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Pattaya 11.-13.11.2014

Pattaya 11.-13.11.2014

Monday 10.11.2014

Call guesthouse owner to make reservation for two nights, beginning Tuesday. The place shall remain unnamed, but careful readers of my blog will know which it is. The guesthouse operator is a fellow German, we have known for over a year and I have stayed there several several times.

Tuesday 11.11.2014

Arrive in guesthouse in Sunee Plaza. The bar manager M tells me that the guesthouse manager K is currently drunk and sleeping (nothing new) and has rented the room I reserved to someone else (!!!). I check another place where I stayed before: full. Check into Marina Inn, 800 Baht per night for standard room (but on the price list at the reception, 990 Baht is displayed for high season). Walk past Baan Lek later: full.

At night ask K: his phone was stolen or he lost it (such things happen if you are drunk) after my call and before my arrival, otherwise he would have called me. Someone else wanted a room for 3 weeks, that has preference over my 2 nights. Next time I will try to haggle one or two free nights out of him for compensation!

Former Happy Place (then shortly under Wild West Boy management as GUY) is closed.

Kawaii Boys 20:15 (12 boys) – 20:40 (14 boys). Orange juice 130 Baht. Off fee 300, short time 1000. Individual underwear briefs and trunks, barefoot or socks (someone recently asked in a forum where he can indulge in his feet fetish, hence I report footwear as well). Music, light, rotation ok, fan too cold. Toilet is upstairs, you can have a look at the boys’ living area. Nobody my type.

Vassa bar 20:40 7 boys in individual underwear, nobody my type, skip (i.e. just a look through the door, no drink due to low number of boys).

Dream Boys 20:45-21:45, 18-22 boys. Pineapple juice 170 Baht. Off fee 400, short time 1000. White briefs, barefoot. Music a bit too loud, light ok. Three cute boys: 014 (poorly fitting underwear), 006 (very brown skin and big dick, offed while I am there), 009 cute. Leave alone.

Nice Boys 22:25-23:55. Coke 150 Baht. Off fee 400, short time 1000. Smoking allowed. About 25 boys in red long briefs / short trunks. Some dick on display. 28 and 42 cute; 17, 30 and another boy whose number I can’t read interesting as well. I invite 28 for a drink (180 Baht) and off him (350 Baht; discount with drink?). Golf from Korat, 24/55/173 (age in years / weight in kg / height in cm), has been working in bars for 2 years, but I don’t remember him from before. Little activity in bed, in addition a bit too pale (couldn’t see in bar, poor light) and a bit too cold (should have guessed from touching in bar). 2 mooks (ฝังมุก – penis implants) and about 5 inch hard (looked bigger in bar).

A mistake, I should have taken Jam from Power Boys from last visit again (when I walked past, staff told me Jam is in).

Nice Boys has a show when I walk past 01:40, and will close at 2 am, this is new to me.

Wednesday 12.11.2014

Visit a friend in Huay Yai ห้วยใหญ่ area (about 1 km east of Ambassador hotel / Pattaya floating market). Afterwards to Viharn Sien วิหารเซียน (near Wat Yan and Buddha Mountain, right in the picture).

Walk back through Chayapruek ชัยพฤกษ์ road and Jomtien จอมเทียน beach road, then songtheo to Sunee.

In Sun bar in Jomtien Complex, spot Kit (Cambodian boy who worked in Wild West Boy, new phone number, Line and gayromeo) and Pat (another ex WWB). Have a chat and a drink, but it’s early in the night, move on (but there is a high probability that I will meet again later). Few other customers, so his bar friends surround us and ask intrusive questions about our sexual activities, despite him telling them several times that I can understand Thai. Finally I step in and say (in Thai): "He is right, I understand what you are saying". Big laughter, followed by "Oh my god, I'm, sorry" (in English). Jomtien complex looks promising (18:45-19:25).

Eros bar 20:30 (7 boys, I am first customer) – 21:50 (about 14 boys). Pineapple juice 115 Baht. Music, aircon and light ok, slow or no rotation (due to business model). Individual underwear brief or trunk, bare foot. Actually 12.11.2014 was advertised as ”Slip Party –The lads will be wearing the smallest of slips!!!” which is not my style, but I wanted to show some open-mindedness (haven’t been to Eros for a while because none of their events is my style), a pleasant surprise. Some nice fitting underwear, and while I am the first customer, it quickly fills up and some good old sleaze is had by others (watching is fine for me). While I am the only customers, boys pose for a picture, which allows me to take a picture from behind (usually neglected). 

