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Wat Phra That Suthon Monkhon Khiri in Phrae province

Wat Phra That Suthon Monkhon Khiri in Phrae province
วัดพระธาตุสุโทนมงคลคีรี จ.แพร่ อ.เด่นชัย

This place has been on my list of places to go for a while, and recently everything aligned: I found it’s in walking distance (4.5 km, took me 47 minutes) from Den Chai railway station, which is on the way of my return to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, and there was information on the internet which led me to believe that this might be the longest reclining Buddha in Thailand.

That information is wrong. says it’s 85 m long; says it’s 89 m long. Going there to see for myself, and measuring length on google maps, it’s about 53 m long, the same as the reclining Buddha in Wat Bang Pli Yai. These two vie for being the longest reclining Buddha in Thailand.

3.4 km by air or 4.5 km by road from Den Chai railway station. 100 m south of hwy 101 or hwy 11 (hwy 11 and 101 share a few km of road there). Visible from hwy, but view partially blocked by trees. Interprovincial buses drive past, but there is no local bus or songtheo that passes.

Monday, 18.05.2015
Train 408 from Chiang Mai leaves on time 9:30, fare 43 Baht. Arrive in Den Chai 14:21 (schedule 14:09). Walk from train station to temple along hwy 101 14:28 – 15:15. Kilometer marker km 476 of hwy 11 is in front of the temple (11 km to Den Chai, 28 to Phrae, 73 to Sri Satchanalai, 94 to Lampang). Leave temple 16:15 and have lunch opposite. Ask staff: no public transport. Hitchhike back to Den Chai.

Buddhist hell drawings above entrance doors:

Looks like carved wood, but is terracotta:

Museum (20 Baht entry, no photography allowed, collection of various old religious items and other stuff):

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  1. You are truly world class explorer

  2. Interesting... nice photographs too!


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