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My favorite pizzas in Bangkok

My favorite pizzas in Bangkok

Pizza and prostitutes have two things in common: 
they start with letter p and have a 10-80-10 distribution:

10% are poor and I wouldn't go back and warn friends; 
80% are okay, which means I might go again, but eating street food or wanking to porn instead would have saved a lot of time and money; and 
10% is good, and I will go again. This post is about the top 10% (pizzas, not prostitutes).

Madrid restaurant in Patpong
Go it's own post here: I have been there many times, and brought 8 (?) friends who all liked it, and others think the same: I have the medium size white cheese and spinach pizza for 265 THB:

Monsoon Restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 8
Four cheese pizza for 280 THB:

Attrasingh Patisserie in Nang Linchee  
Pizza salmon and capelin roe for 130 THB (small pizza, hence the low price): (didn't take picture? insert later)

Mama Dolores in Yen Akart (and small branch in Sri Bam Pen)
I go to the small branch in Sri Bam Pen (junction to Yen Akart) because there is no service charge and I found it more delicious than the same pizza in main branch (even thought main branch has a wood-fired oven, and small branch has not). I have the margarita (medium size 140 THB) with additional pineapple and cheese (35 each):

Scoozi in Mega Bangna  
Pizza Bismarck (Ham and Egg, misspelled *Bismark in their menu, and I don't like 10% service charge and 7% VAT added to prices in menu). Two visits, around 2015 and 20jan2018.

Pizza Pomi at Yodpiman
Salmon and asparagus for 600 THB, most expensive I ever had, but from their terrace you have view over Chao Phraya river to Wat Arun. One visit around 2015.

Lido in Sri Bam Pen
I live in walking distance to Lido in Sri Bam Pen, and have eaten there occasionally since I first came to Thailand in 2009, but all my meals there were in the 80%.

Many other pizzerias in Bangkok and all over Thailand, none left a lasting impression.

Wood-fired pizza oven permutations 
Pizza should come from a wood-fired pizza oven, a difficult word and there 24 permutations of the four elements, here is one 
(1feb2014 Vientiane near fountain):

This post was inspired by (Michael 13jun2013)

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  1. Salivating , I haste to confirm that pictured spinach pizza from Madrid Tavern is the best in the entire world as far as I'm concerned.

    Bonus is , when dining there one is never far away from prostitutes

  2. unfortunately Scoozi have now dropped the Bismark from their home delivery menu, not sure about in the restaurants



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