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Good reasons to wear underwear

Good reasons to wear underwear

Two of my friends in Taiwan do not wear underwear (estimated number of unknown cases might be much higher, one I know wears underwear, two more I don't know). I caught several of my Thai friends not wearing underwear. I estimate that about 10% of adult males in Thailand do not wear underwear. This hideous practice is  known as "go commando" in English.

Here some good reasons to wear underwear:

The Sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/dear-deidre/
(shortly before 9sep2010, that's when I took this picture),

posted here before with similar message:

Around 2011, I was in Soi 4 with a Thai friend Nop. Nop got drunk and horny. He tried to open my buttons (at that time I was wearing a trousers that had buttons instead of a zipper), and when I realized he is serious, he already had half of them open and his fingers in. My underwear was the last barrier between my privates and his fingers! A struggle between us ensued, with all our four hands at my crotch. Finally he gave up.


This year, I ripped my trousers twice at the crotch to an extent that even with wearing underwear was embarrassing.

(I once saw a picture of a cute boy in similarly ripped trousers, where you could see his penis. It would fit here, but I don't remember where I saw it and I can't find it on the internet.)

I am currently reading: But, I don't give a hoot. The Life and Times of Bernard Trink, Bangkok's 'Nite Owl', which reports some incidents that advocate wearing underwear:

p150-1:  A bitter experience related by a visitor to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, makes the Patpong hustlers look like pussy cats: "It isn't uncommon for the girls to cruise around on scooters looking for business. They struck a deal, she took him under a dark flyover and asked to see the money. He duly patted the wallet in his hip pocket and she told him to strip for action then and there. Whereupon she grabbed his trousers (with the wallet) and sped off into the night. He eventually turned up at his hotel, minus trousers and money. Arguably, it served him right."

p162: "The story is making the rounds of a farang who entered a boite on So Cowboy, drank several beers and ordered ladies' drinks before announcing that he was broke - no wallet, no money, no watch, no ring. The saloonkeep floored him. But the lass he'd been mauling wasn't about to let the deadbeat get off so easily. She took a fancy to his nice white Lewi's and demanded them. He was in no position to refuse and it didn't faze her that he wore no underwear. He was last seen strolling down the street wearing nothing more but his T-shirt and tennis shoes. A case of 'TIT'  (This is Thailand)."

And last but not least, I have a well documented underwear fetish. Underwear is much more attractive to me than nudity. If a Thai boy comes in my room, takes off his trousers and has no underwear, that's one point deduction. 

Another underwear-related tidbit: My mother encourages me to change underwear every day. Her greatest fear is that I'm taken to hospital in an emergency situation, and hospital staff finding out that I haven't changed underwear for days. 

update 7jul2018: for a joke on that subject see here:

update 10oct2018: mentioned here:

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  1. "Her greatest fear is that I'm taken to hospital in an emergency situation, and hospital staff finding out that I haven't changed underwear for days":
    There is only one remedy: never get into an emergency situation :)


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