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Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival 2018

Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival 2018

From their website
Festival period: April 21 (Saturday) ~ July 15 (Sunday), 2018
Opening hours: Daily from 08:30~ 18:00
Adult ticket: 100 NTD (about 110 THB)

I went on weekdays (Fri27apr2018, some sculptures not completed, only a pile of sand, and raining; requiring a repeat visit on Mon21may2018). Not too many visitors, but I can imagine crowds on the weekend.

Easily accessible by train (about 1.5 h from Taipei Main Station), then 5 min walk from Fulong railway station. The way to the beach is over a bridge, which gives a good view of the entire area:

How can these sculptures remain for months in rain and wind? The surface is sealed with some chemical. Here you can see white spots where the chemical formed a pool, and transition from sealed surface to pure sand.

Change of subject to nearby
Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant 龍門核能發電廠
Yanliao Seaside Park 鹽寮海濱公園
Yanliao Resistance Monument 鹽寮抗日紀念碑 

Afterwards, I walked southwards on the beach to Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant 龍門核能發電廠, which means you can walk in opposite direction and save 100 NTD entry fee. Here it is, a completed (at a cost of 10B USD) but not operational nuclear power plant:

And on Yanliao Seaside Park 鹽寮海濱公園 / Blue Bay Park (a water entertainment park, not in operation when I went) on the beach in front of the Nuclear Power Station are sand sculptures from last year. Free entry and only shortly did I see two other visitors, and was alone the rest of the time.

The area is mixed sand sculptures from 2017 and a memorial and explanations commemorating the Japanese landing in 1895 on this beach.

In this display is a mistake, they write 1985 instead of 1895 (year of the Japanese landing on the beach):

Change of subject to sand sculptures in Thailand

Every year on Songkran there is a similar sand sculpture festival on Bang Saen beach. I would love to go, and in 2017 I got about 10 km close, but then traffic jam forced us to abort. If I go, I will have to arrive in Bang Saen a few days before and depart a few days after Songkran, to avoid traffic jam and getting wet during travel.
For a report with pictures see here:

Permanent indoor sand sculpture exhibitions can be found in Chachoengsao
and Nakon Nayok

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