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Insect park and museum in Nakon Pathom

Insect park and museum in Nakon Pathom

On the area of Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen Campus in Nakon Pathom province
อุทยานแมลงเฉลิมพระเกียรติ ม.เกษตรศาสตร์ กำแพงแสน นครปฐม 

92 km by road (to the north-west) from Victory monument. There are vans from VM and from Southern Bus terminal that go to Kamphaeng Saen campus or pass the campus on hwy 321 and stop at the main main entrance (from there 4.2 km by road). Considering it took me 3 hours to get to the campus, one might consider taking train to Nakon Pathom and bus or van from there.

I went this way: From Rama 4 road bus 507 aircon for 18 THB to Southern Bus Terminal 11:39-12:42. Van 88 for 70 THB (via Phetkasem road = hwy 4) 12:47-14:44 to campus main entrance. While I was walking from there (my estimate for distance was 2 km) and pondering whether to hail a passing mocy taxi, a student stopped on his mocy and asked me where I want to go and took me there. I was greeted by two students of entomology who later offered me a ride back. 

The central piece (largest building and interesting architecture) is the dome that houses the butterfly park. Location of dome:
14.0388922,99.9682262 = 14°02'20.0"N 99°58'05.6"E

I did not see many butterflies in there, and the overall impression was that of neglect (could do with some watering and gardening). Other buildings on the area even looked abandoned and derelict when I drove past on mocy.

The museum, no aircon and no English:

I then asked to see the life stick insects in a separate building, there was supposed to be one left but they couldn't locate it. Free ride back to main area of campus.

There is a quality article in English about this place with more pictures and detailed description here:อุทยานแมลงเฉลิมพระเกียรติฯInsectPark/7009

Verdict: a great idea and I like the dome, but due to location and lack of maintenance cannot recommend to visit for the average tourist. If you go, combine with something else* in the area and phone in advance to make sure it's still open.

Rather go to Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium in Rot Fai park (near Chatuchak market and park):
which made a much better impression when I went in 2011 and is easy to reach.

*I spotted a magnificent Chinese temple Wat O Noi วัดอ้อน้อย halfway between Nakon Pathom and campus.

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  1. 1.train wont be any quicker-more likely to eat much more time, as transfers train->bus eat hours. Most of those vans replacing former 2nd class bus start from more nearby points along PATA/CentralPinklao roads.
    2.why did you not ask those students what transport there is into that area and best way from BKK?

  2. what has happened to the Sawatdee SexPat and Sex Tourist website. It seems to not be active anymore. Any ideas?

    1. Both old and new Sawatdee Network websites are fine.

  3. Anon may mean the gaysexthailand website

    1. gaysexthailand (Bruce_NYC's forum) works fine. However I just found that gaytingtong seems to have been hacked (virus warning and some girly stuff).


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