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Dating Thai boys (20) Angry boy

Dating Thai boys (20) Angry boy

Most of my encounters are harmonious, but in one occasion a boy was pissed off. Originally met on gayromeo, then moved conversation to Line (more convenient) and finally met in Pattaya Avenue.

16:58    christianpfc    Hello, can't talk now.

(I didn't accept his phone call.) 
16:58    christianpfc    I am in restaurant.
16:58    Thai boy    Ok
16:58    Thai boy    Just make sure
16:58    Thai boy    This number work ! Lol
16:58    Thai boy    See u soon
16:59    christianpfc    Yes, I will write when I finish dinner.
17:00    Thai boy    [Sticker]
17:00    Thai boy    [Sticker]
17:40    christianpfc    I go now, at cinema in ten minutes
17:45    Thai boy    Sorry
17:45    Thai boy    I driving now
17:45    christianpfc    asiabooks
17:45    Thai boy    See u at cinema
17:46    Thai boy    Go cinema
17:46    Thai boy    Where buy ticket
17:46    Thai boy    Front blowing (bowling)
17:46    Thai boy    Cya x
17:46    christianpfc    I don't have ticket yet
17:47    Thai boy    Yes!! Just wait there
17:49    christianpfc    I asiabooks now
17:49    christianpfc    parrots avenue second road 

(parrots - that's what spell check makes of Pattaya)
17:58    Thai boy    Im here now
17:58    Thai boy    Walk up to cine ma

(Typical case, I tell him I am in Asiabooks and ask him to come here to meet me, he goes to the cinema and asks me to go there.)
17:58    Thai boy    Cinema
17:58    christianpfc    OK, I go to cinema

(watch movie, afterwards sit there next to each other, but he seems to be shy and texts instead of asking me)
20:02    Thai boy    How about now
20:03    Thai boy    U like me??
20:08    Thai boy    U want sex with me?
20:08    Thai boy    Go fallow me
20:09    Thai boy    I have some place
20:09    Thai boy    For u and me
20:09    Thai boy    But my bike have only one
20:09    Thai boy    Then u need to take bike taxi
(We go to a short time hotel because he dosn't want to be seen in Sunee Plaza. Both of us get naked, but neither is in the mood for sex, so we just play around. At night to gay disco, where he gets drunk.)

Second encounter. I am sitting at Gurke around 1 am without boy, uncertain whether to go to bed or continue search. His message comes just at the right moment. 

24:58    Thai boy    [Sticker]
24:59    christianpfc    hello, where are you now?
24:59    Thai boy    My room
24:59    Thai boy    U??
1:00    christianpfc    in pattaya, sunee plaza
1:00    Thai boy    Lol
1:00    Thai boy    How long u stay ??
1:01    christianpfc    i am free tonight, do you want to meet?
1:01    Thai boy    I need to sleep !! Tomorrow work
1:01    christianpfc    weekend
1:01    Thai boy    Ic
1:01    Thai boy    Sorry last time im drunk
1:01    christianpfc    ok
1:01    Thai boy    And cant take care u
1:02    Thai boy    But i can take holiday tomorrow

