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Freak show at the Golden Mount during Loy Krathong

Freak show at the Golden Mount during Loy Krathong

I went there last year (recommendation by a friend, Loy Krathong ลอยกระทง 17.11.2013, this year on 06.11.2014), and by chance stumbled on a website which mentions the freak show. I haven't seen anything similar elsewhere, but they must go somewhere the rest of the year.

17.11.2013 20:22 Golden Mount ภูเขาทอง in sight, coming from Pan Fah Lilat bridge สะพานผ่านฟ้าลีลาศ

17.11.2013 20:43; 21 minutes later and 200 m further than the picture above, it was that crowded! It took about 1 hour to process 500 m, before on Ratchadamnoen Avenue ถนนราชดำเนิน and after on the temple grounds, pedestrian traffic was lighter.

The signs promise a lot:

I could easily spot the trick:

Left: buffalo with two heads on one body; right: pig with a trunk like an elephant.

When I wanted to return home later at night, taxis refused to use the meter or there were no free taxis at all, I had to walk all the way to Hua Lampong railway station (about 1 hour through entire Chinatown). This year, I will go somewhere in walking distance to my place (and recommend everyone else not to go further than walking distance away from his room).

#13) The Freak Show Tents at the Golden Mount Temple Carnival (seasonal) - inspiration for this post

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  1. take bus 47 from Phan Fa road-will also be crowded-till 23.00 Or any other bus to WTC or so and change.
    Have you seen the major attraction-the paid wet T-shirt (sorry-ladies only) fall in vat of water?

    1. I read about this (wet T-shirt) elsewhere, but don't recall it.

  2. Yes I have seen the "dunken" ladies. Their mamas (I assume) in the front selling the balls, their kid brothers standing in the back next to the vats to pick up the balls. The vats are not so deep so the girls wouldn't have to be totally dunked above their head. It was really just good clean fun in every sense of the words, aimed for young guys who aim for the wet damsels. The wet t-shirts by the way are wore over highly corseted underwear so it's not really wet-tshirts ala Jacqueline Bisset in "The Deep" (remember that movies? those were the days...)
    Re transportation I took the last boat home but if I had missed it I would have jumped on any bus which would surely take me to any of the major hubs (Victory Monument and the likes), Highly recommended and the best part is the Golden Mount fair takes place on the weekend BEFORE the holiday itself so you won't have to choose either or. RE food: Wait until you get to near the temple, the choice and sample definitely get better... But the best part is the atmosphere - it was raining but nobody seemed to mind, if nothing else it allowed us to "soak" in more of the festivities!

  3. This year Loy Krathong Phu Khao Tong 18-27 Nov 2015. Passed today, similar to 2013. On a weekday (Wed 18.11.2015) evening easy to move around, not too crowded.


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