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Wat Pa Neranchara Wanaram in Srisaket province

Wat Pa Neranchara Wanaram in Srisaket province

Wat Pa Neranchara Wanaram วัดป่าเนรัญชราวนาราม in Srisaket ศรีสะเกษ province, Bueng Bun บึงบูรพ์ district, with Prasat Prang Ku Sombun ปราสาทปรางค์กู่สมบูรณ์ on the temple grounds.

In the middle of nowhere (the "pa" in the name gives a clue: it means "forest"). About 20 km north of Uthumphon Phisai (Wat Sa Kampheng Yai, see previous/following post), no public transport (details below).
15°18'03.5"N 104°05'39.4"E = 15.300969, 104.094285

The interesting part is the boat shaped building in a pond.

Nobody there, but doors are open. Later I spot a chicken, and finally a car drives in. I don't know which function the building has. There is a viharn or ubosot in construction, it rather looks like construction was abandoned. Some other buildings scattered around.

Getting there and back was an Odyssey involving three vans and three hitchhikes. From Prasat Sa Kampheng Yai, van to Som Poi Noi crossing (hwy 2083 and 2076, 12:01-10, 20 Baht), from there van 814 to rural road 3005 (12:33-48, 30 Baht). Have lunch, then hitchhike to Bung Boon market (13:34-41). When locals dry rice on one side of a two lane road, you know: "hitchhiking is more challenging on the road less traveled". At the market, I spot a van line 4429 (Srisaket to Bueng Boon) and inquire: it does not go along hwy 2349 (shortest route, past my destination). That leaves the question: which road does van 4429 Srisaket - Bueng Boon take? So it's another hitchhike (14:03-07) until I finally reach my destination (visible from hwy 2349, about 500 m walk). Return hitchhike to hwy 2083 by mocy (my first hitchhike on a mocy), then van 4187 to Srisaket (15:26-56, 35 Baht). Not recommended.

I learnt of this place here:

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