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The truth about the European migrant crisis

The truth about the European migrant crisis

I usually refrain from commenting on political subjects as this could get me into prison. But sometimes the lies are so blatant, I can't leave them uncommented, like this: NO WAY HOME FROM THE WORLD'S DEADLIEST SEA Bangkok Post Sunday, November 27, 2016 (Originally from The Independent, but couldn't find link on internet). The Bangkok Post article can be read here:

Pictures enlarged:

Caption: another boat with urgently needed doctors, engineers and other specialists is on its way to Europe.

How many Syrian civil war refuges can you see in the pictures?
How many women, children and old are in the pictures?

When I walk through my home town, it's the same: 

all males estimated 20-40 years old.

Another tidbit of information. Via a friend who works in construction, I got access to a newly build refugee camp in my home town. Said friend reported that all electric stoves now have time switches. Before, administration wondered about unusually high electricity bill, until they found out that the immigrants don't switch off the electric stove when they are done cooking (a cultural issue: in their home country they cook with wood or charcoal, which you just let burn out when you are done cooking).

Germany's refuge policy of letting everyone in who can make it supports organized crime (human trafficking) and poses a security risk for its citizens and causes thousands of deaths during travel.

Australia's refugee policy has my applause.
"We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come." John Howard

Australia has a geographical advantage of being an island, which makes migration by land impossible, and sea and air is easier to control. But that's just a technical problem, the GDR had their land borders safe, nobody got in or out without permission.

The following picture shows Gregor Gysi (German politician, first in the GDR, now The Left). My translation:
You want to know what I think about refugees?
Well, we used to shoot at them.
(In the GDR, referring to people who attempted to leave the GDR without permission.)

So what is the truth about the European migrant crisis? While our government tells us they let in women, children, old, sick, and experts that fill vacancies in our job market, in reality we get healthy males age 20-40, from a completely different culture, with no or little education, and a different work ethic. 

Some of this was shared here: 

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  1. Considering Germany's history, bending over backward to show compassion for refugees is probably a good idea--one would think.

    1. Show compassion, then have the ungrateful "refugees" commit terrorist atrocities ?

      Europe should stop letting them in immediately & then think about how to persuade the rest of them to return home.

  2. Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec vous, ChristianPFC. On a le même problème en France !

  3. You will be dragged in the mud for this Christian. Bleeding hearts are all for welcoming these people but common people - who know better than the so-called elites - feel that most of these illegal immigrants have no intention to respect our values and our lives and want to impose their backward religion and tradition on us.
    When western countries will open their eyes, it will be too late.
    As to khor tose, he should look at his diary and see that World War II ended 70 years ago.

  4. Sorry, am I comprehending this correctly?

    You'd happily accept the old, the sick, the women and children as refugees (groups all likely to be a drain on the economy) - yet you wish to refuse entry to 20-40yo single males who are far more likely to get jobs and pay taxes?

    Some strange economic thinking there.

    As for the "just shoot zem" policy - well, as Khor Tose says, we've been there before with Germany and it really didn't end well.

  5. Christian would of course first have to check the skin temperature of the refugees as well as how much hair, tattoo's and other criteria that his warped mind comes up with.

  6. often poor countries are using their meager resources to educate their brightest , who in turn just take off and are driving taxis and mowing lawns in the west.

    Compassion and economical interest is one side of equation but out of control immigration may lead to unintended consequences if Brexit teaches us anything


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