Thursday, 3 October 2013

Babylon Sauna Saturday 21.09.2013

Babylon Sauna Saturday 21.09.2013

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I arrive in the sauna shortly after 6 pm. A boy is cruising me in the locker room and while I put in my contact lenses. He then joins me in the shower to lather me. A very promising start, and he has a chance, but I just arrived and want to look around first. The boy in the shower next to me doesn’t look bad, very twinky body, extremely slim, but it’s a bit too dark and too early. We go to the locker room to exchange contact details. Helas, his skin is too pale and has body hair. (Update: he called me on several times, I have to backpedal as I don’t think we will get together again.)

Walk through the sauna. It looks poor, not many customers for a Saturday evening, and nobody who is clearly my type. Then, about one hour after arrival, I have a clear hit: this one and nobody else! In the labyrinth, I can’t see details, but a twinky body (I can live with the tattoos), in shorts that make him look even more attractive, cute face (despite some pimples). I chat him up, he seems interested, but very shy. He does not speak English, this gives me a clear advantage over other customers who show an interest in him and try to talk to him in English. I don’t want to be pushy, so I leave him alone and observe him from a distance after he changes location. Then I lose him! (The pundits are still unsure whether I lost him or he walked away.)

I spend a while touring Babylon a few times hoping to find him again. He is easy to recognize, he is the only one who wears shorts (everyone else in towel, except a few in underwear). Finally, I find him again. We chat and he seems interested, but very shy, so I have to take him to a room. Three layers of clothing! White shorts over black shorts over white briefs. Unfortunately, they come off far too quick and all at once. These sauna rooms are not the best place to have sex, nonetheless an enjoyable experience and a good basis to build on. He saw me at the night market near Sanam Luang two days ago (we don’t go into details, as I later went to Saranrom.) (Update: he called me on Monday, but we cannot get together this week, have to wait for next week. Update: met him again). Leave Babylon 22:00.

One would say this is enough for one day (first sightseeing Wat Sangkhathan, then river cruise, then the boys at BTS Saphan Thaksin, then Babylon), but I have an appointment with a farang friend in Stranger Bar in Soi 4. I stay with him and his friends until 00:35, then they go to party in DJ station and elsewhere (until 8 am, as he tells me), and I go home.

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