(this is important: "But i can take holiday tomorrow", I was assuming he would take holiday the following day and would be free - a misunderstanding.)
1:02    Thai boy    If u want meet lol
1:02    Thai boy    :p
1:02    Thai boy    [Sticker]
1:03    Thai boy    Tomorrow u free??
1:04    christianpfc    last time we met on Saturday, your day off
1:04    Thai boy    Yup
1:04    Thai boy    But i normal i dont want to stop work
Cuz i av more money
1:04    christianpfc    tomorrow night I meet a friend
1:05    Thai boy    But if i av plan i can stop
1:05    Thai boy    Ok ! Then take care
1:06    Thai boy    Can we meet tonight ??
1:06    Thai boy    For drink
1:06    christianpfc    Yes, I am free tonight
1:06    Thai boy    And fun after
1:06    christianpfc    yes
1:06    Thai boy    U still in sunee
1:06    Thai boy    ??
1:06    christianpfc    yes
1:07    Thai boy    Can we meet at come in bar??
1:07    Thai boy     Cuz i think every bar now close
1:07    Thai boy    Only come in open til 3am
1:07    christianpfc    I am same place as last tome, still open
1:08    Thai boy    Lol
1:08    Thai boy    Yaya??
1:08    Thai boy    Can u wait me !! I need time to get ready
1:08    christianpfc    ok
1:08    Thai boy    Ok!! In 30 min
1:09    Thai boy    Ok??
1:09    christianpfc    yes
1:09    Thai boy    This time u help me after fun??
1:09    Thai boy    [Sticker]
1:09    Thai boy    [Sticker]
1:22    Thai boy    U still there??
1:23    Thai boy    ????
1:23    christianpfc     Yes, in gurke
1:24    Thai boy    Gurke??
1:24    christianpfc    same. place as last time
1:24    Thai boy    U mean ur room??
1:24    christianpfc    Yes
1:25    Thai boy    Ic
1:25    Thai boy    How about we meet for drink ??
1:25    christianpfc    Yes, Where?
1:25    Thai boy    Bar in sunee
1:25    Thai boy    Name cone in
1:25    christianpfc    ok
1:26    Thai boy    I will go ! And will write u !
1:26    Thai boy    When im arrive
1:26    christianpfc    ok
1:26    Thai boy    Cuz this bar open till 3am
1:26    Thai boy    Ok
1:26    Thai boy    See u
1:26    Thai boy    U not answer my question !

1:27    christianpfc    which?
1:29    Thai boy    U help me some this time :p
1:29    Thai boy    Haha
1:36    Thai boy    Im driveing now
1:42    Thai boy    Where u now???
1:43    Thai boy    At room or some bar??
1:43    christianpfc    in gurke
1:44    christianpfc    in bar
1:44    Thai boy    Im near sunee now
1:44    Thai boy    Ic
1:44    Thai boy    See u soon
1:58    Thai boy    In here
1:58    Thai boy    In sunee
1:58    Thai boy    Come in bar
1:58    christianpfc    ok

(We drink and chat and go to bed. I am tired/not in the mood for sex and sleep. I notice that he gets up in the morning and leaves, but I go back to sleep.)

23:02    christianpfc    Hello, I am back in Bangkok. I was tired on Friday night. Why did you leave at night?

11:01    Thai boy    If u really tired why ask to meet ???
Why not sleep???? 
Really bad time
I get ready go there... But nothing :((((
Why i not leave at night?
Cuz u told me u will go meet ur friend !!!
How i can stay ???
U stupid ???
And u really bad to me
11:02    Thai boy    I hate it
11:02    Thai boy    U not kid... U can think before u need to do some thing
11:02    Thai boy    U know u tired!! Just go sleep
11:02    Thai boy    Why ask to meet
11:03    Thai boy    Really bad guy !!!
11:03    Thai boy    Go to hell
11:03    Thai boy    [Sticker]
11:09    christianpfc    We could have spent Saturday. I was free on Saturday and thought Saturday is your day off.
11:15    Thai boy    But u told me 9 pm will meet friend
11:15    Thai boy    U not free
11:15    Thai boy    Free only that time
That why i go see u
11:15    Thai boy    I told u ! I need to sleep and we meet tomorrow
U told me free only tonight!! That all
11:16    Thai boy    U very stupid guy!!
11:19    christianpfc    Free saturday all day, but meet friend at nighg
11:20    Thai boy    Enjoy ur life !!
11:20    Thai boy    I really feel bad with u
11:20    Thai boy    I always nice to ppl who nice to me
11:20    Thai boy    But u really bad to me
11:21    christianpfc    No, I am not bad. Just a misunderstanding.
11:22    Thai boy    U very bad
11:22    Thai boy    Very rude
11:22    Thai boy    Ask to meet but nothing!!
And what i do... ??? Just walk down and go room

(end of conversation)

His complaint is that we did not have sex that night (before sleeping). I was tired and thought about having sex the following day and spending the day together (assuming he would take the day off work - I would have compensated for lack of income). But his anger didn't last long, weeks later I saw him sitting in a beer bar in Sunee and he smiled and invited me for a drink when I walked past.

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