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repost: My Songkran 2013

I experienced Songkran last year (2013), and it was a disaster:  my passport was stolen and a drunken boy peed into my bed. This year, I watch from a save distance (Germany). For those of my readers who missed or forgot what I posted last year on the boards, here a copy:

ChristianPFC's first Songkran

might be his last one. One day of water splashing can be an interesting change, but five days is too much, especially if you want to go somewhere and have to avoid certain areas completely and watch out everywhere else. I don't like getting water in my eyes or ears (from water pistol or water hose), with my contacts lenses it took some time to get back to normal vision after getting water in my eyes. Tiles are slippery with all the water and powder.

I will definitely not come to Thailand for Songkran, rather avoid it entirely of have a plan to limit it to one day only. The cute boys in my immediate neighborhood are were in their rooms or elsewhere when I was out in my area.

I have to admit that I never saw as many handsome boys in a day as on Saturday in Silom. That might be because I like the wet hair look and my eyesight with contact lenses is not as good as with glasses. Or general changes in mood, sometimes I go to five gay bars and don't find anyone, and then on the street several cute ones walk past me within minutes.

Friday 12.04.2013

Get up around 11 am, go to my local shopping mall and walk around there from about 12-15. Look for computers and ogle at a cute shop assistant. On my way back, I come across two boys who are fishing in boxers (over their underwear). One of them is even dancing to the music from a mobile phone. I stay about 15-17 and chat with them and try to arrange a further meeting. I still have to figure out how to hint in Thai that I will provide whatever food and drink they want. Some local kids come and involve them in a water fight (I stay dry), with wet boxers they look even better! This is a good start for Songkran (until I step on a nail which pierces my flip flops and I manage to squeeze a drop of blood out of the wound).

Back home, dress for the evening. Bus and BTS to Chong Nonsi where I meet with a Singaporean who is in Bkk for Songkran and who contacted me on gayromeo. We have dinner in Surawong, unfortunately he is not my type so we separate.

I see a line of cute boys all dressed similar walk along Surawong, I recognize one of them (he was a customer at a hairdresser's shop in Soi Twilight) and follow them. There is a bar for ladies (as customers, men are not permitted to enter) which has boys that are very cute by my standards working there. Very disturbing discovery. Suddenly several pieces of a puzzle fit together (observations I made up to a year ago now make sense). I will investigate further and report when I have a full understanding of what's going on.

I go to Soi Twilight and have a water at Maxi's (about 23:30 to 2:30). Having stayed up that long (way past my usual bedtime), I decide to check out G.O.D. (was there last time more than 2 years ago). Entry 300 Baht with two drinks.

G.O.D. is as before: too loud, too dark (there is no spot where I can come to a decision whom to take home, it's too dark everywhere) and smoking is allowed. I have a hot sensation on my arm, it's someone else's cigarette but. While I can retract my arm quickly, there is danger of cigarette burns on shirt or trousers. The aircon can't cope with the heat, I take off my shirt (has been a long time since I did so in a disco).

Some boys show interest in me, and two are even my type. They are shirtless, so I can feel for a crab ladder: he has one, so proceed to the next one. He has one as well, after some chat he divulges that he works in Dream Boys. As you can easily imagine, this is not a prelude to offer free sex. He asks how much I will give him, I prefer when the boys makes the first offer (I need a general plan to always direct the talk in a way the boy says a number) and ask for long time. He asks for 3000 for longtime (discount from 4000) and we drop the subject.

In German, we have a saying: “Du hast ja wohl den Arsch offen”, which is picturesque description of a medial condition where you cannot control the release of faeces (not like baby that needs diapers, but in the way that the faeces constantly drops out at is is produced in the bowels. In such cases, there is an operation called colostomy which allows to the collect the faeces in a bag. We use this saying to indicate that an offer is so far away from what I'm willing to pay that all further discussion is futile. Is there any English equivalent?

After staying in G.O.D. about 3:30 to 5:30, I decide to take a taxi back home. There are heaps of stuff for Songkran (bottled water, water guns) and people are celebrating (dry) and seem to stay over night (well, it's already morning) in Silom.

Saturday 13.04.2013

Get up around 11am. Chat with some Thai men who sit outside and invite me to drink with them, around 12-14. One of them is the father of a boy who is cute, now I have his approval of teaching his son English! Dress for Songkran, put in my contact lenses, take bus and BTS to Sala Daeng. There is a queue at the ticket automate and at the gates.

