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Dating Thai boys (29) Friends’ experiences

Dating Thai boys (29) Friends’ experiences

I assume most of my readers are bored my whining about lack of success with Thai boys. Let me share friends’ experiences in dating Thai boys, which are completely different from mine.

B (Farang friend) and N (his Thai boyfriend)

B has been coming to Thailand for decades and brought several boys to Germany for holiday* (at times when it was easier than now) and finally married a Thai man and will some time get divorced from the Thai woman his husband became. He speaks no Thai and his English is poor (to be generous), that does not prevent him from spending a lot of time on Camfrog and Gayromeo when in Germany.

*He experienced the following several times, and other Farang told me similar stories: he was in a disco or bar with a boy (for whose visa, flight, accommodation, food and entertainment he paid throughout), and witnessed the boy chatting and/or exchanging phone numbers with someone else, then disappearing for days and finally reappearing.

Last year, he found a boy N on Gayromeo whom he first took on a cruise (Bangkok, Singapore, Vietnam) and then moved in with (when B is in Thailand for holiday). I met N a few times (in B’s presence) and am positively surprised, a good catch.

N left his job (B compensates) and moved into a new room (paid for by B) and we three spent some time buying furniture and electronics (estimated 100 kBaht), and B pays for N studying German and plans to take him to Germany.

But the love it not that big, B inquired about using my room for extramarital sex in Bangkok and didn’t tell N that he already booked his next flight, so he can spend a week in Pattaya without N knowing he is there. N probably knows about B’s infidelity. One day I called B from my data SIM, thus my name didn’t appear on his phone, and N asked to talk with me to me sure it’s me calling.

Overall, rather boring (apart from the extramarital sex), but the following is very interesting.

L and Hua Lampong boys

I wrote about L who picks up straight boys in Hua Lampong railway station before. If I hadn’t been there with him and had met some of his boys, I wouldn’t believe his stories. L speaks English, but only little Thai (ten words?), but lack of cummuni communication doesn’t deter him from chatting up boys. Sometimes he uses his phone to translate, or when we are together I will translate. L is an avid drinker and smoker, he always has a beer or a cigarette to offer, I guess that helps in chatting up Thai boys, and he is not picky (in two cases I had sloppy seconds, but most of his boys I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole).

Anyway, he chatted up a boy at Hua Lampong and the boy stayed with him for over a week. Then finally it got boring and they parted (but are still in contact). With my help, we could elucidate: the boy came to Bangkok for work, and arrived at Hua Lampong without money or a place to sleep or an idea where to go. L estimates expenses for the boy around 800 Baht per day (half of it for beer, rest food and internet cafe).

L goes to Hua Lampong often and has a totally different approach from mine. Without much pondering, he chats up the boy and quickly gets to the point, either sign language or grabbing his (the boy's) crotch or showing him on his phone “I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum” translated to Thai. He says his success rate is 1 out of 3. N.b. none of these boys is a money boy, they are traveling or stranded or having time to spend.

What can I learn from this?

Smoking cigarettes and drinking beer would be helpful, but is out of question. Asking strangers to suck their dick will cost some effort (I am not into sucking dicks, but that seems to be a better chat up line for straight boys than wanking – now it’s obvious: he can wank himself, but he can’t suck himself!), but it looks this is the way to go.

One of the differences between B or L and me is that they joke a lot with the boys. Another friend told me the same: I am too serious. However, many of these jokes are what we call “albern” in German (no direct translation to English; a mixture of foolish, stupid, infantile, moronic and inane, with a bit of awkward). In some cases embarrassing, e.g. L pretending to a waiter whom he knows from before not to pay now, but tomorrow, and protracting this for minutes. But everyone was smiling, I was the only who felt embarrassed! L even admitted he can’t make this kind of jokes in Europe, people would think he is insane.

Every now and then I manage to make a Thai boy laugh. I had a meal with F and he didn’t eat everything on his plate. But I didn’t lecture him about the Great Famine in Ireland, or about people suffering from hunger in Germany after the war, or starving children in Africa, I told him a Thai proverb:

My translation:  
It’s better your stomach bursts than to throw away food.
in German:  
Lieber sich den Darm verrenken als dem Wirt was schenken.
How would you say in English?

which got him into fits of laughter.

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  1. Dont take this as offense as its not ment to be: You are a nerd, dress like a nerd and have no humor what soever (which is normal for Germans) on the other hand u look ok (checked ur picture out on planet romeo) . U are young which does not work in ur advantage in thailand but ok. Try being friendly and sweet - no need to suck but hug and be warm for a change and not so serious all the time and u will get much more success-Buy some jeans and t-shirts which are not so outdated and sneakers so u dont look like a total idiot try some local food - not everything is spicy and Thais are NOT into cheese and ur right -its not about the money - there is no need for it. good luck and dont give up!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Others have told me I'm nerdy, so there must be some truth in it. One Thai boy told me he finds it cute.

      Several readers told me they appreciate my sense of humor, but I admit it's not for everyone. Where did you get the idea Germans have no sense of humor?

      My attire - well I grab a shirt and a pair of trousers from my wardrobe, and there is precedence of others telling me it doesn't fit together.

      "try some local food" How did you get that idea? My diet in Thailand is 95% Thai food at local restaurants.

  2. Anonymous above , where you get an idea that Christian looks like total idiot by the way he dresses? You admit you never met him so why such assumptions?

    Since I met him on few occasions rest assured way he dresses makes him blending in farang crowd very well.

    Generally speaking though , being friendly and sweet always goes long way when looking for consolation in somebody's arms, you got it right.

    1. he post foto of himself at a club on this blogf - and there were several comments including one from himself abt his dress code also -suggest u read post b4 commenting

  3. First off you and your friends I would say are not "dating" thai boys. What you are simply trying to do, is to have cheap ass sex with thai boys. Big difference. Once you understand the difference. things would change.

  4. reply to 1st poster. why do thais prefer old falang?


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