Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Trees of Siam

The Trees of Siam 

By chance I learnt of a book "The Trees of Siam : Treasures of the Land under the Royal Benevolence of His Majesty the King รุกข มรดกของแผ่นดิน ใต้ร่มพระบารมี".  

Published by The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand RPST:รุกข-มรดกของแผ่นดิน-65-ต้น/
and can be viewed online:
There is no direct way to download the book, but "print as pdf", and a bit of patience (394 MB data) did the trick. Thanks to a friend for the hint.

However, reading a book online versus on paper is a bit like watching pornography versus sex. I want the book in print! Ask in several bookstores: no have. At the end, I go to the office of the RPST in BACC and inquire: the book is not commercially available, it was sent to dignitaries and VIPs, and they forgot me! But finally, I get one second hand.

I have been to several of these trees.

ChristianPFC in front of Giant Krabak tree in Tak province:

Rain Tree in Kanchanaburi (the tree on cover of the book):

Another book that is similar and that I equally cherish is "Illustrated Landforms of Thailand ภูมิลักษณ์ประเทศไทย" that I got at a book fair.

Two gems, both bilingual English and Thai, that gave me a lot of entertainment and inspiration.

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