Monday, 18 December 2017

Pattaya quicky Fri1dec2017

Pattaya quicky Fri1dec2017

Saensuk Sauna 16:40-18:33. Entry 230 THB. Quite busy, and the one cute is interested, so we go to a room and have an okay time. Not that good that I would exchange contacts. However later there is another one Spy, even shapelier, and nice underwear and nicely filled. Follow him into steam room and chat him up, good English. Works in beer bar in Jomtien complex. He doesn’t seem interested in more now, but I know where he works and get his Line in addition, so we can set up a meeting later.

Comparison songtheo vs. walking Baan Dok Mai BDM <-> Saensuk Sauna. From BDM it’s 650 m 8 min walking (googlemaps) to songtheos on Second Road, then 10 THB and 16:27-35 to entrance of Thappraya Soi 11, then 300 m 3 min to Saensuk. Total 950 m walking and 19 min. Whereas walking from Saensuk to BDM is 1.6 km and 19 min. I will walk for all future visits.

Winner 20:15-55. Pineapple juice 79 THB, boy drink 130. When I enter 9 boys 1 customer, when I leave 9 boys 2 customers. All boys in towel, most of them with underwear underneath. A boy Diu #22 from Chiang Rai joins me uninvited, good English and entertaining, justifies a drink and a tip 100 THB. But type –wise no clear hit, move on.

Eros 21:05-25, 6 boys and 3 customers. Soft drink 100 THB. Blondie (Lay) descends on me which is new. He has been there for years, I have been going for years, but he is not so much my type and we ignored each other. He calls over a new boy, Neung from Satthahip, who is exactly my type. I didn’t intent to off that early in the night, but they quickly managed to get me hard, so what else do I expect elsewhere?

Three drinks at 100 THB each, 300 off fee, 100 tip for Blondie (Lay) = 700, and I feel I got value for money for every Satang.

In and out of bed everything great, will surely meet him again! 1200 THB for short time well deserved.

Tam Nan Kon E-San 23:22-00:06, by invitation of a Farang friend FF. About 10% occupied and smoking allowed. They try to charge FF 200 to bring in a bottle, but FF gets it down to 100 as it was on his previous visits. Staff originally refuses to take back unopened bottles of coke, but FF prevails. 

Due to lack of activity, move on to

Sinlapin Esan 00:22-00:52. Busier than Tam Nan Kon E-San at about 30% occupancy, but life music and smoking is awful, make a quick escape. (What else did I expect, especially after having been there before? See previous Pattaya report for details. But at invitation I have at least to have a look, and then it’s easy walking to Sunee.)

Nice Boys and Power Boys still open at 01:15, Eros closed, Winner closing, elsewhere still pockets of entertainment.


I had messaged Spy at night that I would like to meet him on Sat morning 10 am and he agreed. From previous similar arrangements with other boys I know there is a good chance it fails, and by the time I realize the boy won’t make it, it will be too late (i.e. too close to departure by FF’s car) to get someone else.

But Spy is on time, joins me for breakfast and then in my room, in and out of bed all great, another one I will meet again and 1200 THB fully deserved. Unfortunately shy, no picture in my room, and only poor pictures on hornet.

Summary: rather low activities in bars, but boy-wise my most successful visit to Pattaya in years.

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  1. congratulations, two shots and both hits judging by the tips, supports my theory that we need just one boy to sing praise to the bar


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