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Gay activities Mar 2017

Gay activities Mar 2017

Wed 8mar2017
Arrive in Bangkok from Germany. Ball (the boy on the bus) is first to message me. Both of us are living on the edge: my mobile data run out during my stay in Germany, so I have no internet during dinner (only in my room with WiFi provided by landlord), Ball waits for answer if I can pay 10 Baht for mocy taxi, and is running out of battery. Overall so-so.

Fri 10mar2017
Gus from hornet. Good written Thai, on time. Found the way by van, MRT (even asked for the exit in MRT), mocy; that makes him an intellectual! Alas, not so much my type, not so much my style. But finding his way (without dozens of calls and requests to pick him up somewhere where he lost his way, as I’m used to) is worth a reward. During chat he stated he is bottom, but now tries to rape me. And records video of our interaction (like another boy last month, but never had this before). I give him the 300 he asks for for travel expenses.

Sat 11mar2017
39 underground sauna 17:18-18:57. Entry 180. Underwear day. Even hot water in the shower. Over 100 customers, some worth a second look, hanky-panky with two but then I abort because not so much my type/style.

Cruising sauna 20:25-52. Entry 130. Sauna and steam room hot. Some structural changes since my last visit. About 20 customers throughout. One shapely and nice underwear, but cold wet skin.

Nake 21:49-23:15. Entry 140. The tall slim boy Bank from last time is there again, 56 kg on balance (have to compare height with me next time we meet) and comes with me into a room, but no initiative, same as last time, can’t figure him out. Miss start of the show around 22:30, Bom (the boy who stole 300 Baht last year) and Gop (shapely, but cold and wet skin).

Farose 2, 23:48-1:19. Entry 170. About 100 customers, two cute in disco, some bordercases. No activity for me.

Mon 13mar2017
In evening pass where Seed used to be:

It's gone, and neighboring shop houses empty as well. The loss of Seed has been alleviated by new place Nake in Happyland (replacement for closed Muffil).

In the afternoon, I messaged Kot KT to meet at 10 pm, which he confirmed. I am late, so I move it to 22:30. Message not read, no show (I am way beyond the stage where I would call boys to remind them of an appointment, after a grace period of 30 minutes, I will tell them I have other plans now and see you next week/month).

Tue 14mar2017
Chat with straight boys in Chinatown (hoping to get one to my room). Montien Plaza and the building west of it (towards Rose hotel) are empty and fenced off. 

Kim45 in my room 20:23-21:08. He has no girlfriend, no porn on mobile, doesn’t know how often he wanks (?), doesn’t get hard. Tell him next time I want to see him cum, or will cut from 500 to 400.

Stroll through Soi Twilight: few customers in beer bars. Massages in Twilight and on Surawong look promising, I would certainly find boys who are my type.

Nature Boy 22:38, 5 boys in underwear, 0 customers. None of the boys my type, skip.

Golden Cock 22:39, 5 boys fully dressed, 1 customer. None of the boys my type, skip.

Super A 22:40-23:30, Fanta orange 100 Baht. 8 boys and no customer during my stay. 6 boys in underwear and sleeveless shirts, 2 boys fully dressed. Super A got new furniture, new paint, new aircon! Two boys worth a second look: Bee from Samut Prakarn slim and cute, but spot body hair on upper inner thighs and cold hands. F from Roi Et slim and cute and warm hands and skin. Both English ok. F sits with me uninvited, tip him 100 Baht. Another cute was sitting outside and smiled at me when I passed, but didn’t come in during my stay.

On the way home, walk along Silom and spot a boy sitting who looks familiar, and exchange a smile. Go back to say hello, indeed Taxi from Ubon (chatted on hornet a year ago, and now confirm: not so much my type).

Wed 15mar2017
Chat with straight boys in Klong Toey area (hoping to get one to my room).

Thu 16mar2017
Joe O from hornet no show, later message that he had other commitments.

Phoenix sauna 17:50-18:43, entry 140. The building at the main road changed name from LG to Lego Electric. When I arrive 10 locker occupied, when I leave 14. My first visit with daylight, everywhere clean and well maintained. Sauna 80 C and 50% rH, sand clock on the wall. Steam room hot. Hot shower in bathrooms, cold group shower on top floor. Shower gel, shampoo, undiluted mouthwash provided.

Pass Hawaii Cinema 19:07, but cashier doesn’t sell me a ticket because they close 19:30.

An old acquaintance Golf K (we met twice in 2016, but no sex because is looking for boyfriend and not sleeping around) is in the area and comes to my room, no indecent activities.

Fri 17mar2017
Oat messaged me on Monday that he would be free on Friday, and I asked on Thursday if we will meet today, message read but no answer, which can only mean one thing. Nonetheless stay in all day, in case the wonder happens. It didn’t.

Orion sauna changed name to Warm Up? Stay 19:12-39, entry 170 Baht (Fri-Sun; Mon-Thu 150 Baht). 7 Customers. One big and one small towel of good quality, condom and lube provided with locker. In the soi, shirtless football, one very shapely boy. (Same as last time I went.)

MachoX 20:06-21:33, entry 160 Baht. Show about 20:30 to 21:00. Bom and another boy (shapely, skin temperature ok, but hairy crotch). Between 5 and 10 spectators during show, over 20 customers. Have a wank into towel during show (pathetic, not counted as free sex). Other customer invites me to Khao San for dinner afterwards.

