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Screw Boys update 17mar2016

Screw Boys update 17mar2016

Months ago (Nov 2015), I passed Screw Boys around 19:55 (shortly before opening) and spotted boys changing clothes in the main room under good light, an erotic sight (my locker room fetish, better than underwear later in colored light).

Now finally occasion to go. Enter 19:55, orange juice 300 Baht. some boys around in white light. Inquire about opening time: in 20 minutes, but staff invites me in (what a luck, they could say: we're not open yet, come back later). Boys smoke throughout my stay, but I can only see, barely smell it. Music (style and volume), temperature ok (if you know where to sit, underneath aircon and not in the air stream of aircon) and light ok. Toilets clean. 20:14 opening (boys on stage, music on, colored light).

There are over 20 boys and over 8 fully dressed staff. A good mix of types, and no overly fat, tattooed or hairy (but then my horrors might be someone else’s delights). Boys in checkered trunks over their individual underwear, street shoes. Coyote boys individual underwear.

Boys I found interesting:
10 looks interesting, has been working there for long time, under good light I can see he has hairy upper legs, not for me! Piercing in eyebrow and short hair
16 looks like he got lost on a secondary school excursion, but staff and his roommate say he is 19 years old and just of small build, offable
22 (was #19 on previous visits), I didn’t immediately recognize him (considered him the most offable boy on my last visit) because his new hairdo is not as attractive as the previous, but unambiguously identify him by tattoo on his upper back (a wheel with two wings)
25 offable despite some tattoos and smoking several cigarettes during my stay
73 enters late (21:50, and takes until 22:27 to be on stage in underwear), gorgeous face and great body, marriage material, would be my first choice however I had him last year and he is passive in bed (not in the sense that you can fuck him, but that just lies there). And dumb, too. If he had a bit of brain, he would scan the audience, recognize me, smile at me and I might take him again.     

Those I’m interested in largely ignore me (the few times we exchanged looks or smiles could have been a figment of my imagination), some I’m not interested in make eye contact and smile.

19:55 enter Screw Boys
20:14 official opening
20:23 next customers enter (3 Asians)
20:43 they take #16 off and I’m the only customer again
21:24 #16 is back (if he hadn’t been offed he would be my first choice, after checking he is 18 or older, but as he has been offed already, give him a rest and give someone else a chance)
21:40 next customer (1 Farang), from there on it gets busier, if you can call up to 5 customers at the same time busy
22:45 depart with #25
(That’s 2 h 50 min nursing one orange juice and being unable to decide if and which boy to off!)
00:28 #25 leaves my room

Staff asks me a few times during my stay which boy I want, but I suffer from analysis paralysis. Finally ask about off fee and recommended short time tip for boy: 500 and 1500 Baht. As these prices are reasonable (compared to other bars; I have heard of recommended ST tip 2000 “but you can give more if you are happy”), I have her call #25 over for skin temperature check and take him off.

Limited English, all conversation in Thai. Have dinner first, then to my room. In bed very good, affectionate, hugging, kissing, gets hard. No hurry to leave, after I cum and he cums another round of hugging. A very pleasant surprise, considering there were no positive signals when he was on stage. Warm and dry skin throughout. Says he likes boys and girls.

That makes Screw Boys the best value for money gogo bar in Bangkok (Soi Twilight, Jupiter, Tawan overpriced by my standards, Silom Soi 6 bars and Be-High in Saphan Khwai low numbers of boys). All my offs over the last years ranged from ok to good. But there were visits where the bar was low on boys.

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  1. I like your even handed attitude realizing that certain boys may not like us the same way we don't take fancy in some other boys.

    As your case proves sometimes is worth to take a chance and off boy seemed disinterested, your gut feeling served you well this time

  2. 300 for orange juice, 500 for off, 1500 short time tip. Plus dinner, plus transportation. This is what you call bargain?
    your evening of fun(?) could be easily 100 USD...

    1. I didn't call that a bargain, but if you absolutely have to go to a gogo bar, I would recommend Screw Boys. But check first if they have a decent number of boys!

  3. The short form of number is 'no' not 'nr'

  4. Re: above from anonymous
    It is customary to shorten 'number' as No. or no.
    the dot is important.

    1. Both anonymous are correct, nr is not an accepted abbreviation for number. No. or no. is too long, I replaced nr with # in the post. Thank you for helping me keeping a high standard of language.
      Number sign is a name for the symbol #, which is used for a variety of purposes, including (mainly in Canada and the United States) the designation of a number (for example, "#1" stands for "number one").

  5. Christian-did you ever see the black lady again after 2013? (S)he sounded fun.

    1. Our last contact was in 2014. I would enjoy seeing her again.

    2. I thought the black lady was a man.

    3. Yes she is a man. I refer to people by their apparent gender (judging from clothes) or the gender they use to refer to themselves, not by their biological gender.


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