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War museum in Kanchanaburi

War museum in Kanchanaburi

There are several war themed museums in Kanchanaburi, this post is about the one near the bridge. View from the bridge across the river:

I don't know where they studied history, but this mural says:

"As for Hitler, the news reports said that he had committed suicide before he was captured, and other news reports said the hand grenades were thrown at him in a Berlin conference. But whether Hitler has really disappeared from this world or not, up to now no one knows or has found his body."

Coins and banknotes of Thailand and the world:

Alcohol and Cigarettes museum. "Better: Stop smoking to save money for our children's education."

Mural painting of Miss Thailand:

Some areas of the museum were not accessible to public (e.g. museum of stamps and watches); and there is more than shown in the pictures above, e.g. collection of swords and guns, mural painting of Thai royalty, ceramics, musical instruments, mural paintings of Thai proverbs, ceiling paintings of progress of WWII, stones and ores collection. 

More a collection of oddities than a museum, but highly entertaining!

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