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BFC7in2017 AP continued

BFC7in2017 AP continued

The beginning posted here copy of relevant parts:

Wed 23aug2017
Meet a boy AP from hornet in Tuk Com. Cute, good English, interesting conversation and no character flaws. However what he wrote in his profile “No one night stand only real love For friend or boyfriend” is confirmed (and not just another trick). But I’m looking for something different (sex on demand, pay if necessary, one night stand without commitment), so we leave it at chat.

In the course of the evening AP messaged me and wants to meet in my room. An offer I can not refuse (and if he believes in "no sex before marriage”, I still have enough time and choice after him).

Interesting chat first (he warns me of the dangers of having multiple sexual partners “some people look healthy but are sick”, and “condom is not 100% protection”, the first time I hear this from a Thai boy; he disapproves of me paying for sex and having many boys, but doesn’t make a drama of it), but when he rests his head on my shoulder, it takes the expected course. BFC7in2017.

Asks me if I smoke or drink. He wouldn't go with a smoker, but can tolerate social drinking.

He had several Farang boyfriends before (more of a holiday fling from the Farang side, one of them told him at the end of his holiday that he has a boyfriend in his home country already), and prefers Farang over Thai.

That made me thinking: those Thai boys I date and who are indifferent Farang vs. Thai, as long as it’s cock, they probably think if they date a Farang, they want a material advantage to compensate for cultural and language differences!

Thu 24aug2017
Meet AP again, at his aunt’s massage shop and have one hour oil massage with his aunt (a strange arrangement, but there are no private rooms, only curtains, so massage by him and happy ending was not an option). Usually I do massage for happy ending, but here I had time to kill and wanted to show my support.

[I take train from Pattaya to Bangkok]

While I’m on the train, AP messages me and we find out that both of us are free Fri and weekend. AP want to come to see me in Bangkok (no whining “I don’t know the way”, “I don’t have money for bus” like here and takes van to Bangna and then bus to Ekkamai where I pick him up.

Shortly after entering my room, he tells me he might have to go to Pattaya tomorrow (Friday) for a job interview that his aunt has arranged. How very strange! Around 23:00, we get into bed and have fun. Then 23:50 after fun, when I emerge from bathroom, he tells me he has to go now for job interview at 7 am.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no public transport at this time (between 10 pm or midnight and 6 am). He ponders about taxi (he says he took one once from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya for 1000 THB), which would cost estimated 1500 from my place, if you can get one. But I guess I would have to pay for it, so I just tell him "cannot" and lie down to sleep.

Fri 25aug2017
AP gets up at 5:00 am, and I’m a light sleeper so I wake up as well and give him 200 for return to Pattaya and we say goodbye on the road 5:10.

Sat 9sep2017
When I switch on my phone 10:22, I see a message from BFC7in2017 “Where are you now?” sent 8:41. Turns out he came to Bangkok to meet friends, is at Ekkamai bus station now with a bus ticket for 10:40 and cannot postpone (I offered to buy a new ticket and invited him to come to my room).

Thu 14sep2017
Message BFC7in2017 that I will go to see him in Pattaya tomorrow, as we had discussed two days ago. He is in Bangkok now, to meet friends, has no time to meet me now, but can meet in Pattaya on Saturday afternoon. Well, on Saturday afternoon I will be going back to Bangkok. This trip is with a Farang friend, so I cannot cancel or postpone the trip.

It’s going downhill: on 24aug2017 he came to see me in Bangkok, on 9sep2017 he came to Bangkok and told me about that while waiting for the bus back to Pattaya, and now 14sep2017 he comes to Bangkok and I learn of it by chance, and it thwarts our plans to meet in Pattaya.

The turning point of my self-imposed abstinence from buying sex: when I’m in Pattaya tomorrow night, a trip whose sole purpose was to meet BFC7in2017, but he is in Bangkok (but hast no time to meet and didn’t even tell me), I will take advantage of what Pattaya has to offer.

(On 22aug2017 I had a money boy in Pattaya, and from 23aug2017 till today 14sep2017 no prostitution, a great achievement. I even messaged one of my regulars on 8sep2017:

"I'm back in Bangkok. But I have a new friend in Pattaya, who might become boyfriend, and he disapproves of me paying for sex. So out of respect for him, I will stop paying for sex for a while.") 

But I don’t have to wait that long. A boy from Hornet Bass from Trat who divulged that he is looking for money, and who has messaged or called me several times since we had first contact on 20jul2017, calls just in the right moment.

Sat 30sep2017
I invite AP to join trip to North (Phrae, Phayao, Chiang Rai) but he is sick.

