Total 5:40 hours and 338 Baht spent and not much to show.

Sunday 22.02.2015
G-Star Pavilion again. Arrive 00:20. Band is playing, no coyote boys, estimated 150 customers, about 10 cute boys. Water 40 Bath. Coyote boy (12 boys) and soda show 01:14-34. Chat with a few boys in the toilet and in the disco. Leave 2:54 and linger around outside. Disco closes 3:00. Taxi back 3:16-35, 100 Baht.

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