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Gay activities year 2017 in review

Gay activities year 2017 in review

The boys I covet are either straight or if gay, not in saunas or online because they don’t have to; they get offers for free sex or get offered money for sex!

Places or activities to find gay sex, paid or free:

Handing out name cards to boys:
I tried this before and found chances are low:
but then the effort is even lower, so keep on trying. 
Gang Khmer in Farose II, calls and we meet where he lives, with prospects of him coming to my room next time. But then I go to Germany, and when I come back SIM expired.
Ek Farose II no call. Wae bus fare collector no call.

Public toilets and porn cinemas
Ruled those out years ago, and now only check when I’m at the right place and time and have time to spare.

Gay discos
I gave up on gay discos years ago, but now a Farang friend goes often and invites me, so I join occasionally. Thus, I have a table to put my glass (whereas when I go alone, I don’t have table, so I walk around and feel like a displaced person). Gay discos hold promise.

Update at time of posting:
Drinking a bit of alcohol in a disco increases number of contacts and makes me not feel bored and tired as I am when sober.

Gay massage
Success rate is low, only one out of five boys I meet is worth a repeat, and in the end the effort in time and money to find that boy is too much. And the one in 2017 who is worth the time and money, works in Yangon!

Gay saunas
Jan 11 sauna visits, 2 sex
Feb 7 sauna visits, 0 sex
(Germany 3 weeks.)
Mar 12 sauna visits, 2 sex
Apr 10 sauna visits, 2 sex
May 16 sauna visits, 0 sex
A row of 20 sauna visits stretching over 3 months without sex!
Jun 14 sauna visits, 3 sex
Jul 4 sauna visits, 0 sex
Aug 5 sauna visits, 2 sex
Sep 5 sauna visits, 3 sex
Oct 9 sauna visits, 3 sex
(Above is Oct and Nov combined as I spent most of Oct in Germany.)
Dec 5 sauna visits, 1 sex
Sum 98 sauna visits, 18 sex
Similar as in 2016, about 1 encounter in 5 sauna visits. However this includes anonymous blowjobs in steam room. And while I would like to get the boys I met in the sauna to come to my room, this usually fails for space/time restrictions.

Overall, time and money spent cannot justify the results.

Online dating
Usually fails for the simple reason that the boy lives with others, so we cannot have sex in his room, and he has no money and/or doesn’t know the way to my room, so he cannot come to my room. I stubbornly refused to pick up boys at their place, to go back to my place for sex. But this behavior is irrational: when I go to a sauna I spend a similar amount of time and money, with little chance to meet someone

For 2018:Instead of going to sauna, rather go to see boys by taxi (bus would be too slow, I should be at the boy’s place within 30 min of agreeing so see each other).

I lost contact with several boys. One encounter in my room was positive, I want more, but my multiple messages on Line not read. Profile picture in Line changes occasionally, which means he is still online, but probably blocked me. And I don’t know what he doesn’t like on me or my room!

Update at time of posting:
Gay groups on facebook in Thai language look promising.

Free and paid sex
Jan 5 free, 7 paid = 5,200
Feb 3 paid = 1,440
(Spend most of Feb in Germany.)
Mar 6 free, 4 paid = 2,410
Apr 5 free, 3 paid = 2,500
May 5 free, 7 paid = 6,160
Jun 4 free, 5 paid = 4,290
Jul 6 free, 7 paid = 5,000
Aug 4 free, 3 paid = 2,910
Sep 5 free, 6 paid = 5,170
Oct 6 free, 6 paid = 5,500
(Above is Oct and Nov combined as I most of Oct in Germany.)
Dec 2 free, 6 paid = 4,900
Sum 48 free, 47 paid = 45,480 THB.
And that’s just direct payments to the boys, not including travel expenses, drinks, off fees, and money stolen.

98 sauna visits, 95 times intercourse in 2017, both barely missed the number 100!

At least I have as much free as paid sex. But my statistics are twigged by including anonymous blow job in dark or steam room or pity sex in free sex (where I have sex of pity for the boy, as a reward for finding the way to my room, instead of telling him he is too old/fat/ugly for me).

Boyfriend candidates 2017 
Will be posted separately.

Bangkok Gogo bars
Years ago (I think we can pin it on the non-offable Vietnamese boy in Scorpion bar in 2013, I became disenchanted with Soi Twilight (deception, overpricing). From memory, in 2017 I went only a few times, when friends were in town and invited me, and didn’t off a boy.

Pattaya Gogo bars
The only thing that saved the year is Pattaya! Even the few nights I didn’t off someone, I felt well entertained and receiving good value for money.

I will increase my frequency of visits (5 in 2015, 6 in 2016, 6 in 2017) to one or two per month in 2018. But be careful not to overdo it!

And for how long can Pattaya console me over the fact that I can’t get my hands on a decent Thai boy (if there are any).

Resolutions for 2018: Less sauna, instead more going to pick up boys from online dating; more Pattaya; more alcohol; more facebook. (Normal people's New Year resolutions would be less alcohol, less facebook; but I never claimed to be normal.)

See here for gay activities year 2016 in review:

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  1. more alcohol - finally you discover joys of Hong Thong and the likes

    1. Gin, my loyal reader vinapu, Gordon's Gin is what we usually drink. I once started with 100 Pipers and found it not palatable when sober, but acceptable to keep my alcohol level once drunk.

    2. try Vinapu Classic cocktail - 50% of gin and 50% of gin. Always does the trick for me.

  2. After my last trip to Pattaya/BKK and then went to Bali for my 1st time....(pus in love with Brasil and Mexico for incredible sex) I think after 20 yrs, I've had enough of Thailand. Like you say the investment to find something good just isn't worth it to me anymore...too mcuh deception and disappointment

    1. I came to the same conclusion (that Thailand cannot be the end, there is so much bullshit going on that it's worth getting out of my comfort zone and looking into long time stay elsewhere) a year ago, and am now testing Taiwan for 3 months:


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