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MRT Purple Line

MRT Purple Line

The MRT Purple Line opened on 6aug2016 without much ado.

It runs between Tao Pun เตาปูน (Bang Sue district, Bangkok) and Khlong Bang Phai คลองบางไผ่ (Bang Bua Thong district, Nonthaburi). Official name รถไฟฟ้ามหานคร สายฉลองรัชธรรม MRT Chalong Ratchadham line.


for another map and fares see:

The most interesting feature is what was dubbed "the missing link", a 1.0 km gap between MRT Bang Sue and MRT Tao Poon, that is currently bridged by shuttle bus (Bang Sue - Tao Poon) and train (Bang Sue - Bang Son บางซ่อน). Timetable for shuttle:

Update Jul 2017: MRT now runs to Tao Pun station.

This is not the only spectacular fail of public transport planning in Bangkok:

Poor public transport to/from Mor Chit 2 bus station (it would have taken just one more MRT station after Bang Sue to connect Mor Chit 2 with MRT).

When the ARL was opened, there was no connection between ARL Makkasan and MRT Petchaburi (I once had to drag my luggage about 500 over poor sidewalk and road, before a connection was built) Still, there is no direct elevator to get from ARL Makkasan to MRT Petchaburi, you have to change once on ground level.

City Line and Express Line was not well thought out, and operation of Express Line has been discontinued.

A unified cashless payment system for all systems (MRT, BTS, ARL) is going to be introduced in 2017, after over 10 years running parallel with different cashless payment systems.

And let's not forget that most BTS ticket automates cannot handle banknotes, necessitating counters where you can change notes into coins!

But back to the MRT Purple Line. Operated by the same company as the underground, but running elevated like skytrain. That means you have a great view, but there is not much to see.


The only interesting places I could come up with are Wat Pleng (pink temple, details upcoming post, 1.3 km by foot from Sai Ma ไทรม้า station) and big Chinese temple Wat Borom Raja Kanjanapisek วัดบรมราชากาญจนาภิเษกอนุสรณ์, 4.6 km by car from คลองบางไผ่ Khlong Bang Phai station).

Others rode the Purple Line before me and wrote about it:
(Did you notice the homophones rode and wrote?)  

And public transport fails elsewhere as well: the railway line from Nong Khai into Lao ends on a field, when it could have gone into Vientiane.

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  1. I found the views over the Chao praya also nice. And it seems this line is much higher as the BTS, so the views run further-and are more interesting as city-BKK.
    At the far end is anew giant chopping centre-WEST-GATE, where IKEA has also promised to come. Plus 2 BigC(no-ock)'s, as 1 was a former Carrefour. Plus an empty old shopping centre, BIg KING. Yes, this must really be the ultimate destination for us, gayz.
    Plus there are 3 reputed M2M massage salons along it, near the bang Kraso stop- 2 advertise on TMB-HiClup (sic) and I'maSpa, the 3d is in the same moo-ban as I'ma and is named SEED (its a saakhaa for Hi). As these are in Nonthaburi, prices are a lot lower as in BKK.
    Since the funeral rites for the late king, Westgate also has quite frequent free, express (but red) BUses direct to Ratchdamnern/Sanam Luang-makes for an interesting round tour.
    the MRT is half price for anyone >60-buy token at window and show any proof, this is not only for Thai, like on the BTS.

  2. I love those BTS change counters and use them whenever I need to break my 1000 Baht notes. Having change is handy to avoid shortchanging in bars.


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