Monday, 17 November 2014

Gay meeting point in Soi Sri Bam Pen

Gay meeting point in Soi Sri Bam Pen ซอยศรีบำเพ็ญ

There is a gay meeting point in Sri Bam Pen that is in no guidebook: XTEN bar/shop. I walk past often, and the owner Rut from Chayaphoom invited me for a chat. I don't know what their business model is, the shop (selling clothes and fruit shakes) is awfully small, that's why everyone is sitting outside, sometimes on the curb/kerb stone.

Directions: from Malaysia or Ibis Hotel, walk about 100 m into Soi Sri Bam Pen (eastwards), the XTEN is on the north side.

Shop closed during daytime:

Just opened:

At night:

Customers are educated gay Thais in their thirties who speak good English (some even another foreign language) and gay tourists. Spotted two boys who I assume to be money boys.

There was a gay Afghan customer, only later did I find the right words to welcome someone from Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not the best country to live in as a gay person. (pause) In fact, Afghanistan is not the best country to live in, even if you are straight. (pause) Unless you are a drug lord, gun runner or corrupt government official. Which of these applies to you?

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