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Fab sauna in Bangkok Si Phraya

Fab sauna in Bangkok Si Phraya

Fab sauna เฟบซาวน่า (like fabulous, not like February; misspelled in some publications) is the former Bangkok Ten = Bangkok 10 about which I wrote here:

(not as they say on their advertising)

For address and maps see their website. Accessible from MRT Hua Lampong (took me 15 min walk via Mahanakon road) or Si Phraya pier or bus (1, 45, 75). There is little lighting outside at the sauna, and the name is written on the wall (you can only see when you are there), the only orientation is a red and yellow, illuminated sign of Japanese restaurant Hanaya ฮานาย่า diagonally opposite.

Opening times: every day 14-24. Entry 149 Baht. (Times and prices changed a few times since opening, check internet for current time and price.)

Theme days:
Mon free entry for under 25 year olds,
Tue 4th floor naked zone
Wed come 2 pay 1
Thu 4th floor naked zone
Fri free drink
Sat underwear
Sun karaoke

Toilets and shower on all floors, shower gel in showers (only cold water), condom and lube in locker. One large brown towel of good quality. Floor in steam room (corroded concrete) unpleasant to walk on.

There are turnstiles at entrance and exit, with box with numerical touch pad, fingerprint scanner, and chip reader. You hold the chip from the key ring on the reader to get in and out.

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker, steam room (large, light only through glass door), micro gym
2nd floor labyrinth with rooms (no light in rooms, walls do not reach ceiling so light from the dimly lit labyrinth that enters through the gap is all)
3rd floor karaoke, small cinema (5 double beds and 2 couches for 3, white porn), massage rooms
4th floor roof garden, sauna (big one, can seat about 20 people, well lit, thermometer, hygrometer, sand watch), bar, lounge
5th floor roof garden (smaller than 4th floor, good view)

(1st visit Sun 29.03.2015 Handwritten note on door: closed for one day.)

1st visit Fri 03.04.2015
129 THB entry, 18:20-19:50 (spend some of the time reading gay magazines, they have March edition of Thai Puan and Desire). Up to 5 customers at the same time, I guess there were 15 customers passing through while I was there. All Asian, in their 30s, average shape.

Bar man (4th floor) from Southern Laos is cute and good vibes. Cashier says higher number of customers Sat, Sun and Wed (naked day) from 6 pm.

2nd visit Fri 22.05.2015
149 Baht entry. Stay 19:45-20:10. There were two other customers. Locker room dark, uncovered fan (in the wall) on stairway to second floor, steam room cold, sauna hot but no light. Overall music too loud, too dark. Porn with Black and White in cinema, quality so-so. Massage rooms have been added on 3rd floor since my last visit.

Every other Friday there is a fucking show (info from cashier, I missed it by one week).

3rd visit Mon 25.05.2015
(Free entry for under 25 year olds, directed at students, but there is no university around!)
Stay 19:25-20:15. Steam room cold, sauna not switched on (I read 34 degree Celsius on thermometer, stones cold, lights on). One other customer. Our paths cross in the cinema (porn with Black and White). A bit too fat and too old, and I can smell cigarette smoke. But when I can get my hands on a cute boy’s body or watch porn (with at least one semi-attractive participant), I don’t care who is licking my nipples or sucking my dick.* However, the porn changes to Whites, so I have to tell him to stop.

Verdict: place is ok, but needs more customers.

* He must have taken a breath refresher with mint flavor, I have a distinct cold sensation on foreskin and glans. Compare post about shampoo with menthol:

That leads to a topic on Sawatdeenetwork:  
Craziest Items Used as Lubricant
which got me thinking: these sachets of chili sauce look like sachets of lube. If you take chili sauce instead of lube, it should give a hot sensation?

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  1. Why don't you try it and report back?

  2. Christian, I am afraid that you will just disappear without a forwarding address like the guy from Bangkok bois . Please post a copy of your passport, your phone number , both your German and Thai address as well as all of your social media locations so that we can find you if you try to do a runner.

  3. CHULA uni is not that far away-shorter by as even Hualampong. But then Chula-students are not the prime target group I guess.

  4. Any new reports...? Does it get busier on weekends, or not yet...?

    Only tried Babylon on my last holiday, had a great time... Want to try it again, plus Sauna Mania and Fab...

    1. Fab sauna has been closed for renovations for long time, I guess it will not open again.


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