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Gay activities in Chiang Mai

Gay activities in Chiang Mai

Short notice trip to Chiang Mai (a friend from Germany B is there with his Thai boyfriend N, he invited me to join them for some days, and they rent a car so we can drive to places I can’t reach by public transport).

Thursday 14.05.2015 Adam’s Apple

Arrive 21:48, we are the first customers. Mamasan says show will be in 10 minutes. Pineapple juice 260 Baht. Popcorn refilled. Music is too loud, no white light. There are estimated between 10 and 15 boys on stage, out of total probably 20. Boys are bare feet, individual underwear (white briefs or trunks). Underwear is mostly poorly fitting, and not sales promoting. The majority of boys are around 25 years old, muscular (some slightly fat), only one twink.

22:33 show begins with parade of 15 boys (parade ends 22:41). Now there are 12 other customers. Maximum number estimated 20 customers, still some seats left. Most customers Asian. Show similar as reported Oct 2014 ( Either I forgot about some parts or they change the show regularly, it was interesting and a ratio of 2 parts with boys and 1 singing ladyboy is ok for me.

Show ends 23:37 and we leave 23:57. Some hopeful smiles when walking past boys sitting near the exit. Overall an enjoyable evening, recommended. There were several boys I would take for free (Neung, Korn, Jame, Game, Mai).

Apart from walk-past Orion and Ozeed bar, I didn’t have time to visit any other place. See here for more updates:

Chiang Mai Gay Scene – May update 
May: quiet, but a little cooler

Saturday 16.05.2015

Barbeque party at our place (a small resort in Doi Saket, not marketed as gay, but German owner and his Thai boyfriend are gay, B and N and I are gay, and the only other guest H from Switzerland happens to be gay as well). Ample food and alcohol, I am the only one who doesn’t drink. Interesting stories from B and H. B told me that H was hitting on N, so he arranged that H does not sit next to N. But H sits next to me, and I become the object of his desire.

It starts with "accidentally" touching my knee with the back of his hand, then continues to putting hand on my knee, shoulder, arm around my back, hand under T-shirt and so on. Those sitting across the table are amused about the contortions H makes to get into physical contact with me. An interesting situation, now I am at the receiving end of unwanted advances and have to make clear that I’m not interested. When he starts opening my zipper, I take his hand and move it onto his knee; or shake my head when H makes eye contact (before I avoided eye contact, although I noticed that he was looking at me).

Around 10 pm, B and N go to bed, but S (the Thai boyfriend of the owner), I, H and a lady from the neighborhood are still in party mood and S suggest going to a nearby bar. Two motorbikes with two people each (all drunk except for me, but I can’t drive a motorbike!). I am on a motorbike with S, and apart from S being drunk, there is low air pressure on the back wheel which makes driving difficult. He has to stop and call someone to pick us up. We stop just past a place with dogs, and the dogs join us. But they are not fierce, on the contrary, just curious and happy to get a cuddle from us.

Arrive at the bar around 22:30. Nothing of interest, no cute boys, only a couple from the neighborhood. Football on TV, better than karaoke! The usual chat: boyfriend, girlfriend, why do I like Thai boys and not Thai girls. I sit between H and S and both are drunk and try to get their hands in to my pants, to the amusement of everyone else.

Sunday 17.05.2015

B and N return to Bangkok by airplane, I stay one night longer, now in town (Green Palace hotel, standard room 480 Baht, recommended). In the evening, meet a boy Nut who contacted me on Grindr. Studies and works at hotel reception, very good English, educated, intelligent; I couldn’t find a character flaw, but type-wise a bordercase. We rest and talk and hug in my room for two hours, then go to Indhakin Festival around Chedi Luang. He wants to stay over night, and we end up in bed (unfortunately, I got a room with two single beds, but they are big enough for two if you stay close), but neither of us is horny, sex is so-so.

Monday 18.05.2015

Nut he leaves at 8 and we stay in contact (but I don't know where this will lead, hope we can stay friends, and I look for other boys). I take train to Den Chai for sightseeing in Phrae province and one night in Phrae town. Actually I had planned to meet a boy in Nakon Sawan, but when I chatted with him two days before, he told me is in Bangkok and will go to Phuket, so I changed my plans and will go to Nakon Sawan when he is there. (Brownie points for telling me days in advance, and not waiting until I message him from Nakon Sawan - I had similar cases in the past!)

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