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Dating Thai boys (51) Types of lies

Dating Thai boys (51) Types of lies

People lie for various reasons. Here a list of types of lies I have come across.

Material advantage
The most common lie. Sick buffalo, grandmother in hospital, and the like, all to get money for a purpose that the giver probably would not approve of (alcohol, drugs, gambling, new mobile phone).

Get attention
I have one friend B and one ex-friend Z who talk a lot, and not all of it is true.

B told me about gogo bars with Cambodian boys in Prachinburi or Ubon Ratchathani, and claims to have been there recently, but when I ask for details, he becomes scarce. But we are still friends, I just have to filter what is true and what is his imagination.

B told a Farang friend FF he would bring a boy for sex for free, and he told the boy that he would get paid for sex. I would have loved to be there when these two lies clashed.

The other boy Z, details here: We still greet when we meet on the street, and I might even stop for a chat, but will not go beyond that. End of 2016, I learnt that a Farang friend J spent some time with Z (and then gave up for reasons similar to mine) and J said: “I wouldn’t say Z lies, he just never speaks the truth!”.

Politeness/cover up/save face
Thai will rarely tell you “I don’t know”, but tell you whatever they think you want to hear instead, or what is advantageous for them. E.g. when I ask for a certain boy in a gogo bar “He is not in today, but will be tomorrow.”

Poorly organized
Not keeping an appointment, and not even cancelling it, can hardly be described as a lie, except for those cases where the boy never had the intention to meet. But it fits in here, as what was said does not represent reality.

Shared key to room
One of the favorite excuses if a gogo boy wants to turn long-time into short-time. But the fact of sharing a room with fewer keys than inhabitants is true! I let a Thai friend stay in my room, and before I gave him a copy of my key, we had to do some gymnastics so he can get in while I’m in my room. And recently (Apr 2017), a boy who stayed with me over night had to leave to give key to his friend, or wait for his friend to get the key.

Wishful thinking
Here sides are reversed and I accused of lying by a boy Nam Mon (2015, Kawaii bar Pattaya) who understood “I might go to see you when I come to Pattaya again” as “I will go to see you when I come to Pattaya again.

Borrow money
The borrower usually does not have the means to return the money. One could argue if he has the intention.

(This post is an advanced draft. Published prematurely because it fits to theft.)

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  1. Thai boys will frequently blow money on a taxi, when a bus will do. So repeated expensive expenditure for convenience.
    Is it the same type who will not make a 1 off small expenditure for the convenience of his own key ?
    They really are illogical.

    1. I, too, did some calling and texting with my friend to let him in before I go out when I had just one set of keys. But then I got copies, 30 Baht per key, for him. But if you really share a room with someone, you ought to get a second set of keys!


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