October 2017
I am in Germany and stay in contact and plan to meet soon after my return in Bangkok. But replies get short and are delayed:

16:58 Christian Hello. In one week I will fly to Thailand. See you then.
19:16 Christian ฝนตกอากาศหนาว [it’s raining and cold in Germany]
19:16 Christian [Photo]
20:26 BFC7in2017 Ok see you. Take care

19:53 Christian What do you do next week? Can wet meet in Bangkok or Pattaya?

14:54 Christian Going to airport now. See you soon.
15:30 BFC7in2017 [Sticker]
15:30 BFC7in2017 Safe fly

9:14 Christian I'm in Bangkok now.
9:24 BFC7in2017 Wow
9:24 BFC7in2017 Welcome to Thailand again

13:25 Christian I go to Pattaya tomorrow. When are you free to meet?
16:13 Christian Hello
20:25 Christian How are you?

7:58 Christian Good morning.

12:03 BFC7in2017 Sorry cristain I am busy
12:03 BFC7in2017 I work
12:34 Christian I'm going back to Bangkok now.
21:13 Christian I'm in Bangkok now. When can we meet again?

15:49 Christian Miss you.

14:03 Christian First week of December I will go to chumpon and krabi. Do you want to join?

8:28 Christian Good morning
22:17 BFC7in2017 Sorry I am very busy
22:17 BFC7in2017 How are you?

8:53 Christian Good morning.
8:53 Christian I'm fine and you?
8:54 Christian Are you still in Pattaya study massage with your aunt?

21:19 Christian [Photo]
21:19 Christian [Photo]
21:19 Christian เที่ยวอยุธยา [trip to Ayutthaya]
22:13 BFC7in2017 Nice
22:13 BFC7in2017 Enjoy with your trip

19:01 Christian [Photo]
19:01 Christian [Photo] [Neilson Hays second hand book sale]
19:02 Christian So many books!
19:02 Christian Are you still in Pattaya study massage with your aunt?
19:04 BFC7in2017 Wow
19:05 BFC7in2017 Where ?
19:05 BFC7in2017 Yes I still in pattaya but not study with my aunt.
19:05 Christian In Bangkok. Second hand book sale.
19:06 Christian What do you study or work now?
19:06 BFC7in2017 Sound good I think it cheap
19:06 BFC7in2017 Nothing Christian
19:07 Christian Are you free one week from 3 December?
19:08 BFC7in2017 Why ?
19:10 Christian Trip to south. Do you want to join? I invite you.
19:12 BFC7in2017 Sorry cristain we cannot meet anymore because I have a boyfriend I hope you have a nice trip thank you for invite me.
19:22 Christian Thank you for telling the truth. I surmised as much. I was just too slow.
19:24 BFC7in2017 Your welcome cristain I hope you can find a nice boyfriend soon.
19:24 BFC7in2017 Enjoy with your life in Thailand.

Finally the truth! I was too slow, that month in Germany was too long away. I was sure he wouldn’t last long on the market (i.e. someone with his qualities would find a Farang boyfriend very quickly).

I thought this is the end, he and his boyfriend live happily ever after, but knowing the half-life time of Farang-Thai-boyfriendships in Pattaya is short, it can’t hurt to stay in contact. I will send picture from the trip he missed! But he is quicker in contacting me again:

18:22 BFC7in2017 Hi
18:22 BFC7in2017 How are you?
18:34 Christian I'm fine. Going to phatthalung. And you?
20:50 BFC7in2017 I am not good
20:51 BFC7in2017 You are alone?
20:53 Christian Travel with farang friend and he has a Thai friend.
20:53 Christian Now I'm alone in hotel.
20:53 BFC7in2017 Ok good
20:53 BFC7in2017 Enjoy with your trip
21:33 Christian Not good. I would rather be with you.
21:33 BFC7in2017 Oh sorry Christian
21:34 BFC7in2017 Can I call you?
21:34 Christian Yes
21:34 BFC7in2017 Ok
21:39 Christian Call time 4:05 [His relationship didn’t last long and he is single again. He is aware that I have many boys, disapproves but doesn't make a drama out of it. It will be a while until I go to Pattaya, but hope we can meet again then.]

Still, or again, running as boyfriend candidate.

Copyright 2017 ChristianPFC


  1. Hi I have been reading your stories and posts on gb forum lately. I was wondering if there was any way I can get in touch with you as I will be in BKk from dec 31 till Jan 4. Thank you

    1. I'm in Hua Hin now. Probably back in Bangkok by 2jan2018. Pm me on the forum with your contact details, I will get in touch. ChristianPFC

    2. Hi thanks for your reply. I cant reach you there. If yoi are still on hornet, yoi can find me throigh my pinn (@18odm). Thanks

  2. Facinating story Christian. Keep us apprised pls.
    Good Luck

  3. Are you topping these boys? Nice life you have. :)


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