Welcome (near Pattanakarn Soi 16) 00:45-1:35, half full when I enter, then fills up. Half of their waiters are shirtless but with an apron. A farang friend has a bottle of whisky, and during serving I get whisky in my coke. My first alcohol this year. Show 1:25 (ladies singing and dancing in costumes, then man singing). Nobody my type, leave shortly after show starts (without show bearable, with show inbearable).

Farose 2, 1:45-2:20, entry 170 Baht. Less than 50 customers, around 5 in disco. Sauna and steam room cold. Food cold as well, at least now something not spicy. One very cute Burmese staff.

Sat 18mar2017
Money boy Fluk from hornet (first contact was some days ago), originally asked for 1500 but instantly accepted 1000, comes to my room. Fine, worth a repeat. (Why do I offer this boy 1000, and others get only 500? I usually start chat with "Hello" and then see how good the boy's English is, and move to Thai if I see his English is poor. But this boy's English is ok, so I assume he goes with tourists, and might not accept 500 because he knows someone else will be around who pays 1000. But whenever chat is in Thai, I offer 500 and that is usually accepted.)

Spontaneous trip to Chachoengsao, no gay actities there (but not for lack of trying).

Sun 19mar2017
Bus and ferry to Koh Si Chang. My friend there advised me that he has a boyfriend now, so no gay activities.

Mon 20mar2017
Ball at comes at night, steals over 5000 THB, full report separately.

Tue 21mar2017
A boy Bird who lives in Chachoengsao and whom I first contacted on 19mar2016, is in Bangkok. Meet him for lunch in Q House Lumpini, where he has some business. Bordercase. In the afternoon, messages me and fishes for invitation to my room, so I invite him and we spend 14:10-16:15 in my room. Slim, warm and dry skin, talented, but not so much my type upon close inspection.

Wed 22mar2017
Art from Hornet, first contact (my message) 9:41, then moved to Line, finally in my room 15:57. Finds the way by bus from Siam Square, then walking according to my directions from bus stop (I would have picked him up there, but he asked for directions).

Cute and shapely, brown skin, warm and dry skin throughout (I did get a bit sweaty), not a single pubic hair too much, no character flaws, nice underwear and boxers, boyfriend candidate 1 in 2017 BFC1in2017. But no initiative during the one hour we spent in bed. Felt like being with the average money boy. Hope to see him again soon.

Dinner (Pizza in Madrid restaurant in Patpong) with a Farang friend. FF goes home, I go to Soi Twilight, where by chance I meet two other FF. Soi Twilight is an assault on my senses. I don’t like flashing lights and cacophony.

Thu 23mar2017
Surawong daytime. Changes in the area (Surawong near Soi Twilight): Montien Mall fenced off for renovation, so is the building south-west of it (towards Rose hotel). 

X-Boys has a beer bar in front of gogo bar. 

Another beer bar in front of pool bar under X-Size. Jupiter 2002 will be renamed Boys 66, and moves to Silom Soi 4 as Jupiter 2018.
Sauna mania at night so-so. Entry 200 Baht, over 50 year olds 300. Estimated between 30-50 customer, all in towel.  Big towel of good quality. Music too loud throughout. Sauna and 2 steam rooms hot. Condom 52 mm and lube provided. Closes 6 am, but ask cashier: not busy after midnight (I had reports about party crowd going there after disco).

Fri 24mar2017
At MRT Lumpini, pick up another contact from hornet, Benz from Kalasin/Korat. Cute and good English. Stays over night.

Sat 25mar2017
Activities in the morning, everything positive, BFC2in2017. (Benz is in Korat now, will go to meet him there some day.)

Farose 2, stay 23:37-01:42. Blowjob by drunk boy Non. Nice underwear black/white.

Sun 26mar2017
Day 1 of trip to North, stay in Phrae 2 nights.

Mon 27mar2017 Phrae
Within 100 km radius of Phrae nobody my type on hornet.

Tue 28 – Thu 30mar2017 Chiang Mai separately.

Thu 30mar2017 Chiang Mai to Tak
Many chats on hornet. General experience: in places like Tak, Nakon Sawan, Sakon Nakon, I get more messages (I mean individuals who contact me, not absolute number of messages) than in places like Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai.

Fri 31mar2017 Tak to Bangkok
Kot KT at night, so-so.

Summary 8-31mar2017:
4 paid sex: Ball 410, Kim45 500, Fluk hornet 1000, Kot KT 500 = 2410.
6 free sex: Gus from hornet 300, Bank in Nake, Bird from hornet, Art from hornet, Benz from hornet, Non in Farose 2.

12 Saunas: 39 underground, Cruising, Nake, Farose 2, Phoenix, Orion (Warm up), MachoX, Farose 2, Mania, Farose 2, House of Male, Club One Seven.
3 no show: Kot KT, Joe O, Oat.
2 no sex: Golf K, Ball 110 (+about 6000 stolen).
1 disco: Welcome Pattanakarn.
1 gogo bar: Super A.

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  1. Why do you keep letting a thief in to your room, and keep on leaving larger amounts of money for him to steal ?
    He must consider you to be a complete idiot. And he seems to be right.

    1. He did not steal before, or I didn't notice. Usually I don't have 5x1000 Baht in my wallet, only because I just came back from trip and had plenty left that I hadn't spent. Full story will be posted soon. Then you can revise your judgement.

  2. Put up more pictures, any sights of buildings, landmarks or even boys are most welcome!


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