Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pattaya Weekend 28.-29.09.2013

At night, I go to Toy Boys (22:15 to 23:35, drink 160 Baht). Plenty of boys, but none of them is my type.

Continue to X-Boy Land (22:45 to 00:15, drink 200 Baht). I order orange juice, but they bring me Fanta orange (there is a significant difference, but I am not in a mood to argue about that). There are only up to 6 boys on stage, none of them is my type. When I leave, a waiter asks me to stay for the show, I point to smoking customers behind me and tell him I don’t like smoking. Altogether, waste of time and money.

Go to Sunee to have a chat with some German friends. A few cute boys pop in as well, but I am more tired than horny, so I don’t ask any of them to join me. Some interesting conversations (but the smoking is annoying). My neighbor is slightly drunk (but doesn’t smell of alcohol) and he has the boy whom I offed in Mic My yesterday sitting next to him. Negotiations start at 500 Baht, but he wants to get to 300 Baht and keep the boy’s underwear as well. The boy leaves. My neighbor lives in Pattaya, so he has time. Good luck! I leave about 3 am and have a problem getting a baht bus from the mouth of soi 18 to Jomtien. That will be solved by staying in Sunee area next time.

Sunday 29.09.2013

Wake up around 11:30 am and call the massage boy (near Tuk Com, I invited him to my room in Bangkok once and now he is back in Pattaya). He will be at work at 1 pm. I have lunch in a restaurant before going to meet him. I book one hour body to body oil massage. He appears fully clothed. He gives a good massage (fully clothed), and at the end asks me “What do you want me to do?”. So I ask him if I can touch his body and to strip down to his underwear. Nice underwear (from Silom), great body, right skin temperature. There is no tissue in the room (general problem with massage shops), so we have to wipe off oil and body fluids with the bed linen on the massage table. Cute face, great body, nice underwear, warm skin, good English, but he is too quiet or shy for my taste. And body to body massage fully clothed? There must be a misunderstanding.

Some more news from Pattaya:

Pattaya now has a Teddy Bear Museum. I have only seen the advertising, but someone else has been there:


There is a Hop On Hop Off Bus in Pattaya and around. (Error message 11.10.2013) (this one works)
In Pattaya, I think you don’t need a bus. Around Pattaya, this provides a way to get to Nong Nooch and Million Years Stone Park, but at intervals of 3 hours it’s a bit too infrequent to be useful.

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