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Wat Tham Sua in Kanchanaburi province

Wat Tham Sua วัดถ้ำเสือ and Wat Tham Khao Noi วัดถ้ำเขาน้อย in Kanchanaburi กาญจนบุรี province

Wat Tham Sua "Tiger Cave Temple" and Wat Tham Khao Noi "Little Hill Cave Temple" share a mountaintop, but are not connected to each other. 

Not to be confused with Tiger Temple Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua วัดป่าหลวงตาบัว which is elsewhere and which I didn't visit for several reasons: it's expensive, the internet says the tigers are drugged and nonetheless accidents happen.

Distance from Kanchanaburi about 15 km. I think renting a bicycle and cycling along the river would have been a better option than public transport and walking, and allows visiting other places on the way.

Sunday 02.11.2014

Take bus 461 (to Ratchaburi ราชบุรี) and get off at Tha Muang hospital ท่าม่วง 11:41-12:06. There are mocy taxis, but I decide to walk (about 4 km, 12:09-13:18 including a detour around the wat; not recommended: dogs, ways that do not exist any more).

I enter from the quiet north entrance (the main entrance is east, facing the river).

View northwards, empty elevated car park and bridge (behind the trees).

Front and back of the statue. The conveyor belt is to put coins for donation in bowls attached to it.

There is a Buddha footprint filled with water. Locals wash their face with it, sprinkle it on their hair and drink it. I had a sip, no ill effects.

Not only is there no connection between the two wats on the hill, they are separated by spiked fence and barbed wire.

The 8-floor tower looks great from outside, but apart from Buddha statues it is bare inside. Except for the top floor, which has Buddha relics. Good views of countryside and adjacent buildings.


Main entrance, with parking lot, shops and restaurants, is from the river via a steep stairway. You can take cable car as well (payable).

On ground level, hall with a mummified monk and entrance to the cave (wait a few minutes for picture without people).

Have lunch and move on to Wat Tham Khao Noi (pictures in chronological order, going up and down).

Top level (7th floor) of the tower.

Many locals, few tourists in Wat Tham Sua and few visitors in Wat Tham Khao Noi. Unique architecture, only Wat Tha It can compete with the main tower in Wat Tham Sua.

Leave 16:10, hitchhike to bus stop a Tha Muang hospital, return by bus 81 aircon 20 Baht 16:46-17:07.

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  1. Very interesting for me to see the Wat's in more recent times. I was there in 1992 when they were still under construction. Would love to go back.
    Regards from Toronto


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