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Snow and ice in Thailand

Ice and Snow in Thailand 

There are places in Thailand that get below the freezing point of water in winter, but there is no precipitation that could form snow.

From internet, there are records of natural occurring snow in Thailand:
and of hail:

But there are several places that have artificial ice and snow in large amounts for entertainment:

Snow Town at Dream World (Thanyaburi district, Pathum Thani province). 

Snow Town in Gateway Ekkamai (near Ekkamai Bus Station and BTS). 

Titanium Club & Ice Bar in Sukhumvit Soi 22.
Snow Dome in Chiang Mai Zoo.
Not mentioned in their offical website but see here
Hat Yai
Ice Dome Hat Yai (N of town, on the road to Songkhla, on foot of mountain with Hat Yai Park) on google maps marked as “permanently closed” and website defunct. But still here 
I have been in Jan 2015:
Frost Magical Ice of Siam (NE of Pattaya, at crossing motorway 7 and highway 36). 

Snow Land 5th Floor Harbor Mall (Central Pattaya Road near Sukhumvit Road) 

V2O Ice Bar & Cocktail Lounge in Walking Street. 

These places operate between -5 and -15 degree Celsius (between 23 and 5 degree Fahrenheit for my metrically challenged readers). Going further down the temperature scale, we come to solid carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen for entertainment. 

Solid carbon dioxide CO2
has a sublimation temperature of -78 degree Celsius. Sublimation means it goes directly from solid to gaseous, at atmospheric pressure there is no liquid phase. All liquid is condensed water. Solid carbon dioxide is used to keep ice cream frozen, and I had ice cream that was too cold (so hard, I would have broken my teeth out), I had to leave it to warm up for consumption.

When all ice cream is sold and solid carbon dioxide left over, it is sometimes given to children to play. In the picture in a slum, solid carbon dioxide in water makes artificial fog, and in case of soap water, soap bubbles filled with fog.

Liquid nitrogen N2
boils at -196 degree Celsius and is used to cool candy (?) so when you take the cold candy in your mouth you can exhale fog. Picture at Talad Neon 16nov2017 (characteristic for liquid nitrogen is a Dewar flask, double wall with vacuum and reflective inner surface for insulation):

And from Saphan Phut market, Klong Toey pier branch, where it was sold as "Dragon Breath".

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