I can see from the BTS station that whole Silom is full of people splashing water. On the sidewalk, it takes me about 30 minutes from Sala Daeng to Soi 4. On the street, movement is faster. I get drenched completely within a few minutes. Water temperature ranges from 0 to 40 degree Celsius. In Soi 4, fewer people than I expected, not many more than on a busy day in high season.

Then I proceed through Patpong to Soi Twilight. Some boys I only knew sitting bored in front of their massage parlors suddenly have some life in them. Everyone gets wet (boys and customers). Again fewer than I expected, you can easily walk through the soi (but get wet).

I walk back to Silom. A Thai man is carrying a drunk Thai men bleeding near his eye on his shoulder, he walks the same direction as I, so I stay behind him, about twice as fast as fast as walking separately! He turns to Soi Convent, instead of further taking advantage of him I decide to help him carry the drunk injured to the next hospital, until some other Thai join and take over.

In Suan Plu, I spot some Thai boys that move in a gay way, I can see this from 20m away. And indeed, they are gay and invite me to drink and party with them. But I want to attend the foam party in Babylon.

I arrive at Babylon Sauna about 7pm. Staff is handing out numbers for a queue. I get number 506. We are asked to wait in the parking area, where they play loud music and have flashing lights and a member of staff occasionally splashes water from a water hose. The water hits my number, the colors blur. There is one women (from China), I wonder if she wants to get in, but she is just accompanying friends and is aware that she will not be let in. Numbers are called (around 230) and I calculate that I will have to wait over 2 hours if it proceeds at that speed. People are asked to share a locker with 3 to 5 persons. Some people leave as they don't want to wait. I was pondering this option as well. I ask several members of staff for further information, to no avail. Will I have to share a locker with some strangers? Who will get the key? Do we have to pay per person or per locker? At 8:30, I finally get in, and those who are there alone can get a locker for themselves (no sharing). Entry 350 Baht.

Babylon is full, I estimate over 1000 people. Mainly young Asians, may in groups (I spoke with some from Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, all very good English). There are about 5 who are my type (as far as I can see). In the steam room I get a love bite and get involved in some wanking and sucking, but sauna sex with insufficient light is declining from just not enjoying it (two years ago) to not even getting it up (present).

I use the gym for a 5km run, my best time ever, broke my own record from 12 years ago, and still have not reached my limits). When permitted, I run bare feet, this time I get blisters on both feet.

The sauna closes around 11pm and I am out around 11:30. My plan of taking dry clothes (in plastic bags in my bagpack) for the night and changing in Babylon worked. I put my wet clothes from Songkran in my backpack and stay dry the rest of the night.

I walk to Malaysia hotel where I see a boy (Winai) I remember from 2 years ago. He is waiting for customers or for his friend (who is with a customer) to come back with the room key. He has no place to sleep (his friend has the key and doesn't answer the phone) and no money to eat. As I have no plans for the next day (apart from not getting wet and not walking a lot with blisters), I agree to his suggestion to stay with me over night (no sex, he is not my type, but seems to be a reasonable person to me). I have to take the “reasonable person” back, he tells me about his Farang boyfriend who sends varying amounts of money (8000 – 40000 Baht per month), but he just can't make the money reach for the full month. We are back at my place around 1:20 by taxi. I notice that the press-studs (stud fasteners) of the pocket that contained my passport and work permit of the trousers I wore on Silom/Surawang (and then put in my backpack in Babylon) are open and can't find my passport and work permit.

14.04.2013 Sunday

I wake up around 11 am, Winai is still sleeping and we get up 1:30 pm. I check again for passport and work permit, they are gone! We have lunch. Both internet cafes in my area are closed! We take motorcycle to my local police station. The theft has to be reported where it happened. We walk back and get slightly wet. I have not been in that area, there is a small market and some cute boys. I will go back! We study Thai language and Winai massages me. We have dinner and go to bed around 11:30 pm.

15.04.2013 Monday

The first time a Thai slept at my place for two consecutive nights, unfortunately not my type, so no sex. I would say this is the lowest point of my sex live, but read on, it will get much worse!

We travel by bus to Silom and report the theft at Bangrak Police Station. First they want to send us to Thungmahamek (which is responsible for Silom), but then take my report. My friend translates and I can partially follow his conversation with the police officer. How do Thais distinguish between lost and stolen? My passport was clearly stolen, but they use หาย (haai = lost).