Friends tell about unfavorable light and low number of boys in Sunny boys, so I skip.

Happy Boys 22:35-23:15. Orange juice 100 Baht. Off fee 300. About 13 boys in shorts with slits and socks. Number 7 is cute, 32 is cute and dark brown (from his looks, I guess one parent is black African), and I recognize number 26 as one of my favorite actors in one of my favorite porn (Raw Asian Holes 2). If someone of my readers recognize him and has a more detail or a link, please post.

Invite him for a drink (130 Baht) and finally off him. Number 26, Tor ต่อ from Chiang Mai / Fang, 25/55/172, as handsome as in the movie, nice company and very polite (some boys speak such a foul language, as soon as they open their mouth my interest drops). Has been working in bars for 2 year, but little English. On his back, that looks like two tattoos put in the same place. 

This underwear brand (inspired) is a good fit (I don't like the other Thai underwear brands), saw it on two other boys (good fit in both cases), have to buy some for my collection.

Top only (actually he said my dick is too big and would hurt him). Nice underwear, not shy (naked, joins me in the shower), great body (except for the tattoo on his back), big dick, cute face, shows some activity, a real gem! I give him 1200, the second case in all my time in Thailand that I tip above the going rate.

Other observations: spot and chat with several boys I know from before, meet several Farang friends. Some accomodation in Sunee booked out. Customer numbers in bars vary, some bars are busy. To avoid being seen by one boy in Sunee walking past with another boy, I have to walk detours (e.g. from Nice Boys to Marina Inn past Two Guy's Guesthouse and Happy Boys).

Most boys smoke cigarettes, and many times a boy lights a cigarette when we leave the bar. Fortunately, there was no lasting smell so far. The last boy (Tor from Happy Boys) asked in my room if he could smoke (No!) and abstained from smoking and was not in a hurry to leave (a chain smoker would probably have his next cigarette in mind and nothing else).

Chinese tour groups are increasing, easily recognizable on the flag their leader carries. They had to block the road to get all of them across in a group:

There is one boy whom I remember from one encounter in Saranrom where he rubbed my crotch with one hand and tried to reach into my pocket with his other hand. Our paths crossed in Pattaya on my two last visits, and again he tried to reach into my pocket both times. This is the only incident that someone tried to steal from me*, nonetheless warning to my readers: beware if a boy is overly friendly. Unfortunately my recollection of the first two encounters is vague, otherwise I would provide more details.

*The stolen passport last year was successful stealing from me, and the drunken man begin of this year tried to rob me. And one attempt at stealing my mobile phone in Cambodia.

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  1. Christian, you are on the roll with your reports !

    Yes , try to wrestle night or two free from drunk guesthouse owner

  2. Yes, Christian, you are on a roll. Thanks for another great report!

  3. Very strange request. You ask people if they know who the boy is, then put a big spot on his head. Either you are ashamed of him being with you, or is he shy dispite being a pro-whore ?

  4. He is not shy, but my Thai is insufficient to explain my blog and ask for permission to post his picture. Anyway, the question is for Thai gay porn experts, to post a link, that would be fine for me.

  5. And you did right thing by covering his face on the picture you took.
    He is not in compromising situation but still it was gentlemanly think top do. Pro sex workers had the same right to show their face as all of us do, including their clients.

  6. I met Tor a few years back when he worked in Happy Boys, Soi Yensabai. Very nice guy, the 1st time extremely hot in bed. Have not seen him for 2-3 years. Your 2nd pic shows he still has got a very fit body.

  7. I went to Happy Boys in 2012 and 2013 and have not seen him (about one visit each year), either he was not in when I was there or has been somewhere else all the time.

  8. vnman here: nice report. Just just ask the mamasan about the prices? Cause you said short time 1000 on a few occasions.

    1. Yes, I just ask staff, even if I have intention to take a boy. To my surprise, I got a clear answer in all cases.

    2. I might need to start doing that. I'm just figuring that ST was 1k many years ago, it's probably more now. I always pay 1500...

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