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Gay discos in Chiang Mai: See Man Pub and G-Star Vintage

Gay discos in Chiang Mai: See Man Pub and G-Star Vintage

For a complete overview of Chiang Mai's gay discos and karaokes see here: 

Saturday 18.10.2014

A new found friend E from House of Male takes me to my room on his mocy and wants to stay overnight as he lives far away. That puts limits to what I can do, skip gogo bars and go to disco instead. 

Drive to G-Star Vintage, arrive 23:25. Few customers in, more arriving. E suggests we go to See Man as their show is earlier than G-Star. Arrive in See Man 23:45, few customers. Many chairs available. Bottle of beer Leo 330 ml 150 Baht. Show: 00:00-30 girls, then 6 shirtless boys, 00:45-1:05 break, 1:35 end of show (only girls). Lame. When we leave about 50 customers; 2 cute waiters, 1 cute coyote, 3 cute customers.

Sunday 19.10.2014

Go (walk) alone to G-Star Vintage. Arrive 00:45. Few customers. Bottle of beer Singh 330 ml 120 Baht. Few chairs available. I don't sing, I don't dance, I don't drink, but at least I want to sit! 1:30 about 40 customers, out of which 4 cute, a high number given my pickyness. 1:35-40 five coyote boys on stage, one cute. A group of Chinese/Hong Kong boys and a drunken Thai boys chat me up. A fun evening. I leave 3:45 when the party is still in full swing.

There is no good description of way on the internet, I had to ask several locals. From superhighway, drive or walk about 500 m northwards on Chothana road โชตนา. On your right, you will see a branch of Krung Thai Bank (large blue building, ธนาคารกรุงไทย สาขาข่วงสิงห์), on your lane the following green sign above the road. Turn left after the Pizza and before the signs and continue about 50 m into the soi. googlemaps

This completes my trip to all G-Star venues:  
G-Star Paradise Ramkhamhaeng (now closed), G-Star Pavilion Meng Jai Junction, G-Star Palace Khon Kaen, G-Star Vintage Chiang Mai.

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  1. I may have written this before but after visiting the now closed sauna near G Star in C Mai I found it impossible to get a Tuk Tuk, taxi or songthew. This was only 11pm. I ended having to walk a few kms along Super Hway to Furama Hotel.


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