We walk to Sathorn to meet a Farang friend and get slightly wet. I introduce both and say goodbye to my Thai friend. I gave him 500 Baht so he can eat for some days, but he will have to find another place to stay, I am not a charity. If words spread that I accommodate and feed Thai boys who run out of money and have no place to sleep, there will be a queue.

We take taxi to Pahurat (Indian quarter) and visit a Sikh Temple (about 4-5 pm). My friend goes back by taxi, I walk back and get slightly wet. Charoenkrung, Wat Traimitr, stroll through Hua Lampong Railwaystion (people watching), Wat Hua Lampong, Soi Twilight. In Wat Hua Lampong, I ask a fortune teller if he can help me to find my stolen passport. The full story is here: ... passports/

I walk back and forth in Soi Twilight, and on my last walk before going home (any of the 10+ walks from one end to the other is the last before going home is the last one, but then I remind myself that something interesting might have happened in the 5 minutes and go back to the other end) a boy whom I had an eye on invites me to drink with him and his friends in a beer bar. I join them and they soon ask me to buy them a bottle of whisky (160 Baht) which I do.

Sitting there I get wet a bit. Around 21:20 two men (one in a black shirt from G.O.D. and one in a blue shirt without logo) ask everyone to empty their water guns and stop splashing water. I observe the soi from my place and the boy (Art) sitting next to me start chatting. It turns out that he came to Soi Twilight because he thinks this place is most fun. He is straight, has a girlfriend and works in Jatuchak Market. Art gets more and more drunk the evening, when I put my hand on his leg or shoulder or around his hip he moves it away and says he is scared.

Finally, around 11 pm, he says he can / would like to go with me. We walk to the Rama 4 end of Soi Twilight and try to get a taxi there. They either refuse to go to Lak Si or ask for 300 Baht. (Sidenote: everytime taxi drivers refused to use the meter, they asked for approximately twice it would cost by meter.) We walk (I walk, he staggers) to Surawong (wrong direction! Same problem, even on normal days) and then I can direct him across Rama 4, hoping to have more luck on the north side, or even get him so Sam Yam where we could take a bus. To no avail. Finally he gets into a taxi (I didn't understand what he told the driver), I get on the front seat and direct the driver to my place (he didn't know how to go). Art soon falls asleep. Looking for a taxi took over 15 minutes and we got wet again in the process.

We arrive at my place and I pay the 300 Bath Art agreed on. (So the taxi driver did not know how to go, but knew it would cost about 150 Baht by meter!) I have problems getting Art out of the taxi. He can walk to the house, but climbing stairs is impossible. I have to carry him to my room on 5th floor! Put him on my bed and undress him. Not an easy operation!

Flashback: my second hook-up in Thailand was with a drunken boy. I went to toilet and when I came back to my room, he had undressed to his underwear and was laying on my bed and sleeping. A sight to behold, everything was of jaw-dropping beauty, his body, complexion, underwear, and warm soft dry skin, wonderful to touch. It reminds me of the James Bond movie Goldfinger, where the dead girl is covered in gold laying on the bed (question for Gaybutton: what is the name of the actress and her name in the movie?).

Unfortunately, this one was different. Wet clothes, wet cold skin, a little crab ladder and too much pubic hair and ass hair. I showered and joined him in the bed. He makes some strange noises and occupies a lot of space.

Around 2 am, I feel something wet. It's the towel that I used to cover him while I was showering so he doesn't get a cold from the aircon. That towel somehow moved underneath him and I covered both of us with a blanket. There was no smell, so I was wondering what this liquid is. I remove the towel, still the bedlinen and my pyjama are wet. I try to convince that it's just sweat, but it doesn't work. I take off my pyjama and put a towel under me to stay dry. I take another sniff of the wet towel and recognize the smell of beer. He probably peed in my bed.

Being an optimist, I see the good sides of this incident: better pee than poo or puke. In addition, the mattress was still covered in foil (my landlord asked me to leave the plastic foil on the mattress he provided), so I just have to wash bedlinen and blanket!

16.04.2013 Tuesday

I had a poor sleep. Art gets up at 10 am, goes to the bathroom, we exchange a few words, he dresses and leaves (and refuses me showing him the way out). I wonder what went on in his brain when he woke up on my side, not knowing where he is and what happened last night. This is clearly the lowest point of my sexual live (even if we didn't have sex).

Thank god Songkran is almost over and I can get back to work tomorrow!

Words of condolence are appreciated.

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