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More cuties at Scorpion Bar 20.10.2013

More cuties at Scorpion Bar 20.10.2013

Retrospection: A few days ago, I was walking along Silom and spotted two cute boys. I stopped at a street stall next to them, had a look and one of them chatted me up. He is Vietnamese (so is the other) and he works in Classic and offered me his friend. I like this attidude and this gives big brownie points in my book. But both are too pale in complexion for my taste.

Yesterday, 20.10.2013 I had two hours in Silom/Surawong to pass before going to DJ station, so I called a Thai friend M who lives in Sathorn and he joined me for a drink in Scorpion (where I spotted a cute boy recently; the subject of my “non-offable boy” topic is still there, but I have lost interest). This night there are plenty of boys (more than ten; lowest number I saw during the last months were three staff and zero customer).

The boy I am looking for is sitting with a customer, so we sit down and I wait for an occasion to talk to him. He seems to be popular: one customer who had five boys on his table leaves, and another comes (and again has five boys around him). There is another boy who is not less attractive. My friend M calls him over to sit next to me. (I am introvert, M is extrovert. While I sit and wait for something to happen, M just says what he wants, in this case what I indicate.)

I invite him for a drink. Name Boy. Reasonable English, he claims to be Thai from Chiang Mai. But he cannot write his name in Thai! And his Thai sounds a bit strange. And he doesn’t have an ID. M chats with him in Thai and clues me in that he is from Vietnam. Still, when I ask him later where his family lives, he claims they are in Chiang Mai. He used to work in Bonny Massage for a year, but I don’t remember seeing him there. M asks him in Thai about prices and sexual activities. I overhear the conversation: 1000 Baht cannot, no fucking, no kissing, he is not gay.

All three Vietnamese I remember I had contact with during the last two years had the name Boy. Is this just a generic name, like Joe or Jim for black slaves back in the 19th century in the United States?

Furthermore, it seems all Vietnamese flock to Scorpion (so they can chat with their friends in Vietnamese).

The boy who chatted me up some days ago works in Scorpion as well (not in Classic?) and he is drunk. He asks me for a drink, I deny. He then goes on to ask me where I come from and proclaims “German people not good”. He repeats this several times in the course of the evening. Then he lies down on a bench and falls asleep. Later several other boys and staff wake him up (including grabbing his head by the hair and mild banging on the bench) and send him home. One of the dangers or working in a bar: getting drunk on drinks from invitations from customers.

Then M calls over the other cute boy on my behalf. Vietnamese, name Lek (the first Vietnamese who is not Boy), not gay. In a bar in Pattaya, I would off both of them instantly (separately), but here with unclear status (offable or not? – I clearly prefer “Which boy do you want?”) and at Bangkok prices and long distance to my place (20km) and possible communication problems (they cannot read and write Thai), I will rather pass. I tip the boy who sat with me 100 Baht and we leave around midnight.

Seems their strategy works. I clearly prefer gogo bars and very rarely go to beer bars. But I have been to Scorpion over five times since the “non-offable boy” post, often with friends, without offing a single boy there.

(Side note: gay or straight is not important to me. I had better sex with straight boys than with gay boys.

Why would Boy lie to me about his origin? Especially as it's easy to detect: he cannot read or write Thai and has no ID. And why would my friend M lie to me on our way back? He claimed that the boys can go with me for 1000 Baht for short time, but I clearly heard Boy rejecting M's offer for 1000 Baht.

How I will appreciate next time in a gogo bar when Mamasan asks me "Do you want boy?"!)

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  1. I know lek, I have is number and he does have ID , Vietnam passport. But he always wants lots of money and acts like he really misses me when i leave for a week to go to Cambodia. He is nice and does like to hang out with me but he like other straight boys just want your money also he wont have sex just J/O.
    Even though I am younger than most white guys that are there and in good shape he still wont have sex but will J/O also he wont stop playing on his cell phone. If you have spent anytime with lek you will know he is always looking down at his cell phone trying to level up so that sucks and sex is limited and he always wants 3000 baht . Most boys now will turn down 1000 not like before they are all gready now but if you go to Cambodia you can get it for free like any other country . Just go hang out at a bar like you would in any country and meet guys normal and no problem but in Thailand they are all on the take.
    I rather have gay boys because you have a better change of them wanting to have sex with you and not just for the money which makes it more enjoyable. I have photos of lek if you like.

  2. sorry i spelled greedy wrong but its is late and i am sleepy.
    I was in a bar in Pattaya and found a really hot boy at one of the more expensive go go bars I also have his number but not photo. His stage number is "1" .
    The second time he went home with me he did not charge me and it was fun. I did have to pay the bar fine. He wanted to be my BF. This is why I prefer the gay boys because even if you have to pay for a go go boy if he is gay you might become sex buddies or boyo friends and get it for free like i did. He had the hottest body and also very hot. He luvs poppers so that was weird but i enjoyed all of it. I try and avoid lek and the beer bar he works at because they are all straight and most of the straight boys dont enjoy sex they just are for J/O or to have a drink with you and somtimes the straight boys will have sex but its like being with a robot and forget any change of free sex in the future. Funny in any other country I just go meet guys normally and date but Thailand they are all on the take very rare to not pay LOL

  3. How can i add photos of Lek on here or can i . Its just us having dinner I have some others of him but i think i removed them

  4. Thanks for your extensive comments. I am indifferent about adding pictures. You can send it to my email or contact me on the forums.


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