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World's largest wooden Ganesh in Chiang Mai

World's largest wooden Ganesh in Chiang Mai

World’s largest wooden Ganesh, made of one piece of teak wood, 3 floors high and 5 tons heavy. 

Currently the statue is in scaffolding, gilding and painting will take 4 more months.

Official name: 
ร้อยทวารบาล บ้านเทวาลัย Roitawarabarn Baandhawalai (educated Thai friends say this means 100 gods who protect the door or 100 angels who guard the door and name of the place). Can be pronounced in two ways: 
tawan ทะ-วาน or tawara ทะ-วา-ระ.

Address (from business card):
Mr. Khem Maruekapitak เข็ม มฤคพทักษ์
79/7 Soi, 2 Suthep Road A. Muang Chiang Mai
Open every day 9am – 5pm, free entry.

3.3 km by air or about 3.5 km by road (Suthep road, past airport, turn left at the end of Chiang Mai University) West of Western moat of Chiang Mai.

Not to be confused with Ganesh Himal Museum พิพิธภัณฑ์พระพิฆเนศ which is about 40 km by road south-west of Chiang Mai. (their website in Thai)

I knew of this place from a flyer in TAT office Chiang Mai (near Art in Paradise, moved from near bridge):

When following Suthep road out of town, there are signs. The owner has no flyer or website.

All I could find on the internet was this website:
poor English, but picture of Ganesha without scaffolding.

The owner was there and happy to show me around (everything reported here as he told me), speaks good English. Idea and funding by him. Donations accepted, I gave 100 Baht for gold foil to gild the statue and 100 Baht for two metal cast mice (put both on the feet of Ganesh and then take one back home, when you whisper something in it’s ear it will be transmitted to the other mouse and to Ganesh). Construction started 7 years ago and will take 10 more years. Monday to Saturday there are six artists working, on Sunday only one. Currently the statue is in scaffolding, gilding will take 4 more months.

Not just the main statue, a museum and other statues as well, and plenty of wood carving, painting and carved glass (not just etched, carved millimeters deep):

Ganesh statue on the right, partially covered by tree:

Base of the statue:

Inside the museum:

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  1. Christian, you need help with East and West. The Eastern moat wall of Chiang Mai is 7.5 km from this site, but the Western moat wall is 3.5km from the site. You are in the West side of Chiang Mai. Yes, get on Suthep road and drive West, crossing Canal road--diverting canal, not a moat-- then turn left/South right at the end of the Chiang Mai University (which you see on your right). You will see the wat half way down on your right. These directions are if you start at the Western moat wall. There are others routes. My advice, get a map or take a friendly farang native with you.

    1. You are right, I meant Western moat. Will correct it.


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